Saturday 101113

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For time:
Tabata Treadmill
Rest 30 seconds
21 Dead-lifts, 225#/155#
Rest 30 seconds
Tabata Treadmill

Set the treadmill speed and height to as high as you feel you can keep for all 8 rounds of the first Tabata. You will sprint for 20 seconds and then jump off for 10 seconds until all eight rounds are completed. After resting, begin the dead-lifts (unbroken) and then rest again before finishing with the last Tabata.

Change the speed and height of the treadmill for the last Tabata intervals if you must.

Post thoughts to comments.

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These are some of the things we do in Barbell 2 class. You must get through Barbell 1 twice before being allowed into Barbell 2.

Start your barbell classes this month on November 29th at either 3pm or 7:30pm. Registration is open now HERE.

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4 Responses to "Saturday 101113"

  1. Shane Says:
  2. We have treadmills?
  3. Bert Says:
  4. Welcome to Omaha Level 1 contestants....enjoy the snow.

    Treadmil WOD is for at home or a non-crossfit gym. Level 1 cert is this weekend so no saturday classes.
  5. Justin Says:
  6. Finally get to get my L1 test done tomorrow!! Thank god

    Put a clock to my strength work today and went overboard by doing it for three lifts back to back to back :) .... The min any load is put on the bar the clock starts and the clock for the next lift starts immediately after the prior one finishes...

    Snatch - 1RM (Best is 210 lately)
    12 min clock - Hit 206 but had 213 twice and dropped it...

    Clean - 3RM (Best I have recorded is only 221 but I did 225 for 5 a few weeks ago)
    8 Min clock - Hit 240... Actually felt good....

    Front Squat - 5RM - 6 Min Clock.. Just tried two sets on this one...
    225X5, then rested 2 mins and tried 256 for 5 but only hit 4... Brings my rep max up to 285 which is the best I've done in a while...

    Ring Dip Work... Have to Strict Muscle Up into position... 1 Muscle up + 5 Ring Dips (Strict and Kip) - 3 Reps... Did 3 RDS of this cycle
    Worked on Holding a tighter Kipp during pull ups so I dont tax my lower back as much... Sets of 10... Again 3 RDS thru
  7. Mel C Says:
  8. You guys are awesome! Reba and Addi, you guys get more strong every time I see you!

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