Wednesday 101110

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"CFO Special"
AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
3 Dead-lifts
2 Power Cleans
1 Squat Clean-Thruster-Back Squat-Rack Jerk

Repeat cycle 3 times. Rest 2 minutes between cycles.

Post completed rounds only and weight used to comments/Logwod.

"Radiusssssssssss, Ulna (pointing to bottom), Radiussssss, Ulna, Radiussssssss, Ulna!

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8 Responses to "Wednesday 101110"

  1. Greg MO Says:
  2. Rounds were: 6, 5, 4 =15 total rnds w/154#

    Was planning on using more weight but once I started warming up it got heavy quick. This wod got exponentially harder as the rounds passed, very 1st rnd took only 16 secs but last round took almost a full minute, yikes...

    Way to work hard 6amers!!!
  3. Eric C Says:
  4. 11 rounds (4,3,4) 142#

    GMo was right, it got really heavy in the last rounds... nice and heavy......
  5. Nick.M Says:
  6. Definitely. I used 154 and got 4, 3, and 4 in each round. Had 132 fir my last warm up set and it still felt pretty light. Then 154 felt really heavy for a first round. Motions were still pretty fluid though.

    Good work 5 am! I think our guests were impressed.
  7. Justin Says:
  8. Full Clean and Jerk... 5 lbs more than last week... Hit 242 last week
    154, 198, 234, 248... Got it!

    18" Box Squat - 3RM... Same.. 5 more lbs than last week... Hit 306 last week
    185, 255, 285, 311.. Still Kind of Crappy but better

    1 15' Arms Only Rope Climb
    5 500# Tire Flips
    10 Hand Release Push Ups
    (Also worked on external rotating at the top to finish)
    AMRAP in 15 mins... Hit 9RDS... Not quite all out... Looking to hit over 10 next time
  9. Pastor Justin Says:
  10. Low back misery!

    This was a fun wod but was brutal on the low back.

    #110 6-5-4
  11. BigD Says:
  12. 132# for 4-4-4. Rough one! Good job 4:30!
  13. Kelli Says:
  14. ouchie. 4,4,3 at 77# BC described it right - while it had everything i loved in it, mashing it all together was not necessarily fun.
  15. Kat Says:
  16. 4,4,4=12 rounds at 99#. I liked this wod a lot but it was a toughy for sure! My neck took a lil beating but what part of my body doesn't afta a wod like this! Great job nooners!

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