Monday 101108

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With a continuously running 15 minute clock, complete 3 rounds, each within a 2 minute time period of:
300 yard shuttle (25yds x 12)
AMRAP Air Squats

At the conclusion of the shuttles and air squats, you will then find a 1 rep max press with whatever time remains.

Your score is total air squat reps plus total weight, in pounds, of your heaviest press.

Post score to comments/Logwod.

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15 Responses to "Monday 101108"

  1. Nick.M Says:
  2. 45 squats, 176 Shoulder Press, 221 total
  3. Greg MO Says:
  4. 64 squats + 164# press= 228

    I suck at air squats. Nice work 6amrs!!
  5. Nick.M Says:
  6. Told ya you'd beat me Greg haha
  7. VanBeek Performance Says:
  8. .... Putting into practice some of the things I took away from the Mobility Cert this weekend

    Snatch - 5RM
    110, 135, 155, 165 - Should have tried 175... Next Time

    Front Squat - Did 1 sets of 10 with 135 then tried BW for Max Reps
    .... 196# - 20 Reps

    Strict Slow Muscle Ups X5
    ... Added External Rotation at the top in order to really stick my humerus into my socket... Internal and External Rotation are the two glaring issues I have right now
    GH Raises X8
    .... Three Times thru... Just Skill Practice

    1.5 Mile Run... Not Pushed Really Hard... 10:40... I can break 10 mins on this

    .... Oh yeah... Did this quick one in Chicago yesterday...
    Strict Press 3X3.. 95, 135, 160X2
    Deadlift Work... X5.. Worked on a different set up Kelly recommended at the cert... 286
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Pistol EA Leg... Then 2,3,4,5...
    ** On the min EA Min.. Crossed over at RD 8
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. Did the runs/squats part of this WOD after the strength class for our metcon:

    88 squats
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Ditto.

    59 squats

    boo. hiss.
  13. paul Says:
  14. Fun! slacked on the 2nd run and ended up with 78 squats. 147 press, which is pretty good for me. 225.
  15. BigD Says:
  16. Frickin' squats killed me on this. 42. Press 154#, giving me a grand total of 196. To echo Addi,, hiss...
    Thanks for working with me on press Justin and Nate.
  17. Nate Says:
  18. Not a problem bigd. thanks for the inclusion and motivationwith those pesses
  19. Nate Says:
  20. Not a problem bigd. thanks for the inclusion and motivationwith those pesses
  21. Chip Says:
  22. 51 squats and 142# press. Big 6:30 class tonight, Snodgrass is a beast.

    Anyone try compression tights for recovery, like SKINS?
  23. Mark Says:
  24. 68 squats and 164 press, grand total of 232. Those runs were tougher mentally for me than normal... I guess I just didn't feel like running tonight or something.
  25. Nate Says:
  26. I just got a pair of skins today. must say they are pretty freakin amazing. But it has only been one day.
  27. Stacie Says:
  28. Did this WOD after Deadlift Deload: 115 squats

    I miss my metcons.
  29. Shane Says:
  30. Made this one up today... 53 squats and 157 press...210.

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