Wednesday 101229

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Greg Mo's Going Away Party
(6AM will do 8 rounds, all other classes, 4 rounds)
With a partner:
Partner A - Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds
Partner B - Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds
Partner A - Push ups, 30 seconds
Partner B - Push ups, 30 seconds
Partner A - Double Unders, 30 seconds
Partner B - Double Unders, 30 seconds
Partner A - DB Squat Clean Thrusters, 30 seconds
Partner B - DB Squat Clean Thrusters, 30 seconds

While your partner is working, you are resting. This is a 32 minute WOD (16 for you and 16 for your partner) for the 6am'ers and a 16 minute WOD (8 & 8) for all other classes.

We encourage as many people as possible to make it to the 6am class to wish Greg Mo a warm goodbye. He will be sorely missed to hang out with, workout with, and sometimes just to look at. Haha. Even if you don't come to workout, stop by and see him off. Sign up online even if it goes over 30, I'll open up spots in the morning.

Post total team reps to comments/Logwod.

Greg Mo during 2009's Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifier.

What special, significant, funny, erratic, weird, or unbelievable memory of Greg Mo can you share with the community.

Post to comments.

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38 Responses to "Wednesday 101229"

  1. Gdawg Says:
  2. ONE of my favorite greg mo moments was at a 6am class doing DT and the song "amazing" by Jeezy was playing and during the workout greg kept grunting ridiculously loud and telling himself how amazing he is while slamming the bar back to the ground after his reps! what a LUNK! LOL! best of luck to ya Greg!
  3. Courtney Says:
  4. I was gonna say that to, Megan got to it before me! Best of luck Greg!
  5. paul Says:
  6. I first started to get to know Greg at the little Midwest competition we hosted back at UNO in 2008. That's the first time I saw him grunt and kick the ground before pulling a barbell off the floor. He DL'ed about 495, if I remember correctly, so maybe it helped! What a BAMF!

    There was a time when DUs sucked for you, Greg. But you'll own this tomorrow!
  7. GregP Says:
  8. I remember when he struggled with DU's. I did a DU WOD with Greg as his partner one time and neither one of us could get more than about 4-5 in a row.

    Wish I could be there for your send off. Tomorrow looks like fun. Best of luck to you. It has been a pleasure knowing and working out with you.

    Keep in touch!
  9. Nick.M Says:
  10. I met Greg Mo back in his grad-assistant days at UNO when he would stand off to the side and be their demo boy when they preached technique. CFO was just starting up back then and Ricky and Joe were running the football team through these workouts before the CFOers would come in in the evenings and do them. I hated this stuff back then. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I'd be voluntarily doing this and paying these guys to kick my ass I would have called you crazy. Hadn't seen a lot of Greg since then until joining the gym. Happy I did it. Got to know more of Greg Mo rather than Coach Greg, although they aren't really all that different. Haha.

    See everybody in the morning!
  11. Greg MO Says:
  12. Awww, thanks guys!

    I feel really honored & fortunate to have a wod dedicated to me & such a great affiliate to be associated with!

    It's been an awesome ride! From the burpees on the UNO football field to the runs around F street. It's just wierd to think that I've been around since the beginnings of this CFO project & now I'm saying goodbye...

    My fondest memories of CFO have definitley been from UNO & the games. The 1 memory that sticks out was when we all arrived in Denver for the 2009 regionals. I just remember everyone saying "wow, are you ALL from Omaha?" or "You guys have so many competing that you brought a bus?". It was great to walk into front range's house & take over the place.

    Words can't express how much crossfit & CFO have changed my life & training style. I was 230 lbs, basiclly movement incompetent, & weak when i 1st got to UNO in 2006 & now im steady @ 200 lbs, the strongest ive ever been, & more mobile than i have ever been in my life.

    I love all you guys & will miss this gym & evryone in it very much!
  13. Allison H :) Says:
  14. Goodbye Greg Mo!
    I know my hubby will miss being challenged with your fast times! Or seize to be amazed by how STRONG you are! I will never forget your facial expressions when you're going crazy in a wod - it's pretty much priceless! Take care and best of luck in your future! You will be greatly missed by your CFO family!
  15. Allison H :) Says:
  16. I am totally grossed out!!!
    For Paleo peeps!
  17. Gdawg Says:
  18. great job 6am! glad i got my lazy butt up to join ya'll and say goodbye to Greg! best part was everyone cussing so loud after the workout was of luck to Greg Mo on his move and to the rest of the're lucky you're only doin 4 rounds!

  19. Crystal Says:
  20. I too have the pleasure of knowing Greg pre-crossfit days from UNO when Ricky worked there. I know I will miss watching you prep and get psyched up for lifts and WOD's! It always made me laugh and put a smile on my face. You are one of a kind and will be missed at CFO. Good luck to you in KC and come back to visit!
  21. Nick.M Says:
  22. Holy shit that was tough. It was actually pretty fun even though DU's were involved. That was by far my most inconsistent portion. I got 498 total. I wrote down 502 at the gym, figured out I mis-added when I got home. My bad!

    Good luck to ya Greg, it was good getting to know ya again man. Sad to see ya go, but wish the best for you. I'll make sure to hit ya up if I ever wander down to KC. I'll also make sure to yell random obscenities in your honor from now on.

    Good to see so many in this morning. Good work everyone!
  23. BigD Says:
  24. 656 at 6AM. Crazy frickin' workout! Actually strung together some pretty good DU's which are usually my worst part.
    Good luck Greg. It's been an honor working out next to you for the last year and half. My earliest Greg Mo memory was, I think a day we did cleans and I see this dude throwing up weight I had trouble deadlifting at the time. All I could think was "Holy crap, I think his knees are going to pop out!" You are the face of intensity Greg, and you will be missed. Who else is going to scream "Mother F@#ker!" at the top of their lungs while trying to lock out a heavy-ass deadlift?
  25. BigD Says:
  26. Almost forgot, thanks for partnering up this morning Brian H!
  27. Wes Says:
  28. Good Luck Gregg! In my mind, you were one of the elite athletes @ CFO! Thank you for your contribution to the "spirit of CFO".

  29. Wes Says:
  30. re: Planet Fitness, my take is that they are trying to appeal to all people, the entire planet! To be inclusive, they want to make it as unthreatening as possible. But even average athletes are not attracted to a place like "PF". The challenge is to make "CF" a place where our grandmother's would feel welcome. It may not be that the "health maintenance" clients need to exercise next to the more intense, elite athletes. I doubt that "PF" will survive for long!

  31. Natalie Says:
  32. I've only had a few opportunities to be in a class with Greg Mo. His intensity is inspiring. Nice to hear that he wasn't always the terrific athlete that he is today. This gives me hope. Good luck Greg. I'll drop a few f-bombs today in your honor.
  33. Jess Says:
  34. Awh, sad day! We are gonna miss you, GregMo. 6am won't be the same without you.

    GregMo memory = Eric, Greg and I were lifting (1 RM snatch) one morning. It was towards the end of class and Eric let out the biggest warrior cry after his last successful attempt. Eric and I started laughing right away. Greg about a minute later once he realized E was pulling a "GregMo"! ;u)

    Best of luck and see you at the 2011 CrossFit Games (I, of course, will be in stands cheering you on and everyone else on).

    I teamed up with Shelley for this WOD. It was rough. I had to sub MCs and DUs for step ups and sit ups. I think my score was 449. Shelley added it for me and wrote it up on the board. She is a great friend. ;u)

    Great job 6am peeps.
  35. Eric C Says:
  36. Over the last 18 months I've been at CFO, Greg was always the badass at 6 am. I was scared of him! I got to know him a lot better at sectionals in St. Louis last year. But he became my home boy after the two of us went through the Olympic weightlifting classes together this fall. Just him and I battling thru the 1 1/2 hr workouts. It was a blast and way up there as one of the coolest things I've done.

    During that Olympic class, I drug (dragged?) my camera and recorded our lifts. This is a video of what I think was the funniest part of lifting.... the misses.

    Oh yeah, 886 today. Thanks for being my partner Greg Mo. You pushed me to the limit... again.
  37. Shelley Says:
  38. Greg Mo will definitely be missed!! He added a lot of intensity and fun competitiveness to the 6 a.m. class. I always enjoyed working out with him. He was also one to share little tips, pointers, etc if he knew you were struggling a bit with a movement. It's hard to imagine him not having been good at everything (DU's were the only thing I ever saw him struggle with and now that's not the case either).

    Today's WOD: 591

    mountain climbers: 266
    pushups: 75
    DU's: 197
    Squat clean thrusters: 53 w/ 30# DB's

    It was pointed out to me AFTER class that I was doing mountain climbers wrong. I was dropping my hips and doing more of a lunge like movement. I wouldn't recommend doing them this way if you want to get lots of reps. Maybe my glutes/legs will thank me?

    In any case, this WOD was tough but fun. I had a great workout partner in Jess!

    I would recommend people sign up to do the nutrition challenge! It will be more fun with more people!!
  39. Danielle Baker Says:
  40. GREG!!! So sad to see you leave, but at least you get to see your little girl more often.

    Every workout with Greg is an unique experience, I really enjoy all the yelling.

    Best of luck to you Greg, sorry I could make it in this morning.
  41. Nate Says:
  42. I will miss you Greg. The morning WODS have been a pleasure.

    The first experience I have had with Greg was during a little CFO competition. During the first WOD, All i could hear was Greg yelling and cussing. I stopped what i was doing to get a look at this very loud guy. That loud guy ended up beasting the work out. Every workout since then has been turned into an interesting game as to what will greg shout out next.

    Safe travels Greg.
  43. paul Says:
  44. Again, wish I could've been there!

    I did strict press: 5 sets of 2 (is that 2x5 or 5x2?) at 135. then
    10-1 toes to bar
    1-10 burpees

    had to break up a few sets of ttb--just couldn't hold on to the damn bar! burpees were easy by comparison.
  45. O'Kief Says:
  46. Tough. Teamed with Donahoe. 778 w/ 40# DB. Subbed Dus with one-legged singles due to my lousy right foot. Huge class.

    I always seem to work harder with Greg MO in the gym because he pushes himself so much. Favorite memory: The games group was doing some awful workout--heavy thrusters with burpees on the minute or something like that. Excruciating to watch. It just kept going and going. Greg finishes the last set of thrusters (screaming), drops the bar, drops 2 or 3 f-bombs, starts looking around, sees the PVC rollers, knocks over a few and then collapses. Inspiring. And hilarious.

    Best of luck Greg. Come back often.
  47. JonD Says:
  48. A little thanks to Greg Mo on my blog. Click link to the side to write what I think of Greg. It might be good it might be bad, you will just have to find out!
  49. Kat Says:
  50. Greg, u will be missed! Not only are u an incredible athlete, you are one of the nicest guys with the dirtiest mouths I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and sweating next to! Good luck with your move! Come back and visit!
  51. Celeste Says:
  52. Every single time I walk into CFO, I am scared. I know I am going to get my ass handed to me on a plate and in the midst of the workout, I have angry feelings toward whoever is instructing the class. Today was only slightly different. Today I had angry feelings at Greg during round 5 as I was thinking "if Greg wasn't leaving, I could be done with this torture right now!"
    I come back to CFO because about 30 minutes after the workout, I am thrilled that someone created a workout that kicked my ass. I see small improvements in my performance all the time and even though I pretty much have to scale everything, I am inspired by people like Greg who pushed themselves and worked hard and eventually 'got it'. I hope that one day, I get it too and can do workouts with out scaling.

    That being said, my score today was 689 - I scaled the push-ups and used #15 for DB, but am proud that I remained consistent in my numbers throughout the entire workout.
    Great job 6am - thank you Greg for your inspiration and energy so early in the morning.
  53. jakeH Says:
  54. 4 rounds @ noon.

    510 w/ 50# db.

    Couldn't make it to the 6 am to see Greg Mo off. Would have been a good one.

    What to say about Greg Mo? I remember starting ay Crossfit Omaha in April 09 and watching all these great athletes putting up fast times and huge numbers. Greg was always one of these people. I remember thinking, "who is this guy and how the f_ck did he do that?"

    Months later the omaha crew was competing down in St. Louis at sectionals. The 2nd to last heat had Me, Greg Mo, Nick Patrick, and Paul Audi in it. I may be forgetting someone else in that heat, but it was bunch of Omaha guys putting in work. Fun times. I remember Greg laying on the floor after the Air Force WOD flopping around and hugging the barbell. It was hilarious.

    What I am going to miss about Greg is coming into crossfit @ noon and looking at the whiteboard to see what his time/reps were. As mentioned above by others, Greg pushes me to what to go harder and get better. I feel like he sets the standard for the day and I have to do my best to beat it. Sometimes Im successful and sometimes not (especially strength days you lunatic). Thanks for making me chase you all the time.

    Greg's contribution to CFO has been huge and he will be missed. Good luck with everything in KC. If you back visiting stop into noon class sometime and be ready to bring it.

    Noon Jake
  55. Paula Says:
  56. I didn't get the privilege of working out with GregMo because I did the 4:30 class then moved to the 5am. But I always saw him walk in for the 6am class with his game face on....ready to kick some CFO @$$!!!!

    My memory of Greg was at Sectionals last year.... I had front row seat. Talk about entertainment. I've never seen so many different facial expressions of intensity and/or pain. I even got a few pics to prove it!!! He inspires everyone around him. Gotta love it!

    Greg you will truly be missed at CFO! Good luck in KC!
  57. VanBeek Performance Says:
  58. I will always remember the anger... :) Especially when it came to snatches when we worked together at UNO... He would seriously try 155 8,9,10 times and keep missing and go berserk after each miss... haha... Come a long way Greg.. Good luck man!

    Lift + Metcon today..
    Hang Full Clean - 1RM.. Just curious what it is.. Build up quickly.. 5 sets
    - 154, 198, 228, 239, 245- Miss :(

    Sumo DL - 3X5 - Best is only 249
    228, 248, 259... Tough but got it...

    High Volume Ab Work
    - Twisting Sit Ups 2X20EA Side
    SS w/
    Row (Strength)
    Double Cable Pulley Row 2X8 (105#)

    Metcon.... Used Rick's Strength Inc WOD but extended to time frame to AMRAP in 15 mins
    20 Jumping Pull Ups (2" Below Wrist)
    15 Presses (76#)
    10 Alt SA DB Snatches (55#)
    ** Kept a consistent pace... should get over 7RDS next time...
    -- 6 1/3 + 8 Presses
  59. Jeff Says:
  60. There are two Greg Mo's for me. The first is an incredibly nice guy who is always a pleasure to talk to before or after a workout. The second is guy who finds a way day in and day out to push himself way beyond his own limits. I can't tell you how many times I've seen him finish a WOD with his eyes crossed, his black glasses steamed over and him falling to the ground in a great heap of satisfaction (and me still needing another 5 minutes to finish!)

    Best of luck to you Greg. Thank you for being a great guy and helping me reach countless PRs.
  61. Nick.M Says:
  62. Him pushing me is one thing I appreciate but forgot to mention. I knew I could never come close to him in metcons. but when a strength day rolled around...boy did I have some fire because I knew that was a day I MIGHT be able to beat him. Most days, especially if I lifted with him, I'd make sure I went after him so I could add a little extra weight, even if I wasn't quite sure if I could get it. Haha
  63. Greg MO Says:
  64. Can't thank you guys enough for all the great comments!

    This morning was such a great experience and a testament to the great community we have here at CFO. Thanks again to all that showed up, it was a tough workout but worth it and great to see everyone.

    Even as I leave please keep up this great concern and interest in your fellow crossfitters! Just as much as I have effected you guys you have effected my life forever.

    Keep up the hard work, positivity, and love everyone :)
  65. Amanda Says:
  66. Awesome classes today. The 24 people at 6am were great! Just think if every class was that full...

    GregMo. As you all have said, a great guy. I've known him for quite a while now, about 3 or 4 years I think! Wow. We both went through the glorious trials of interning at UNO. From hot football workouts to crack-o-dawn girl's golf, good times. CrossFit-wise It has been amazing to see him grow as a CrossFitter and become one of our best. I enjoy egging guys on later in the day (esp. Jake) to beat Greg Mo's time/weight on the board from 6am. But what I will miss the most is seeing him walk in and walk out everyday from the front desk. We pretty much have the same exact exchange every time. "See ya Amanda" - "Later Greg".

    I absolutely LOVE all of the comments and stories. This is great! You never know how much you can effect people...And you have obviously done so in an incredibly positive way! You will be missed my friend, best of luck in KC.
  67. reba Says:
  68. Best of Luck Greg!!!

    My favorite moment is watching what Neil video taped from Nationals in 2009....I had to spit out my water because I started laughing so hard when Greg finished his stuff in our rotation and started jumping around and 'barking' at the rest of us to hurry up...the judge had to tap him on the shoulder and remind him to take a was hilarious!! Loved the intensity!!!!

    Good Luck!
  69. Shelley Says:
  70. nicest guy with the dirtiest mouth...only Kat would say that:)LMAO!!!
  71. Shelley Says:
  72. nicest guy with the dirtiest mouth...only Kat would say that:)LMAO!!!
  73. Brandon Says:
  74. Not sure if this will get read, but I'm throwing my post in anyway.

    Thanks for all the motivation Greg. I've always went faster, harder, and heavier after seeing your posts, or working out with you. I'm sure we'll get the opportunity to hang again sometime, good luck in KC brother. :-)

    Worked out at 6am... whew!
    Score = 749 (50#db)

  75. Crystal Says:
  76. 351 w/25#.

    stayed pretty consistant with my numbers each round. although the last 2 rounds I was able to go all 30 secs on DU's without messing up. whew!

    awesome job 6:30! Tara thanks for being my partner. You did awesome.

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