Monday 101206

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3 rounds for time of:
10 Dead-lifts, 274#/187#
25 Push ups
35 Sit ups

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Planche Push ups. What do you think?

Don't forget to check-in at CrossFit Omaha through your phone on Facebook when you come to workout. Check-in at least 20 times from now until January 15th and receive a coupon for a free 3-hour snatch seminar (retail $100). Ask me for more details.

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16 Responses to "Monday 101206"

  1. Allison H :) Says:
  2. FYI Monday is not available on mindbody for class sign up right now
  3. Allison H :) Says:
  4. just kidding... i got in!
  5. BigD Says:
  6. 8:21 RX'd. Good stuff at 5AM!
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. 11:01 and I whimped out on the DL = 242. Good crowd at 6am...gonna try 5am for the first time tomorrow!

  9. Scott Says:
  10. rested and ready for todays workout
  11. Nick.M Says:
  12. 13:14 at 242#. pushups killed me! Didn't need to use a band, but that last set was tough.

    On the video, it's cool that he can do that...but I wouldn't be able to come close to that! Looks a lot harder than HSPUs (which I also can't do)
  13. paul Says:
  14. I did the main site wod at 7. Actually, I did about 4/5 of it. DNF.

    I'd really like to do the health-lift/pushup/situp wod!
  15. Greg MO Says:
  16. Main site: 22:54 rx

    Geez!..This 1 just seemed to never end. All the volume got to me and made me lazy at the end. Need to get back in shape for my sectional qualifier vids!...I guess it's nice to save some $ on the sectional trip but it's gonna suck to miss the competition at that level...

    Way to work games group!!!
  17. VanBeek Performance Says:
  18. TERRIBLE IDEA!! Not liking the no sectionals this year... Sometimes things are about more than just money...

    Shitty Diet all weekend since I was in New York so was thinking my lift would go great but my metcon tonight is going to be a rough one...

    Clean Thruster - 3RM - My normal thruster 3RM is 211 so was looking to get something around there..
    154, 198, 214, 219... Should have tried 225... Felt Solid

    BB RDL 4X6
    - Between 225 and 315

    Havent Hit Muscle Ups in a WOD for a while and my dips need work and threw some high tire jumps into it for fun...
    Strict Muscle Up + 2 Strict Dips
    (Must External Rotate at the top)
    5-4-3-2-1 (So 10,8,6,4,2 total dips)
    Tire Jumps (Stood Up on End)
    (Between 50 and 54".. Couldnt tell)
    ** Not Timed but probably about 8-10 mins

    Trying the Row / Rope Climb WOD tonight but will do a 400m Run instead...
  19. Addi Says:
  20. Mainsite : 21:52

    I was fully expecting to crash and burn this morning after my awful food all weekend (and the couple weeks preceding)... But I actually felt really good other than my painfully sluggish wallballs.

    I'm going to have to make up most of the training sessions on my own, so it was nice to kick it off with the group.
  21. Shelley Says:
  22. mainsite: DNF at 23:00

    I had 5 snatches, 9 wall balls and 9 KTE's left. I rested way too much on the KTE's. This was tough WOD.
  23. Chip Says:
  24. 11:24, rx'd. Brutal wod, I felt wrecked for 10 minutes. Great job 4:30.
  25. Shelley Says:
  26. 9:51 Rx'd. I didn't have to break up DL's or situps, but I was down to singles on pushups in middle of 3rd round. I started out with sets of 5 in the first round then went to 3/2 and finally singles.
  27. Stacie Says:
  28. 8:21 - those darn pushups
  29. Alicia Says:
  30. 10:43 @ 63lbs for deadlift. sit ups killed me!
  31. Kat Says:
  32. Had to miss all the classes bc of my darn work/school schedule! I worked out at the gym in my apt. I did

    For time:
    800m run
    50 air squats
    800m run
    50 lunges
    800m run
    50 situps
    800m run
    50 pushups

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