Friday 110121

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Set up before a clock, and every minute on the minute perform 5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, and 15 Squats. Do this for 20 minutes. Can you get all 20 rounds?

If while finishing any round, a new minute starts, finish the round you are on but rest for the remainder of this new minute. When commencing the workout, your new rep scheme will be 4 pull ups, 8 push ups, and 12 air squats. Miss another minute and the reps drop to 3 pull ups, 6 push ups, and 9 air squats.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

One on one's in the beginning. That's Josh Kahrs with his back to us, by the way.

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16 Responses to "Friday 110121"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Wow! This one left me gasping at the end. Came out strong and got 11 rounds RX'd, but couldn't answer the bell to start the next. So the last 8 were the 4,8,12. Painful! Nice job 5AMers!
  3. GregP Says:
  4. Doing bench presses and back squats the day before does not equal a good performance for this one.

    6rds, then 3rds, then 8rds.

    The weather did not hold the 6am group back from doing great!
  5. Mark Says:
  6. My goal was to get at least 10 rounds at 5-10-15 and I was able to do that. After that I rested the minute I went over and finished the last 9 rounds at 4-8-12.

    Good way to start a Friday and a big group too!
  7. BigD Says:
  8. I second what Greg P said. Doing squat and bench the day before probably wasn't the best idea I've had either....
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. 5 rounds at 5-10-15
    7 rounds at 4-8-12
    6 rounds at 3-6-9

    Pushups were a killer; as I'm typing this, my tri's are still shaking. My pullups were "off" in the first 2 or 3 rounds but I got this corrected (thanks Jon).

    This was a good WOD to do going into the weekend.

    I don't think Pete ever slowed down. He was right next to me, and his pace never seemed to change.
  11. Allison H :) Says:
  12. 3 @ 5.10.15
    3 @ 4.8.12
    9 @ 3.6.9 - my favorite reps for everything!
  13. Addi Says:
  14. 4 @ 5-10-15
    3 @ 4-8-12
    11 @ 3-6-9

    Pushups crapped out as usual - I was hoping to get further before going to 3-6-9, but yesterday's muscle-up/HSPU play time and this morning's pull sets in the pool slowed me down. But honestly, I think it was just a bad day for pushups. 3-6-9 was great, though - 25 sec rest every round, and the pushups came back stronger towards the end.

    Lots of impressive performances at noon. Congrats on the Cindy PR, Reba!
  15. GregP Says:
  16. is logwod updated yet? i don't see todays in there.
  17. jillian Says:
  18. Hello, I did 2-2-14. I am sore:(
  19. hannah eileen Says:
  20. I finished 2 at rx'd. Then I have no idea how many rounds I did at 4 then 3. Whoops
  21. Amanda Says:
  22. Great work people! Evening classes were fun. Great start to the weekend!

    Let us know if you want text reminders sent to your cell phone about classes, cancellations, waitlisting, etc.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  23. paul Says:
  24. i got 12 rds rx'ed, then 7 of the first scale. this is a few more reps than 17 rds of cindy, so i am considering it a PR. brutal, though!

    nice work, 4:30! nice to see all you fine folk.

    also, congrats to all those who made all 20 rounds. that is mighty impressive!
  25. Pete N. Says:
  26. Hey - Thanks Shelley. It's always fun when a workout comes up that you feel pretty good about. It happens for me so infrequently.
  27. Natalie Says:
  28. I did, 3, 4, 8. Moving my arms today is not a viable option. Nice job 6am!
  29. Kat Says:
  30. 6/7/5. This wod wasn't as hard as I expected it to be but pushups definately took some time! It was great working out next to Megan M., Neal and Jen T. They are great athletes that kept me going!
  31. Pastor Justin Says:
  32. 13 rx'd then 5 @ 4,8,12.

    MY triceps were still real sore from monday and push ups were the limiting factor. I hate taking time off from crossfit. I don't know much worse than your first couple weeks back after a break. Lactic Acid Sucks!!!

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