Thursday 101230

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Rest Day

We are open New Year's Eve for 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, and 12PM classes only and closed New Year's Day.

Joe Jessen works on his double unders during yesterday morning's 6am workout.

We have made some changes to our strength classes. Most notably, we have altered our cost structure and customer service policy for the upcoming year. We think this makes our strength classes accessible to more of you and although we're still working on finding more time slots, we hope that you find the time to enroll in an upcoming course as it is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions you'll make in 2011 (past attendees can attest). We guarantee it!

Please read the changes to the cost structure HERE and to the customer service policy HERE. You will still have to sign up for classes through MindBody (links on SDI website) as there are limits on class sizes. Be on the lookout for the complete 2011 course schedule.

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  1. Ricky Frausto Says:
  2. Hey guys,

    Brad Guenther, 6AM Natalie Guenther's husband and newest member of CFO, misplaced a 100 dollar bill and although he's conscious of the fact that it's probably gone for good, he would like everyone to please keep their eyes open.

    If you've seen it or have it please notify the staff immediately. Thank you for your honesty and help.
  3. kahrs Says:
  4. Front Squat 1RM 274
    Press, my elbow didn't want me to do this so stopped.
    Then did an old Metcon from Strength Class
    5 Rounds
    10 Ball Slams standing ontop of Blue Bumpers
    1/2 Gasser
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. Did 7:00 class:
    3x1 hang squat snatch

    Did 77,82,77,82; I dropped to 77# after doing 82# because the 82# was done in two parts(catch overhead then overhead squat). I dropped to 77 in 3rd set which was ok so did 82 which was mediocre (kick my feet out too wide when dropping into squat). Snatch continues to be ugly for me when squatting is involved.

    rowed 7x150 and 3x250; 150's were done in :31 while the 250's were done in :56.
  7. JimmyG Says:
  8. Good morning friends! Here is a spreadsheet from CrossFit Seattle which determines athletic skill levels based on a variety of movements. This is in no way a set list, but it's a good place to start if you're thinking about setting some goals for the new year or want to flush out some weaknesses. ZackJ and I were talkking about it the other day so I thought I'd put it up for everyone to enjoy.
  9. JimmyG Says:
  10. Oops, looks like I can't post links. just search for "Crossfit Seattle, skill level" and you should find what I'm talking about.
  11. Ricky Frausto Says:
  12. If you're wondering how I responded so fast, I get an email every time someone responds. I added Paula Miller's email and Shelley Buchholz's email to the list. I can add about 7 more people.

    If you would like me to add your email to the list so that you get notified immediately when someone posts a comment. Let me know.

    It's kind of cool if you really like reading what everyone is talking about but can't make it to a computer 24/7.

    (Disregard below, I am just testing whether basic html works or not.)

    My Blog
  13. Ricky Frausto Says:
  14. It does. Awesome. For your information, if you want to post active links to the comments, this is how you do it.

    For example, if you want to have someone visit Disney's website through a link and not by copying and pasting just the website address just type:

    (a href="")Disney(/a)

    For any other website, just change out the address that I have for Disney and change the word Disney to the words you want to show up in the comments. Now that you have done that, to make it active, replace the ( or ) with < or >, respectively and you'll get:


    Voila. A little web ed for you guys. This works where ever html is accepted. Jack of all trades huh?
  15. Ricky Frausto Says:
  16. Here are the live links above for what Jimmy was referring to.

    Athletic Skill Levels

    FAQ's for the Athletic Skill Levels

    Here you go JimmyG. Did it for you.
  17. Addi Says:
  18. Loved loved loved the morning games WOD.

    Hang squat snatch - 103, 110, 115

    Failed the first try on 110 - wasn't getting extension, and I'm sure I was slow under the bar. The second attempt went, but it wasn't too pretty. 115 went up a lot easier, but my squat depth was questionable at best.

    Row sprints
    150s - 30.1, 30.0, 29.9, 29.1, 29.1, 30.3, 29.3
    250s - 52.8, 51.4, 50.8

    I really, really wanted to get my 250 time under the mens' goal time of :50, but just couldn't quite get there. Still, I love row sprints. I left feeling invincible. Looking forward to muscle-ups and toes to bar tonight.
  19. paul Says:
  20. today, i actually did something faster than i thought i could. nice change for me!

    5 rds
    5 DL (275)
    10 OHS (95)
    15 pushups

    14:26. was going to do AMRAP in 20, but it was going too quickly, and I didn't want to do more than 5 rds. I went into this thinking I might have trouble getting 4 rds in 20 min. In retrospect, i was definitely selling myself short, but i really didn't expect to get 5 rds sub-15.
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. Lift + Short Metcon (Double Day Tomorrow)

    Back Squat (Band Resisted - Mini Wrapped around twice - 80-90# of resistance at the top)
    95, 135, 165 - All for 5's

    High Volume Gymnastic Weakness Work
    (HSPU, Added band assist to add onto the volume plus a 2 inch deficit)
    4 Sets of 15 Reps
    SS w/
    3 Weighted Pull Ups (25,30,35,40# DB)- Held between ft, dropped after
    5 Strict Chin Ups
    7 Kipping Pull Ups
    4 RDS

    " Black Lung"
    - Little Confidence Builder WOD
    20" Box Jumps
    MB Slam (20#)
    - 4:06
  23. Nick.M Says:
  24. Those spreadsheet are pretty cool. Seems like a good tool to monitor your progress and measure yourself against a standard. Definitely something I'm going to start keeping track of.

    Car had to go into the shop last night and I didn't get it back until about 4:00, so didn't make it to the gym today. Did some pushups at home, and since I had no car and no ride to the shop I just went on a easy paced run there, about a mile and a half. Took about 20 minutes. Hills and no sidewalks aren't very fun when the ground is soft.

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