Saturday 110108

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4 rounds, each for time of:
50#/35# DB Snatch, 5 each arm
20 Yard Sprint, there and back
Rest 2 minutes.

Post times to comments/Logwod.

Crystal and Stacie at last year's St. Patty's Day Beer and Burpees event. What will we think of next? Have any suggestions?

Post them to comments.

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7 Responses to "Saturday 110108"

  1. Joe H Says:
  2. this new sign up thing is cool until I get left out in the cold not able to compete this morning because I tried to sign up on Friday. Sad day at my house. don't be the one that slept through the class/ competition today because there are people out there that have been going 6 times a week just to go to the competitions and they can't even go.
  3. Paula Says:
  4. Oh....Beer and Burpee WOD....that was a BLAST!!!! We definitely need to do it again this year!

    The next "holiday" is Valentines Day. Maybe do a sweethearts WOD for all the couples. The gals against the guys or team up the your significant other and go up against the other couples or do both. Just an idea.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  5. Kelli Says:
  6. this morning was fun! I can feel that with a double wod my body is gonna ache. :)
  7. paul Says:
  8. Fun stuff this morning! Got my first full pistol squat today (with a 15# DB for balance). Scaled the first WOD to 6 wall climbs and pistols to a medball. Was very happy to get all the floor to overheads in the 2nd wod as power snatches. finished 13:45.
  9. Eric C Says:
  10. Double WOD = Double Pain. (actually it wasn't THAT bad)

    WOD 1: 3 rds + 2 wall climbs NOT RX'd. I had to pistol to a damn medball.

    WOD 2: 11:11 (Way to kill it Nate!)

    If I had a wheelhouse, this would fall right in it. I'm much better at body weight than heavy WODs.

    St. Paddy's day WOD was a BLAST. Except that was ALOT of beer! I would most likely do another beer WOD as long as TOVAR doesn't design it. He crazy. : )
  11. Brandon Says:
  12. Fun competition mock-up this morning at 10am. The WODs were unexpected and challenging, so I was excited to do them. Good times working out next to all of you beastesezz. :-)

    WOD 1 = 3rnds complete as RX'd
    WOD 2 = 14:20 RX'd (way to crush this everyone!)

  13. VanBeek Performance Says:
  14. WOW, Wall Walks Suck!!

    Full Clean - 2RM - Trying to beat 248# from a little ways back
    154, 198, 220 - Warm Ups 2's and 1's
    230, 241, 251 - Hit one, missed second and got my third attempt... Just need more aggressiveness on my second go around... I'll get it next week...

    Band Resisted Back Squats (No Box)
    - Straight Sets @ 80-85% of my band resisted 1RM (Around 200#)
    156 X 3 X 3 + Mini Bands Double Wrapped

    Main Site Variation from yesterday..
    10 Double Push Up Wall Walks
    10EA CTB Pull Up/Toe 2 Bar (Alternating Between Each)
    25 Box Jumps 24"
    3 ROUNDS
    ** 13:15 - Started to lose my control walking down towards the end... :(

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