Friday 101105

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Split Tabata
4 rounds of Pull ups
4 rounds of Kettle Bell Swings
4 rounds of Pull ups
4 rounds of Kettle Bell Swings

A Tabata round is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Kat Anderson 105 reps (1.5 pood), Crystal Frausto 84 reps (1.25 pood). Post total reps to comments/Logwod.

Barbell II class.

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8 Responses to "Friday 101105"

  1. J Andresen Says:
  2. 116 Rx'd. Good job 5am. I'm happy with my results, but I need to be more efficient on pull ups.
  3. Greg MO Says:
  4. 131 reps rxd

    Rounds were: 40 PUs, 32 KBs, 28 PUs, 31 KBs. This 1 is all mental, like JD said, could have definitely gotten more reps but just got lazy.

    Nice work 6amers!
  5. Nate Says:
  6. This was a tough one and i am still trying to recover from it. It is a lot of fun though. 166 reps.
  7. Paula Says:
  8. 93 reps....Started out with 1.5 pood, but my shoulders and upper back started to hurt, so switched to 1 pood. Would have liked to try 1.25 pd, but already taken. We need more! Used tan band for pullups. It was definitely all mental!

    Awesome work 5am!!!!

    Oh, to my fellow peeps at 3:00 strength class...GREAT VIDEO!!!! I miss you all (even you Ricky)! It looks like you guys are doing some cool shit! Can't wait to start up again! Don't know about those seated box jumps though....Holy crap, you guys rock!
  9. Allison H :) Says:
  10. got 118 reps today which was a nice surprise! I used 1 pood though - I was worried about my PUs since it feels like I haven't done any for some time now... BUT they were great! :)
    I liked this one a lot... definitely got me feeling lightheaded by the end of it all!

    Great work 4:30
  11. paul Says:
  12. Yeah, definitely some great work at 4:30.

    I got 111 rx'ed. This just destroyed me. I could barely get that 2 pd KB overhead today. I felt like I had my mental game today, for a change, but my body didn't cooperate. 40, 28, 20, 23.
  13. Mark Says:
  14. I liked the quick pace of today's workout, you had no choice but to keep working. I got 131 reps Rx'd. I did: 40, 32, 31 and 28. After my forearms were so tired they hurt.
  15. Pastor Justin Says:
  16. 123 rxd ... That freaking kettlebell was HEAVY!! But on a positive note, I didn't pass out!

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