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With a continuously running clock, it will not stop between exercises, perform the following movements:

5 minutes of Push Ball (20#/14#)
3 minutes of Overhead Squats (75#/53#)
30 DB Step ups, 20 inch box (50#/35#)
50 Box Jumps, 20 inch box

With the overhead squats, you can rest the bar anywhere on your person but it must not touch the floor or be rested on anything else in the gym. You can rest it behind the neck, in the front squat rack position, in the hang, or even in the crease of the hip but if it touches the floor or is rested on anything else other than your body, your accumulated reps are erased and you start back at rep one.

For the step ups, if you need to scale the load, you are only allowed to drop to 45#/30# or 40#/25# but if you do, your reps for step ups increases to 35 and 40, respectively. You must also have both feet on the box with fully extended hip and knee joints, as you would for a completed box jump for each rep to count.

You can find your score by converting how long it takes you to complete the step ups and box jumps (final time minus 8 minutes) into seconds and subtracting that number from your total push ball and overhead squat reps. You are looking for a number that is closest to 0 (zero) if not a positive number.

For example, if you score 200 reps but the step ups and box jumps takes you 5 minutes to complete (300 seconds), your score is -100.

Post your score to comments.

Tony, Pete, and John working the kettle bells.

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13 Responses to "Wednesday 100407"

  1. Ricky Frausto Says:
  2. During the push ball, you can drop the ball or rest and it won't count against your reps.

    Only on the overhead squats must you not let the bar touch the ground.
  3. paul Says:
  4. That was fun! -68 (finished 12:08, got 150 push ball reps, and 29 OHS).
  5. BC Says:
  6. -252. 115 push balls, 20 OHS, final time 14:27. Used 40# DB for step ups, 40 reps total, everything else rx'd.
  7. Mel C Says:
  8. Dangit! I am still sick :o( Hope to be in tomorrow morning!
  9. Gina Says:
  10. This WOD took me a looooong time to finish, especially th 50 box jumps. Thanks for the encouragement 6am; it may have taken me forever, but at least I finished.
  11. Greg MO Says:
  12. Paul and Eric, i think we were doing the math wrong this morning, blog says number of seconds minus total reps, i think we were doing total reps minus seconds, so for me:

    255 seconds - 202 reps (151 push balls + 51 OHS) = 53

    correct me if i'm wrong, seems to end up the same just negative...
  13. Ricky Frausto Says:
  14. No, you had it right the first time. You subtract how long it took you to complete the step ups and box jumps (in seconds) from how many reps you were able to complete of the push balls and oh squats.

    Your math was right.

    Jason Brilz is the only one to finish in the positive so far with 27. He completed 210 reps and finished the workout in 11:03 (183 seconds).

    210 reps - 183 seconds = 27
  15. ZachR Says:
  16. -216 (Scaled)

    142 Push Balls (12#)
    33 OH Squats (65#)
    35 DB Step Ups (45#)
    50 Box Jumps (20")

    Finished in 14:31
  17. Eric C Says:
  18. -75

    I completely Sally'd out on the OHS at only 15. (no offense if anyone named Sally reads this post). 140 WBalls and 12:00 on time. I barely broke up the 50# step ups and the box jumps.
  19. VanBeek Says:
  20. Lift + 1

    Clean and Jerk Tech. (Deload)
    Worked up to 175 doing 1 Power Catch and one full catch...

    Pin Pulls
    3X2 - 375, 396 for 2 sets
    - Feels too hard for the kind of weight I should be moving....

    Reverse Hypers - Light weight X15
    Inverted Rows 2X20

    Metcon (Done Immediately afterward)
    3 Ring Dips
    6 Pull Ups (CTB as long as able)
    9 BW Squats
    ** Every minute on the min **
    - However every 3RDS the volume is scaled up...RD 4 its 4,8, and 12 and so on until you are unable to complete the prescribed reps in a min...
    ** Got to the first round of 7,14 and 21 and ended up crossing over so I got 12 ROUNDS total
  21. Tony Says:
  22. -228 I really like that WOD, felt good for some reason.
  23. Gdawg Says:
  24. This comment has been removed by the author.
  25. Danielle Baker Says:
  26. -294 I was happy to be able to use the bummers for my box jumps today!! I cant tell you the break down of ball press to OHS but the total was 100.

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