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Press 5-5-5 reps

Warm-up with the following scheme: x5, x5, x3, x2 then follow that up with 3x5 at the same weight or as close as you can. I would say that you are within 5 to 10 pounds for all three sets if they aren't the same weight. This is not a 5 rep max.

Post weights to comments/Logwod.

No picture today, just lots of links in the hopes that you realize that the same situations exist elsewhere. What say you?

We Need To Talk, by C.J. Martin - CrossFit Invictus

The First Ten Pounds - CrossFit Epiphany

Why the Kids Don't Blog and Grandma's on Facebook, by David Zax - Fast Company

"Burpee Penalties" for infractions (being late to class, dropping KBs, etc.) -- what's your opinion? And should the penalty be assessed on the entire class or just the offender? - This was the question that the CrossFit Affiliate page asked and here are the answers.

Read these and post your thoughts to comments. If not, then at least think about them.

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  1. Brandon Says:
  2. I apologize for the length of my comment, and I realize the irony of apologizing for the lenth of it, while simultaniously adding to it with this apology. HA!!! I would like to throw my opinions on two of these topics into what will, hopefully, be a discussion with some good ideas thrown around. :-)
    On the topic of folks not commenting much on the blog anymore:
    I am guilty of this, super guilty if you will. I can't think of one reason in particular for why I stopped commenting on the blog. I used to every day, if I had come into the gym, or not. I think it was a gradual thing, where it became every other day, then every 3 or 4 days, and so on... I have a few things that may, or may not, help the situation, and are possible causes of the limited commenting (I stress the word "Possible"). It is definitely not an exhaustive list, just a few things that come to mind.
    1) I think the Coaches should interact a bit more on the blog, it makes it feel more like a community if we can get you guys posting too, and I think it's obvious the Coach's opinions carry some weight.
    2) Post more "Accomplishment photos" for people to comment on, for example: a photo collage of a bunch of folks PRing on a lift. Not that you guys don't post great photos, keep in mind these are just suggestions.
    3) More random community events will hopefully get people excited and talking, for example: a potluck at the gym, where everyone brings a paleo and/or zone item in ready to share the food AND the recipe! :-)

    On the topic of the "Burpee Laws":
    I do not care for them personally, and here are a few reasons (keep in mind, these are OPINIONS):
    1) Should I have to do extra work (burpees) if I drop say, a kettlebell, accidentally when there isn't even enough time for me to work on any weaknesses after the scheduled programming for the day?
    2) I haven't heard any "Burpee Laws" for the coaches, if they happen to start class late, run late, etc... Not that this happens much at all, but it has happened, and while I don't consider it even noteworthy, it is usable for this topic of discussion.
    3) I don't think there should be a penalty for doing something accidentally in the gym (within reason). I thought most folks were following the rules pretty well without the burpee penalty to keep them in line. While I understand the penalties are not really a big deal, I don't necessarily agree with them, but I will do what it takes (again, within reason... HA!) to stay a part of this awesome community that is CrossFit Omaha.
    If any of this is incorrect, I will gladly admit my mistake and eat crow. I really hope this post doesn't earn me burpees... :-)

  3. reba Says:
  4. 1. I normally check the blog from my phone (mobile device) making it hard to comment...or not safe if I am driving...

    2. As a client, I don't like the burpee laws. They make me feel a tad bit like a grade school kid running for the bell...I believe people generally try to be on time, and if you continue to start and end classes on time you will organically create a climate of punctuality :)
  5. GregP Says:
  6. Big Class this morning. Lots of weight pushed overhead. I tried #110 but couldn't complete the first set of 5 so I dropped to #103.

    Good Job 6AM!

    I quit commenting when I started the strenght classes. I didn't see much point when what we were doing was completely different than the daily WOD's. Still read them everyday and was disappointed when they dropped off. I agree that coaches should comment too. That way we know you are reading them.
  7. Ricky Frausto Says:
  8. Brandon, I'm loving your input. It's good stuff. I like how you agree to disagree but will do anything for the brotherhood. Keep the input coming. Lord knows we need it.

    Reba, burpee laws, if read correctly, show that they are not created for tardiness. In fact, the one for tardiness is written last and with the least amount of burpees. We have had no problem with anyone doing 10 burpees. I take that back, we did once. With you. Anyways, I digress, the biggest one, and it has taken care of the problem immensely, is to have the community cheer for their brethren before putting their equipment away and for everyone to take the health of our equipment into their own hands.

    For Joe and I, these two things have been the most important needed changes. It has literally changed the way workouts end and helped us to take care of the equipment we do have. I don't care if you drop equipment, I only care if you do it purposely or ignorantly. Now that we have created (or trying to create) a culture of cheering at the end of workouts, it bodes well for everyone.

    Hope this helps and you're right Brandon, I think I need to get involved with more feedback but if I do, everyone else needs to comment as well. There is no reason we can't have 40 comments on average 3-4 times a week. Word to your mother.

  9. Ricky Frausto Says:
  10. A couple of more things. I guess I just realized that I do the exact same thing. When I saw Greg P's comment about reading everyday but not posting and also about wondering if coaches ever read what gets posted here, I thought to myself, I'm doing the opposite of what I want everyone else to do. I get an automatic email when someone posts to the blog so of course I read everything but I never post because I figured commenting was for the community, I'm the one who wrote the posting, and because I talk too much. Well screw that. I want lots of interaction so I'm going to make an attempt to post at least once everyday.

    About the receiving an automatic email every time someone posts to the blog, would anyone like to be added to the list? I can add your email to the list and you too can get an automatic email. The only stipulation is that you gotta comment regularly. If you will and want to see what everyone else is saying without having to visit the blog 20 times a day, text me your email (315-8101).

    And to you that have only known the building at 90th and L , start a new tradition. Don't let CrossFit Omaha be just where you workout and only at your one class time. Say something. You guys all have wonderful personalities. How about I call some people out here:
    Paula Miller
    Chris Baldwin
    Kyle Rooney
    Alicia Qualset
    Aaron Olsterholm
    Tessa Wyborny
    Pete Nordlund
    Adam Brock
    Nichole Beran
    Karen Wattier
    Jen Thomas
    Crystal Frausto
    Shelley Buchholz
    Megan McNamara
    John Kinney
    Bob Sidzyik
    Libby DiBiase
    Amanda Brei
    Jon Day
    Justin Andresen
    Jeff or Jen Shannon
    Ben Brown
    Andy Gomel
    Brian Christiansen (used to)
    Jess Christiansen
    Chad Cox
    Mark Petersen (used to)
    Jen Feyerherm
    Laura Feyerherm
    Jillian Kinzer
    Zack Johnson
    Josh Kahrs
    Gina Petersen
    Greg O'Kief
    And so many more. I love you people. I've developed some pretty remarkable relationships with all of you mentioned plus many more. I want to hear what you have to say. Even if its only to say today was a fun workout or I had fun in class today or whatever. Just create a habit and let's see where we can take this thing.

    I don't believe anyone will post just because I'm calling you out but maybe you will.

    Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. I'm looking forward to a bigger and better 2011.
  11. Greg MO Says:
  12. Agree with all comments and see the validity on both sides. I like the fact that people even show concern for any of the laws and/or penalties, just shows that they care about the gym and others in it.

    Press: 142x5, 142x5, 152x5

    Nice work 6am!!!
  13. Amanda Says:
  14. Great discussion. What a good day to write on the blog for the first time. I will try to lead by example from now on and post as well. I never thought about how much sense it would make for coaches along with athletes to comment and I have opinions/thoughts as well, so I may as well post. Multiple benefits. I will now post regularly :)

    Today. 5 and 6 am did very well. I tried to emphasize a few details of the press and I like to think it helped. Everyone did really well. Strength days are great days. I hope no one ever feels that workouts such as these are worthless, boring, or not a real workout. Strength is so vital to health for every single person! I love strength days!!

    Great to see a big group at 6am. And a warm welcome to our visitors! Thanks guys!
  15. Shelley Says:
  16. I post on days I work out. It doesn't matter if it was one in which I felt pretty good about or one that I DNF'd or had to scale. Along this same line, I always post on logwod. I'm surprised at the few number of people who post to logwod. This doesn't make sense to me because how do you know what you did, and in going forward, how do you know where you came from? It's accountability for one thing. I can look back and see if I've improved on how much weight I could lift or reduced time on a WOD that we might have done before. I can also keep track of things specific to me that I felt were weaknesses or parts of WOD's that were especially tough. I admit I'm a bit of a detail person, but I use this same approach in business/work to see where was I six months ago, 1 year ago, and where am I today? It just makes sense. It's also helped when WOD's come up and I'm not quite sure what warm up weight to use, how much to add each set if that's what the WOD calls for, etc. because I see what I did in the past which is especially helpful in the 1RM, or 3 or 5 rep range.

    My last comment has to do with "The First Ten Pounds". I think that we, especially women, get hung up on a number sometimes. I've been guilty of it too. If I see the scale go up a couple pounds, I think wait a second, what the hell is happening?! We should be much more concerned with how we perform and how we look (scales don't tell the whole story), and I personally think women look better with some muscle. Men of course do too!!
  17. Natalie Says:
  18. I like the Burpee laws--I obey them because I live in fear of having to do them.

    I am really sore today from the Monday WOD and had myself talked into taking the day off. However, I thought of all of the people that are probably just as sore as I am that will be busting their asses I got there..and I did it..and I'm so glad I did.

    Nice Job 6am-ers! What will you be able to do tomorrow that you thought you could not do today??
  19. Ricky Frausto Says:
  20. I love your attitude Natalie but of course a coach would say that right? But I know you because of strength class. You and Celeste are a couple of soulfully and mentally strong woman and well on your way to physical strength too.

    As for Shelley, what can I say? I always give you a hard time but you have a lot of drive and determination to be better than yesterday. Gotta love that.

    Thank you both for your input. Especially about the ten pounds article Shelley. That hits home for a lot of people.

  21. Tony Says:
  22. Just wanted to give a shout-out to the CFO wrist bands. This whole holiday season has been rough as my ex-CFO roomie has decided to fill the apartment with cookies and sugar. Last night, I was about to grab a cookie (after eating healthy, noticed the wristband, and decided it wasn't worth it. Great tool to keep me thinking about my body throughout the day.

    Anyway, I'm fine with burpee laws. Encouraging people to stick around and cheer others on is essential for me, and is probably the biggest reason I'm part of CFO. I guarantee I wouldn't have finished the workout last night without everyone's help...
  23. Ricky Frausto Says:
  24. Again, if anyone wants to receive auto emails of all the discussion that happens in the comments section so that you can read them as emails on your phone as opposed to visiting the blog, text me, email me, or even post here with the email you want me to use and I'll add you to the list.

    Its actually quite cool. Keep the comments coming guys and please read the links too. It doesn't really help if you don't read all the info first.
  25. Chad Barthel Says:
  26. Allow me to hijack and go another way. I'd like the class sign/cancel window to be open until the class start time.

    I had to miss my 4:30 time last night to solve a client problem that blew up at 3:30. I couldn't cancel - and on my drive to the gym I felt like I was crashing the 5:30 class, spitting on the coaches and the sign up process. I contemplated skipping the wod.

    On the flip side, my plans for lunch today have been moved and instead of grabbing my bag and hitting the noon wod I'm rolling the dice my previously scheduled 4:30 slot won't be snuffed out by another work obligation. And my guess is that the noon class isn't full and if the sign up was open right now I'd lock it in and head over.

    It appears most classes are being limited at 20 athletes. Couldn't the sign up be kept open until class time allowing for last minute adds/drops? This would still allow for coaches to prep knowing they'd never have more than the max?
  27. GregP Says:
  28. I always learn a lot from the comments.

    Some of the WODs can be pretty scary for a new person. When I first started I went to 5:30 or 6:30 class and I read the blog to see how other people did. What they did for scaling, what parts were hard, or how they strategized how to do it. It was easier to go after that because I had an idea what to do.

    I have almost all WODs that I have done written down or entered to logwod. logwod is a great tool to track your progress. USE it!
  29. paul Says:
  30. I love the suggestion that the coaches should comment (word, Brando!), and I'm glad Ricky and Amanda jumped in so quickly!

    I try to comment consistently, even though sometimes I wonder if anyone cares what I've been doing (especially when I'm away from the gym--like now--and doing my own thing). I do it partly just to keep myself in line. I also try to read everyone's comments. I definitely like to see what other people are doing, how they felt about the workouts, etc.

    10 walking lunges (40# DBs)
    12 pushups
    15 kb swings (1.5 pd)

    really got my heart pounding, but did everything unbroken. I felt like a pushup king today--had way more in the tank on those, even after ring dips yesterday.
  31. Wes Says:
  32. I had some thoughts about the Burpee Laws when they first came out. I visited with Ricky about them. I did not agree with the tardy Burpees, but I have changed my behavior. I believe that is the purpose of punitive consequences. Behavior Modification. Now, I do not beleieve it makes much sense to punish the rest of the group. That works if the group has some way to affect my behavior, but I do not think this applies here. Most of us are willing to change our behavior if the leader comments, we all have a common goal, & we all are willing to "behave". Regarding my making comments in general, very few want to hear what the over 50 crowd has to say. Regarding the "sign in" movement, I am willing to try anything, but my responsibilities change,without warning.

  33. Ricky Frausto Says:
  34. Chad, no need to apologize. A lot have asked the same thing and Joe and I have been contemplating what we're going to do. Here's our reasoning behind the 3 hour window. The sign-ins in general have been a tough change for a lot of people (some to even consider leaving) so what we're doing with the sign-up/cancel is preparing classes so that when they are consistently full all the time. We have always put a top limit of about 24 people in a class if they ever got to the point where they were always full. Anymore than this causes trouble and some of you start to lose attention from coaches in classes when you need it. To combat that we are preparing now with sign-ins. The thing is, at some point there is going to be a need for a waitlist and what's the use of having a waitlist if the sign-ups go all the way up to the start of the class? When the time comes to need a waitlist, those people are going to need a window of time to be notified of a cancellation so that they can make it to the class after all. Joe and I decided that 3 hours was a middle ground. I mean, think about it. What if you wanted to workout today but all classes were full for the day? And this was occurring on a consistent basis (which is what will happen). So you decide to jump on the waitlist for noon class, how much notification would you like if someone cancels so you are now able to come? This isn't the case now but we're trying to ease that transition now that we know how tough the sign-in change was. We have discussed changing this and believe me, joe and I have gone through thick and thin trying to think of everything to try and make everyone happy and will continue to do so but bear with us as we grow as business owners. We only want order and an unforgettable experience every time you walk in that door and we believe this will be an instrumental part of the process.

    Until we get the right mix of sign-in and cancel going try and do your best to make do with the current system as we know you are. It was a tough change for all of us but a scary change for Joe and I as we had to make the decision and implement and enforce it. these kinds of decisions either break or make great businesses.

    Thanks and just know that we love you all and care very much about you as people. Your enjoyment, fitness, and this community are our top priority.
  35. Chad Says:
  36. Articles like CJ’s at CrossFit Invictus can be found all over the internet. Blog authors, website owners, and even large corporations are missing the point when it comes to generating social interaction online. Asking your customers, members, or followers to comment will only work for a short time. Those loyal to you will make an effort, but the effort will be short lived. This is normal. The majority of people are either just too shy or respectful to post their thoughts or opinions online without being asked to. Instead, the author should look to generate discussion online just as he would in normal every day conversation. This can be done by stating something that is thought provoking, or by simply asking a question. There are several other ways, however the idea remains the same. People love discussion and will willingly participate in it, but it is up to the host to facilitate and even generate that discussion. I think CJ misses this point as the tone of his article focuses on his confusion as to what is wrong with people that they won’t comment. Instead, the next time one of his articles doesn’t generate discussion, he should ask himself where he failed and not what the problem with his readers is.

    Regarding the burpee laws, I do like the rules. I have seen positive changes in the gym since the rules have been in place. As for enforcing them with burpees, I’m going to agree with Reba in that it does have a bit of a childish tone. As for me personally, I really don’t care. I haven’t had to do any and I don’t see a situation where I’d have to.

    And yes Ricky, I am only partially posting because I’ve been called out, but mostly because of CJ’s article. I spend way too much time working with our marketing department and have spent countless hours discussing and researching the “social web”.

    I’ve read the blog every day since I started CrossFit. I’ve also read every comment.
  37. Chad Says:
  38. This comment has been removed by the author.
  39. Ricky Frausto Says:
  40. Totally agree with everything Chad Cox has said. I do take full responsibility for our blogs lack of comments and have for quite some time. Another reason is that I've gone to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I can be found there asking questions all the time.

    I'm starting to learn this whole customer interaction thing as can be seen with today's posting.

    Thanks for your input Chad. And for the move to the new website . You guys are gonna love it.
  41. Chad Says:
  42. You're welcome Ricky. Sorry to be so negative. The whole over-analytical thing comes with the job description. I do love CrossFit, this blog, the gym, and everyone in it.
  43. Nick.M Says:
  44. Burpee Laws: Although yes, there is a grade school undertone to them, I believe they do have an effect. Even though we're all adults, we all still will generally react to possible punishment, at least in my case because I hate burpees. I definitely understand what they're trying to accomplish. I joined CFO because I knew a group atmosphere was a huge part of this place, and I really love it.

    Sign Ins: I think I'm kind of in the same boat as Chad B. Since I'm still in college my schedule changes from day to day and can easily change hour by hour. Between school and 2 part time jobs there is a lot of variability to my schedule. I feel like I can't just drop into the next class if I suddenly have some free time because it's too close to the start time and I'd hate to be the one that messes up the dynamic.

    Comments: I try and get a comment in most days, especially the days I make it into the gym. But I am guilty of avoiding making a post if I don't feel like I did very well with the WOD. I do think that getting a discussion of sorts helps get people more involved, especially if it's something actually happening in our gym. Getting the coaches involved will help with that too I think.
  45. zj Says:
  46. Does Joe know how to use a computer?
  47. Laura Says:
  48. I don’t mind the burpee laws. As the coaches know, I am not what you would consider punctual on most days so I have done my fair share of burpees for being late. I usually miss part of the warm up so I feel the burpees catch me up on the warm up. As far as the sign in process goes, I agree with Chad B. but I understand where you are coming from Ricky. It is a little scary to know that there will eventually be a waiting list for classes… On another note, I’ve been doing the strength class for four weeks now and I highly recommend it! I started CrossFit 2 years ago and I have forgotten so much detail about the different techniques for each lift since my one on one’s. Lifting heavy weights has always been so foreign to me and Ricky does a great job of breaking it down and reinforcing every little detail. Hopefully, one of these days it will all click and come naturally. Wishful thinking! :)
  49. Mark Says:
  50. I too, am one of those people who used to comment almost daily, but recently I haven't commented more than once a week in several months (if that even). Part of it for me was I used to know each and every person and I was genuinely interested in what they got for weights and times and their opinions of the WOD. I think a product of the gym growing was a loss of comraderie among all the members. For me, I was less interested in what others did cause I had no personal vested interest in them besides belonging to the same gym. Many times I would even skip over reading some comments cause I had no idea who that person was. I am willing to bet that others felt the same and slowly the comments just began to dwindle to only a handful a day.

    With that being said, I love the fact that the gym is growing and because it it I know there is no way to know everyone that belongs like we used to. However, if we can cultivate a sense of community on the blog using discussions like these then one day when I meet someone at the gym that I haven't before, I can be like, oh you're so and so that comments all the time. This blog needs to be the tool that bridges that gap among all the class times.
  51. Addi Says:
  52. Fun times at noon class, as usual.


    These felt just about right - heavy enough that my form always faltered a bit on the 4th rep, but definitely not my 5-rep max. Which is great, because 88 was my last 3-rep max and 93 is my current 1-rep. Maybe I'll crack into the triple digits yet.

    Zack - the only thing I've ever seen Joe do on a computer is watch SNL skits on youtube.

    I'm definitely looking forward to a more active blog. More coach interaction should help a lot.

    Re: The first ten pounds...
    THROW. AWAY. YOUR SCALE. Better yet, trade it in for a rack of ribs and some lifting shoes. If you're eating well (and ENOUGH), training smart, and getting a decent amount of sleep, it's scary how well your body knows what to do.

    In conclusion, I love strength days, commenting on the blog, picking on Joe, and ribs. Not necessarily in that order.
  53. BigD Says:
  54. Good lord. The day I'm busiest at work is the day everyone posts to the blog. I will try to put my two cents in when I get home but I will say I like the idea of the sign-up/cancel windwo up to the start of class. Not sure if that works logisticaly or not.
    Oh, and did Deadlifts for "15" today on base. Last set with 325# for 3.
  55. Tony Says:
  56. I paid, like, a solid $20 for my scale Addi... Honestly, it's probably good advice, but I could never bring myself to do it. I started this whole jazz primarily for the "Look Better Naked" goal, then got sucked up into everything else. I love how strong and fit I've gotten, but I keep stepping on the scale, and I keep getting frustrated that I can't get my weight down. Essentially, I'm trying to say that even if you *know* that the weight means nothing, it sure would be nice to have some positive reinforcement...
  57. Erica Says:
  58. So I rarely ever comment, but I do always post my results to LogWod, mainly because I feel like I can track my own progress better that way. As far as the burpees laws go, I'm for them, I think they are needed to keep things in order, though I've yet to do them, so hopefully I don't change my mind, haha :)
    As far as sign in's go, I'm with Chad B and some others. So far this hasn't been too much of an issue with me, but I am about to start my long day rotations in January, and I should theoretically be done at the hospital by 5, but that being said, I have no idea if I will have to admit a patient at 4:30 and I won't get out of the hospital till 6 or later. I have no way of canceling a class 3 hours ahead of time because at 2:30, I still have full intentions of going to the 5:30 class. This actually did happen to me two weeks ago when I got stuck in surgery. I hope that you all realize that if I'm signed up for a class, I have full intentions of going, but sometimes (and hopefully not more this coming January) I will have stuff come up and get stuck at the hospital and not be able to cancel in time. And believe me, I'd rather be at the gym!
    So I guess my biggest issue with this is I don't want to get in trouble for not being able to cancel a class when I have full intentions of going, I just get stuck at the hospital.

    I also have a funny story- so I DNF'd yesterdays workout and was super pissed about it cuz I felt like a slacker since I still had a whole round left. Well I realized today in the gym that I did 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 wall balls instead of 40, 30, 20, 10...whoops! No wonder I was dying and didn't finish, I did 30 extra wall balls! So yea, moral of that story, make sure you read the workout! :)
  59. Crystal Says:
  60. Well I honestly can't remember the last time I commented on the blog and to be called out by my own husband is kinda embaressing! I used to comment on a regular basis. I too don't have a good reason as to why I don't anymore. I think my inconsistancy and loss of performance may be a big part. I do read the blogs on a regular basis. As funny as it sounds it's how I learn of what's going on at the gym (Ricky and I don't talk much! Lol!).

    I have loved reading everyone's thoughts and suggestions and questions. I think this is what this gym community needs to thrive. You should never be afraid to comment no matter how old or young you are. I think that for those of us that have been around since the beginning need to really step back up to the plate (myself included). Its especially important for those of us that attend the same classes everyday and don't always get to meet the new members who attend other classes. Sure, there is the new member board with pics but by blog posting you can start to know that person a little more.
  61. Hilg Says:
  62. Wow, this is good stuff. I post pretty much every time I come into the gym and it benefits me in all the ways highlighted above.

    I would however, like to put a face to some of the names....I ask myself; Is that the Chad I think it is....took me a while to figure out BigD was LeClaire! ;-) Much smaller "D" now with Paleo! LOL

    Anyway, it would be cool if more of you had a picture on your Blogger profile so we could see your paleo changed faces! Might also help in building the community to Mark's point above???

    No workout today for me.....caught caught up in a work emergency and did a "late cancel" online and sent Amanda an email. There WILL be those situations with me and I'll do my best to meet the needs of the gym. Is there a method beyond "late cancel" or email the gym would prefer for those last minute cancelations?

  63. Chad Says:
  64. I understand the need and logic behind the class sign-in; however it does cause me some issues as well. On the smaller side of things, it is another thing to manage. Bigger than that, my work day normally ends at 5pm, but often time fluctuates. I could be out as early as 4pm or as late as 6pm or later (usually later). I do not know what each day will bring so I cannot predict how late I will be at work until late afternoon. The flexibility of having 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 classes was very beneficial to me. Now my options are to sign up for the 5:30 class, hope I can make it, and cancel if I can’t, even if I could still make another class. I have skipped 3 or 4 workouts so far due to this issue.

    I have some concerns with the suggestion that classes may fill up. Unlimited isn’t really unlimited if that happens. I wonder what people will resort to. I had kind of the same issue getting in for haircuts. Now I make a whole year’s worth of appointments at a time, then cancel as needed. Maybe that is an option here?
  65. Ricky Frausto Says:
  66. For those that don't know, you can in fact sign up for a year in advance and not have to worry about not getting in to a class.

    Also, as I've told many others and have been used already, text me, call me, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to sign you in or cancel you so long as you don't rely or become dependent on me. I don't want anyone to miss classes because something unexpectedly came up. I know you all have super busy lives and things come up so holler at me and I'll take care of you.

    Hope this helps.
  67. Paula Says:
  68. OMG....this is awesome to see all these blogs! It's about time! I used to post a few times a week and almost always use logwod but like GregP I quit blogging when I was in strength class and then never really started back up again and I don't know why. Maybe I was thinking that there were so few comments and figured what's the point- people probably don't read them anyway?!? Even when I don't comment I check the blog many times a day. I think it is VERY important to keep track of wods whether it's on logwod, blogging them, or just journal them at home in a notebook. It definitely helps you gage your workouts in the future.

    Shelley, I too am shocked at the few number of people that use logwod. Ricky is giving us tools to help us succeed and track our progress. Use it people! I know it may be embarrassing to log your time or weights but we are all there for different reasons. We are all at different levels. If you are 50yrs old and new to strength exercises or never lifted a bar, it is hard to gage yourself against a 21 year old athlete out of college. But, it is always good to have those that push you to your limits and it's good that you want to beat their time. Just be the best that you can be!! Knowing that you tried your best and left everything at the the gym you should leave that gym with your head held high and be proud.

    As far as the sign-ins....I may have just a few issue if I get called in to work at 3-4am and unable to cancel, but will just have to deal with it when the time comes. I know you guys have to do what you have to do.

    I love the idea to the coaches blogging as well. It's good to have their feedback with classes and thoughts on issues going on at the gym.

    On another note....I've been on a little break from CFO just trying to heal my shoulders and back. Been going to PT for a few weeks now and I HOPE to be back in the middle of February. I have missed crossfit tremendously and miss you all even more.

    "I'LL BE BACK"
  69. Gina Says:
  70. I used to read and post on the blog everyday last year, but recently the internet filters at work have blocked all blogger sites. I was really sad when this happened because I would post early in the morning and then read all the added posts later in the day.

    When I get home from work, it is usually 10 hours after I leave the gym. I usually don't think about the blog until the following morning when I check for the WOD.

    Like Reba said, I could post on my phone, but I get little reception at my job and it is not safe to blog while I am on the way to work (driving).

    I will try to do better about posting, especially in the next two weeks while I am on break.
  71. JonD Says:
  72. Well its late in the day and after spending about 2 hours reading everyones posts. I figure I should put my two cents in.

    I need to get back to posting on here and my personal blog. I have neglected that for way too long. I will for sure at least start posting on here and hopefully I can put my efforts and thoughts on a wider scale on my blog.

    I want to tell everyone that everything we do here at the gym is only to improve the culture and make the experience more enjoyable.

    Burpee laws - are supposed to be fun everyone knows being late happens and when it doesn't happen to you, its awesome to get on that person! Then it happens to you and people get on you. Its not a personal assault on your character its just a little ZING (Seinfeld anyone). As the coaches doing burpees, I am for that! If everyone else is doing it I have no problem. So if everyone of you jumps off a bridge, just as any good coach would, I will be jumping with you.

    Signing in - We love to make the programming not only the best we can but enjoyable too. Couplets and triplets are only fun for so long. Creative programming with chippers, time domains, and many other ways, can only be done if we get a good estimate on how many people. I know adding one more thing can be a pain (trust me). We will always come to a conclusion that is in the best interest of the gym, maybe not making everyone happy but hopefully most.

    Lastly this is my life and I have a love for everyone and treat everyone like you are my family. I will always tell you how it is but I will always listen to your concerns as if they are my own.

    You guys are the best and I have met some amazing people, you guys have no idea how much my life has changed since I have been here. Thanks to everyone and happy holidays.
  73. VanBeek Performance Says:
  74. Lots of comments today...
    Did something quick at home.. Done it once before..
    100 burpees in 459 probably 2 years ago.. Kept a pretty good pace the whole time... 502 this time..
  75. jillian Says:
  76. Hello All! Burpee Laws- well I dislike them, haha! If you are ever at 5:30 class on Mondays you all know that is because I am always the one that is late and doing them. Just kidding, I don't care in fact it gets me warmed up.

    I love this gym! I love the workouts, the people and the sense of pride I get when I tell people I BELONG to CrossFit Omaha! I hope you all feel the same way. I want to Thank everyone that belongs to the gym you are all the reason that I can say and feel this way! With that being said I like the idea of more CrossFit Omaha community events. I want to get to know more of you!
  77. Jess Says:
  78. Well, I have to leave a comment now (when Ricky calls you out, you kinda have too).

    I am not really sure why I quit blogging either. I guess life just got in the way and then everyone else kinda faded out as well so I lost interest.

    I do miss the days of Brian and Addi battling it out on the blog and Paul's zombie stories.

    CFO is an amazing gym to be apart of and have made some life long friends. Plus, it is a huge part of why Brian and I got together in the first place. Awwwhhhh! ;u)
  79. Nick.M Says:
  80. Snuck into the 6:30 class after work tonight. Never been to that one, but really enjoyed all the people in there! Nice to meet some new faces and see a few different members, not that I don't enjoy my fellow morning monsters!

    Did 154, 169, 179. Last set was tough, but felt like I really got the volume work the WOD was intended for, even though I made bigger jumps than what was posted. Also a little humbling when Big Ron makes a 30 pound jump from set 2 to 3 and put up 198 like it was cake!

    Great to see all the comments! Hopefully this continues.
  81. Tony Says:
  82. 115-120-125x6 Felt alright... I think I should have started 5 pounds heavier...
  83. Shane Says:
  84. I dig this. When I became interested in Crossfit and joined CFO, I had no idea there would be such a push for, or expectation of, a sense of community like this. Everything about the CF Omaha experience has been unique.
  85. Joe W Says:
  86. Keep this up.

  87. Anonymous Says:
  88. I am guilty...I look at the blog multiple times of the day to see everyones comments but don't leave comments. Even on the days when Dr. Paul and BC ask why nobody is commenting! But I figure this is for one main reason...I talk too much before class, in class and after class that I am sure nobody wants to hear me type out my talk!

    I do have to say I like the burpee laws. I have been tried and convicted by them several times but its all good. The only thing that gets me is those that show up late and then don't do them. Just like with your workout and counting your reps you should be accountable for doing your burpees if you break the laws. It becomes childish if you don't. And shows poor sportsmanship. Especially when we all (the class) see you walk in late and you don't do them!

    I have to say that the first couple of work outs it would scare the sh*t out of me when someone or everyone was cheering me to finish. I sure wasn't used to that (and still sometimes amazes me). When I was at 24 Hour Fitness my old trainer never stood next to me on the treadmill screaming," Run Tara, Run..." (Personally I am not sure he could formulate that much of a sentence...) But I've came to like that and enjoyed cheering someone else on. And I have come to enjoy a good scream from Addi (actually I look forward to them!) I also realized along the way it stopped happening. When you see people putting away equipment and you are still trying to finish your workout it is a little demoralizing. I am truly glad Joe, Ricky, Jon and Amanda have put there foot down on that.

    Lastly, I love our little get togethers. I can't always make them but when I do I have a super fantastic time! I do wish we'd do more but for those of you that have never been to one of gyms activities I totally encourage you to do it. Fun times are always had!

    And that's all I got to say about that... Night!
  89. Kat Says:
  90. Went to 24 hour last night with Jake to do press after work. I hate 24 hour! I kept looking around at all the d-bags with their cut off tank-tops squating wrong and not doing full range of motion on ANYTHING!!! Have you ever watched the youtube clib called "my new haircut"? Hilarious and also EXACTLY what I was looking at last night! Another reason why I love jersey shore wannabe's! Anyways! Pressed 85/90/95# x 5. The 95# was definately a 5rm...don't think I could've gotten another rep.

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