Wednesday 101222

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100 Burpees

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 090204.

Last year's winter wonderland.

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  1. Ricky Frausto Says:
  2. A couple of things I couldn't post because I'm on the road.

    1. No classes on Friday or Saturday.

    2. I'm looking forward to seeing if there will be any sub 5 or even sub 4 minute times today. But more excited for everyone else who will battle with this workout and finish it. Post times since I won't be there to watch.

    3. This is a great workout and I wanna see if we can fill all the classes today. Its a call to arms. Can we do it? Let's try. Last I checked, there were 2 spots left at 5am, no spots at 6am, 8 spots at noon, 16 at 4:30, 10 at 5:30, and 8 at 6:30. Can someone post updated numbers as the day progresses?

    Don't forget, if you miss the cut-off hour, try calling someone at the gym. I'm sure they'd love to help you out so long as the reason is legit.

    Yay burpees!
  3. Ricky Frausto Says:
  4. And oh yeah, Thursday is not a rest day. There will be a workout programmed.
  5. Brandon Says:
  6. I don't recall ever having done 100 burpees for time before, so this will be my baseline for any time in the future I do it again. I will be sure to hit up LogWOD as well. That frickin site has been awesome for keeping track of what I've done, how well I did, and how I felt about it.
    Drive safe Ricky. :-)

  7. Allison H :) Says:
  8. I already want to vomit! YIKES! Just signed up for 4:30 anyways -;)
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. Joined the 5 a.m group today (only 3 of us) and did it in 7:34. My original strategy was 5 sets of 20 which turned into 1 set of 20 and the rest were all sets of 10. I rested probably 5-6 seconds after each set. This was tough but it didn't seem as tough as I remembered from last time. I couldn't find this WOD on logwod from before, but I know I've done it once before.
  11. Jess Says:
  12. I really wish my big toe would just heal already so I can get back to doing WODs with everyone else. Since I couldn't do burpees with a broken toe, Amanda had me row instead. I really dislike rowing. She had me do 5x500m. (2:01, 2:06, 2:05, 2:06 and 2:02)

    Great job 6am peeps.

    JChrist (that's for Brian and Addi, not gonna fight it anymore)
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. Baseline for me 7:31. Better than I, a roller coaster ride lately. Did the first 25 unbroken then went to 10s with a couple breaths in between...strategy was to keep moving, which I pretty much did. Hard to keep hitting the chest without mixing in some chin music! ;-)

    Great time, 6amers!

    Can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow! Maybe some snow shoveling for the afternooners??
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. BTW- Cool to see a full representation of Petersons at the 6am!
  17. Natalie Says:
  18. 10:36 at home in my pajamas. Still sucked.
  19. Amanda Says:
  20. Great work in the AM. A few PR's on the day so far, congrats to Greg P. shaving off about 2 minutes. Keep track of your workouts people!!

    Fastest times thus far...

    Justin Andresen w/ 6:26
    Shelley Buchholz w/ 7:34

    Keep 'em coming. You can get on the board with this one!!

    And we have an exciting workout in store tomorrow... you better show up! No rest day with the long weekend.
  21. Gina Says:
  22. 9:59- cut it close, but this is the first time I got 100 done in under 10 min.
    I remember doing this twice before. The first time, there was a 12 minute cut off and I finished just in time then too. The second had a 10 min. cutoff, and I didnt finish. I think I got somewhere in the 80's done. Today was tough, but an improvement over the last time I tried.

    Great class today!
  23. J Andresen Says:
  24. 6:26, didn't really have a strategy, thought about 5 - 20's, but did 30, then 10's from there on out. This one hurt everywhere!
  25. Mark Says:
  26. 7:31.5 as Amanda wrote on the board. Tried to get it done before Brian but he beat me by a burpee jump.

    I'm still not a fan of working out at 6AM cause I fee l super tired for the next couple hours after but it is nice to get it done early and have the evening free.

    5 Petersens (counting Jillian) there this morning for 100 burpees, that has to be some kind of record.
  27. BigD Says:
  28. OK, if Natalie can do this in her PJs at home, I'm gonna pull this one off in uniform on my Ops floor here at work...when I get a free ten minutes. Wonder how much the combat boots will cost me in time...
  29. BC Says:
  30. OK, so I'm a day behind on the posts here as I'm going to respond to yesterday's post-a-polooza, but better late than never.

    Re: Ten Pounds - the scale lies. The scale does not differentiate between muscle and fat, water and tissue, etc. If you really want to measure your workout results, particularly from a crossfit perspective, take pictures, take measurements, take baselines in wod's and how much you can squat/bench/press. Those measurements will truly tell you what kind of success you're having. And to that note be sure to use Logwod, it's a great way to keep track of your growth, development and improvements. Which brings me to...

    Re: Blogging - Yes, I am guilty of becoming a former commenter. I used to comment all the time, but over the last few months, for no particular reason, I've slowly started commenting less and less. And since I started the most recent edition of the strength class not only have I not been blogging but some days I don't even check the blog. Well today I stand before you and declare NO MORE! No more will I sit idly by while our comments section limps along with a mere 2, 3 or 4 comments! No more will I make witty comments only to myself and not share them with the masses! No more will I remain silent while Addi terrorizes everyone with her over-zealous carnivore commentary! It is a dawning of a new age my friends, the age....of B Christ!

    What I'm trying to say is I'll start commenting more, like I used to.

    Re: Burpee laws - in general, I've been kind of a fan of burpee laws. There have been a couple of times when I was late and I gladly, and without being told to do so, did my 10 burpees and then moved on. I didn't think it was that big of a deal but that's just me. And I definitely think they have gotten people back in to the spirit of cheering for everyone and encouraging everyone and the attitude that no one is done until everyone is done. That is huge and can never, ever go away. My biggest issue with the burpee laws is the coaches are extremely inconsistent in enforcing them. It's as if they pick and choose when they decide they want to make people do burpees and when then don't. If someone is late, they're late - burpees. If someone starts packing up early - burpees. If someone drops or mistreats equipment (because they're being lazy, not when it's a matter of safety) - burpees. I don't know if coaches are afraid of being "the bad guy" or what, but if coaches aren't taking them seriously why would the athletes? I'm just saying - if they are laws, make them laws. If they aren't then tell us so we're all on the same page.

    Wow, it would appear that I've kept my comments bottled up for far too long. But I think I've covered just about everything so I'll just wrap it up with this - CFO has gone through quite the evolution in the nearly 3 years (wow, really?!?) that I've been a part of it. From being at UNO with maybe 30-40 athletes total to our current home with sometimes 20-25 people in a single class. There have been a lot of changes and I'm sure there are more to come, but the thing that has remained constant is the community. We've got a pretty rare thing here and I hope we all realize that, appreciate it and respect it. Seacrest out.
  31. BC Says:
  32. This comment has been removed by the author.
  33. BC Says:
  34. This comment has been removed by the author.
  35. GregP Says:
  36. 8:05 last time I found we did them was Feb 2009 (10:20) which was before logwod. So I cut over 2 minutes off.

    I thought we did them more recently though, Ricky have we?

    Gina and I got Bonnie there this morning and she liked it. The time not the burpees :) I signed her up for tomorrow too!
  37. Ricky Frausto Says:
  38. Both yesterday and today's WODs are now on LogWod. Its been tough lately with getting ready for vacation and then being on the road but I'll focus on getting stuff up in a timely matter. As you can see, I've been working on getting each workout up on the blog by about 6PM. I will continue to try and do that.

    I will also look for other times we did 100 burpees but I think Feb 2009 was the last time. I'll post a link.
  39. Shelley Says:
  40. I know I've done this once before and I wasn't a member until May 2009. Could it have been one of the other affiliates' wods we were doing for a month last august or september where each class had a different affiliate's wod to do? I can't find any previous results for me either.
  41. Addi Says:
  42. Before Erica calls me out, yes I cancelled my noon class. But I promise it was only 10% because of the burpees. I have a thing at 2:30 that I need to finish preparing for. In the spirit of full disclosure, however, I might still have come if it had been 1RM turkish get-up, or something equally awesome. I'd like to tell you that I'll make them up on my own, but I think we all know better.

    AK-47 (as long as we're owning our BChrist-given nicknames)

    Also, bacon. (don't boss me, BChrist)
  43. Tony Says:
  44. I'm just going to say this now, because I'm assuming there are others who feel this way...

    100 Burpees. I am both terrified and excited... but mostly terrified. 4:30 here I come!
  45. Celeste Says:
  46. Had to do this at home this morning since John is out of town and the dogs don't have the skills to watch the kids... but unlike Natalie, I changed out of my jammies :)

    9:40 - could have used the group to keep me motivated and moving... I think that would have improved my time. I hate burpees.
  47. Tovar Says:
  48. I thought we were going to replace the 100 burpee WOD on the board w/the 60 burpee WOD named "CFO" that we did this summer. What ever happened to that idea? 60 seems so much better than 100. :)
  49. VanBeek Performance Says:
  50. Was my workout last night prophetic or what :).. Did 100 burpees last night in 502 but will retest my deadlift 1RM today and do 5 ctb pull ups 10 kipping hspus and 15 95# oh sq ** rds in 20 mins ** in about two hours.. Yay burpees!
  51. BC Says:
  52. Merry Xmas Addi
  53. GregP Says:
  54. I thought we have done them since Feb 09 too. It was not when we were following Front Range. Could it have been when we were doing conditioning after barbell class? I didn't always write those down.

    Ricky, I added Bonnie to logwod, would you get her added to the gym?
  55. Erica Says:
  56. I was going to call you out Addi!!! Haha :) I forgive you though.
    We had a good noon showing today...did this one in 8:58, was better than my last time I think and that's all that matters. Oh and my legs are still killing me from monday, think I could've made this faster but the burn was strong today!!
    Yay for Christmas WOD tomorrow!! Though hoping for no leg involvement :)
  57. Steve Says:
  58. First, instead of repeating all that has been said before, let me just agree with BC.

    Second, re: 10 pounds... Why do we use the standard metrics (lbs, minutes, reps) to gauge our improvement when that only applies in one narrow sense? Okay- maybe on the Lincoln Half-Marathon do I keep track, but that's only because its the first big race of the season. But I've seen the improvements in so many other areas that are so much more meaningful to real life. I love bounding up four flights of stairs when others are winded. Shoveling non-stop doesn't bother me (although it got a little boring last year). Picking up my bags and running through an airport. I love it when I volunteer and end up doing some heavy physical lifting... and people half my age are wasted after 15 minutes. I pulled my niece and nephew around the ice rink- for over an hour.

    And my favorite sign of improvement- I once was stopped on a trail on my bike when someone got up ahead of me, so I decided to push hard and catch up (from a dead stop). I started off so fast and hard, I bent one of the chain links. Took it in to get repaired, and even the bicycle repair guy was amazed. How cool is that?
  59. paul Says:
  60. AK-47! I love it!

    I always feel kinda guilty skipping burpees. But since I'm out of town, I feel slightly more justified.

    Every 3 minutes:
    10 back squats (205)
    8 CTB pullups
    add 1 rep to squats each round (=60 squats total)
    No breaking up of sets allowed.

    I wasn't sure i could do this. My right hip flexor has been acting up, and it's just a lot of volume. But it felt great (until the last round). CTB pullups felt good too.
  61. Shane Says:
  62. Ugh. 8:32. Is it my stamina, or my endurance that sucks? Besides both, that is.
  63. jakeH Says:
  64. All of the recent blog activity has inspired me to begin posting. I do enjoy readying the comments before class to learn or possibly strategize how I'm going to approach the WOD. Hopefully others can do the same.

    100 Burpees 5:56

    i believe this is a 2 min PR. It has been a long time since we did this and I have been practicing. Being a 6' person burpees are not my specialty. To address this issue I began doing a higher volume sets of 40, 50, or 60 unbroken just to see if i could. Over the months burpees began to wind me less and I was able to do more.

    Though I had a 2 min PR today, it is very humbling to watch someone do this WOD in 4:30 something. Good luck to anyone who thinks they can beat her time!
  65. paul Says:
  66. who got the 4:30? damn!
  67. JonD Says:
  68. Great posts everyone the updated times are:

    Libby 4:33
    Jake H 5:56

    Nice work and remember anyone who takes on the 100 burpee challenge is a winner in my book.

    Fun to read guys!
  69. Addi Says:
  70. I <3 Epic Meal Time.

    Thanks, Cheerleader!
  71. VanBeek Performance Says:
  72. My god libby! Wow!

    Deadlift retest.. 356 ha its 8lbs less terrible than it used to be
    5 ctb pull ups
    10 kipping hspus
    15 95# OH Squats
    * RDS in 18 mins *
    - got rushed so had to make it 18 instead of 20.. Really?
    7 RDS plus 5 pull ups.. Hspus were only unbroken thru rd 2.. OH squats were surprizingly harder on my legs then I thought.. Back at it tomorrow.. Hope some guys break 5 mins on burpees tonight.. Get after it!
  73. Allison H :) Says:
  74. gunna have to make this one a x-mas wod... woke up from night shift a while ago and morning sickness is in effect... but hey! so fun to read all these posts today!!!
  75. Greg MO Says:
  76. Love the posts! Hope this lengthy correspondence all continues throughout the new year. I also like the competitive nature between everyone and how others want to hold each other accountable for the workouts they do.

    All I can say is that our true test as athletes comes at games time. People can claim whatever numbers they like during the off season but their ability to deliver at the games is what really matters...

    My advice to everyone is don't let the results of others discourage your own progress, rather let their claims drive you to step your own game up. I don't care if I get last place in every off season WOD if I can still deliver and be competitive with the elite when it counts!

    Merry Christmas to everyone and safe travels this weekend!!!
  77. Ricky Frausto Says:
  78. I don't see that many logging on LogWod. Get on it people. If you don't have an account, sign up for one then notify me of what email you used and I'll add you to the gym.

    Crystal and I are going to hit the 100 burpees tonight. I'm gonna shoot for sub 4 and unbroken and I don't practice. Haha. I'll try and get it on video.
    No warm weather here either. It was 70 yesterday and 40 something today and the rest of this week.
  79. Stacie Says:
  80. 5:49 - didn't stop for a breath once
  81. jillian Says:
  82. Well my arms hurt so bad from today and yesterday that it actually pains me to type this, haha! No but really they are killing me! Nice work 6 am! I finished at 10:36
  83. Mandy Says:
  84. Due to an exceedingly long day at work, I wasn’t able to attend any of the classes today. I did, however, just get home from 24 Hour Fitness where I did the WOD for today. I finished it in 10:52. I think I should get credit for at least a minute of that time because on burpee #72, a complete douche-bag stopped me, asked me what I was doing, where I got my workouts from, if I had a boyfriend, and if he could get my number. Why do I love Crossfit? Because there are no douche-bags here.
  85. Joe H Says:
  86. pretty tough stuff tonight. Nice job to the Tovars as Dusitn walks in off the street, does a couple body weight squats and the buzzer goes off....guy still is sub 5 on the thing. finished in 6:29 and dare I say I never really stopped. guess I better pick up the pace.
  87. Tony Says:
  88. 9:17 I finished!
  89. O'Kief Says:
  90. I'm late to the blog-fest due to work, but am glad to see all the posts from the last 2 days. I still haven't read the articles from yesterday (eventually), but have a few thoughts. I have never posted much, but read the blog daily. I like knowing what is going to kick my ass later in the day, and enjoy the witty banter--Addi and BC, be recognized. I used to record my WODs at home, and usually feel like I have nothing particularly interesting to say. When we started using logwod, there seemed to be even less reason to post, as it offered an avenue to track workouts and share them with the gym. I think there is some tension between posting on the blog and using logwod--if you do one, you may not do the other.

    I also feel like much of the gym (especially the newer membership) doesn't read the blog. Perhaps occasional reminders at classes or by email--let them know it is out there. If they read, they may post. And I vow to post a bit more.

    As for today's WOD, I'm going to take an incomplete. I thought I had done 100 reps, and my time was possible given my last effort at this. But I finished ahead of someone who took no breaks (I did) and is a badass. So I might have miscounted. I did feel like crap when finished, so that was nice.

    Merry Christmas CFO.
  91. Justin Says:
  92. I don't get how to use LOG WOD, can anyone elaborate? Love to track my wods
  93. reba Says:
  94. 6.27 not a PR. I admit I stopped and took a breath and this is one workout you cannot do that on or you won't want to start PR is 6:07. Maybe next time i will break 6.

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