Saturday 101106

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With a continuously running clock, perform 1 Power Clean and 1 Push up the first minute, two Power Cleans and 2 Push ups the second minute, three reps of each movement the third minute, and so on until you are unable to continue.

Post minutes completed to comments/Logwod.

Meet Dean Potter

Watch him here as well and here. This is one crazy dude but highly skilled. Incredible.

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2 Responses to "Saturday 101106"

  1. paul Says:
  2. it seems like I always miss power cleans. But I am just too sore to do this today. curse my weakness!
  3. Addi Says:
  4. I way overshot on this one - I don't know what possessed me to think that I could rep out 142#. 120# would have been just right.

    I still got through the 7th round with time to spare. The 8th round, though, my legs stopped firing and I didn't even get to my pushups (which felt uncharacteristically awesome today).

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