Tuesday 101130

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For time:
Muscle-ups, 10 reps
Up Downs (Burpees), 25 reps
Single Arm Kettle Bell Swings, 25 each arm
Toes to Bar, 25 reps
Air Squats, 50 reps
Cleans, 25 reps
Hollow Rocks, 1 minute AMRAP
Every minute do 10 Double Unders

At the top of every minute, you must stop what you are doing and complete 10 double unders, not including the first minute.

If do not have muscle-ups, you will skip them and do 10 ring pull ups and 10 ring dips at the end of the workout instead.

Post time and total hollow rock reps to comments/Logwod.

Warming up at 4:30.

Damn Dirty Grains, by Robb Wolf

Post thoughts to comments.

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19 Responses to "Tuesday 101130"

  1. Steve Says:
  2. Very fitting workout to end Movember.
  3. Addi Says:
  4. Holy cats, that looks fun.
  5. paul Says:
  6. This is so F-ing awesome. I don't care if I throw up tomorrow. This is the coolest thing we will ever do that doesn't involve deadlifting.
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. 20:00 and 35 hollow rock reps. I subbed 10 ring pullups and 10 ring dips for muscle ups which were done after cleans.

    This was a fun WOD; by the time I got to ring dips, they were all one at a time. (thought I could string these together, but I was shot) I used 1 pood for KB swings, but I went 3/4 way up instead of completely overhead. DU's were cooperating today too as I only messed up a couple times and not necessarily in later rounds when I was more tired.

    Great work 6 a.m.!!
  9. paul Says:
  10. 16 min with 23 hollow rocks. This was tough--never really caught my breath. Burpees after muscle-ups with DUs mixed in--that is definitely a recipe for high heart-rate. Still, I loved this one!

    Nice work, morning monsters!
  11. Kat Says:
  12. Im really looking forward to this wod! Wish I had muscle ups :(
  13. Greg MO Says:
  14. 16:00 rx w/32 rocks

    I yi yi, this 1 was really tough from the start, great way to end November though, I'm more than happy to start my last December at CFO with a rest day...

    Once again another large group @ 6am workin hard!!! Everyone come join us!!!
  15. Nick.M Says:
  16. 22 minutes with 25 hollow rocks and 1 pood full overhead KB swings. The DUs went surprising well at the beginning but fell off towards the end. Had to break up the ring dips as well, couldn't manage to get more than 2 at a time due to me being burnt out! This surprisingly wasn't quite as hard as I imagined it. Had fears of not being able to finish.

    Nice job 5am!
  17. Jess Says:
  18. Oy!
    This one took 17 mins with 22 hollow rocks that probably weren't as hollow as intended ;). Used the trainer for KB swings and went about shoulder height. Subbed the ring pull-ups and dips.
    Nice job to the 5 am crew once again!
  19. Gdawg Says:
  20. this ones going to kill me...
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. 2 metcon day

    Wanted something longer with some weaknesses in it so..
    1 legless rope climb
    5 free standing HSPUs (kipped)
    10 GH SitUps
    *16 min AMRAP with 25 unbroken DUs every 4 mins- 8 RDS.. My head is throbbing

    Will try CFO wod from yesterday tonight at 5
  23. Addi Says:
  24. 16:00 w/ 26 hollow rocks and 53# cleans

    Hot damn, this one wrecked me. It took me until almost 1:30 to feel like I could safely stand up and drive home. Muscle-ups were slow and steady like I expected (out of practice), but cleans and double-unders were much harder than I expected. Hollow rocks make me hate life.

    Good to be in noon class again, though!
  25. VanBeek Performance Says:
  26. 4:30 Hours after my first workout...

    Wow what a blood rush to my quads!!

    10 Full Snatches (135#)
    50 20" Box Jumps
    2 ROUNDS
    - 5:14
    ** No Misses on the Snatches (First Round went 9 straight without releasing the bar but lost my grip on 10
    ** Box Jumps- Didnt do anymore than 10-15 in a row and at times just 5... Need to string bigger numbers together... Should have broken 5 mins...

    Off Tomorrow... THANK GOD
  27. BigD Says:
  28. Holy crap! DNF. Had 4 ring dips and a minute of hallow rocks left when time was called. Doule-unders were my enemy again. Even my mustache hurts after this one. Great way to get over a cold, though. nice job 4:30!
  29. Stacie Says:
  30. DNF. Muscle ups took too long.
  31. Eric C Says:
  32. Classic crossfit WOD...
    Thank you Joe W for the muscle up tips last month. They really helped.

    15:00. Only 20 hollow outs. I could not keep my lumbar curve flat. Took a lot of time and energy.

    Definitely fun WOD!
  33. Gdawg Says:
  34. DNF...the KB and double under combo killed me...after time was called I rested for a bit and then finished it...good work 630!
  35. Mark Says:
  36. 18 min with 21 hollow rocks. I couldn't even get one muscle up in practice so I decided to scale to ring pull-ups and dips at the end.
  37. Kat Says:
  38. 17 minutes with 31 hollow rocks and 53# cleans with ring dips and pullups.
    I misundestood the directions about the double unders...i thought we didn't have to do them anymore after the cleans so i had to run back and grab the rope and I made up the minute i missed by waiting for the next minute and doing 20 double unders...shitty!

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