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Skill Development
The following workout is untimed and only requires that you complete the required reps for each movement and finish the required reps of one movement before moving on to the next movement. You can start wherever you like and move in any order. Shoot for the least amount of sets as possible.

A. Shoulder to Ring Dips
Guys - 50 reps (no kipping allowed)
Gals - 35 reps (kipping allowed)

B. Dead-Hang Strict Throat to Bar Pull ups
Guys - 40 reps
Gals - 25 reps

C. Handstand Push ups
Guys - 30 reps (nothing under head)
Gals - 15 reps (up to 1 ab-mat but preferably nothing)

D. Rope Climb (floor to rafter, no jumping. Try no feet if possible)
Guys - 4
Gals - 4

If you need to use assistance in the form of bands, this is allowed and the reps will not change from what is posted above. I only ask that you use the least amount of assistance and to really work the technique. Use this time to get better and stronger. If you use a band and can do more than ten reps at a time (when you wouldn't be able to one without the band), you probably are using too much assistance. There is a fine line between assistance and cheating yourself.

I would recommend starting with your weakest movement and move down the list from hardest to easiest. If there is time left in class, you are free to practice other body-weight only movements such as muscle-ups, push ups, pistol squats, etc.

Post thoughts to comments.

Karen Wattier working on handstand push ups.

Two things. If you ordered fish oil and haven't picked it up, I have the bottles in the front office. Please do so as soon as possible.

Also, if you want to order new apparel, please do so immediately, as we will turn the order in this weekend. Money will be due as soon as possible. Please remit by check made out to CrossFit Omaha, LLC. You are also free to order from previous apparel items as well such as thermals, tank tops, sweatshirts, etc.

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6 Responses to "Thursday 100408"

  1. Gina Says:
  2. I like days like this, even though I needed lots of assistance with all those movements. I did:
    ring dips (blue band)
    pull ups (green band)
    HSPU's (negatives)
    Rope climb attemtps (didn't get far)
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Did CFFB at 7:10

    5x6 barbell walking lunges; worked up to 109#; meant to do 121# but had already done 5 sets at the 109# mark; these didn't feel heavy

    Ring dips 1st set of 3; after that all 2's and one single to get to 36 total

    40 seconds on/40 seconds off for 10 rounds

    run 100 feet, thrusters at 104# (Rx'd) did 40 reps total; did 2 rounds of 3 thrusters, 7 of 4 and the last round did 6; I always had 11-12 seconds left over after doing 4 reps and 2 seconds to spare in the round of 6. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

    Great job everyone! Great job Kat on ring dips!!!

  5. Kat Says:
  6. Same workouts as Shelly for the 7:10am

    109# for the walking lunges. Probably should have gone heavier but already did 5 rnds.

    I did 5 strict pullups pretty easily...couldn't do more than 2 at a time. I'm super happy with this considering I had to bicycle up all my pullups just 2 months ago!(which doesn't even count according to Kylie! She's a hater:))
    The ring dips felt good! I did 3x12. first round I completed 6,4,2. 2nd=5,4,3. 3rd=4,3,2,2,1

    Next was the thrusters/run for 10 rnds. When I was warming up my left shoulder was really bothering me. My right shoulder is just now starting to feel better so I'm super bummed about my left one acting up! The rx weight was 104# for girls, I did the wod at 77#. The wod was easier than what I thought it would be but I had to complete 15 burpees at the end bc I didn't go RX'd. My end score was 40 reps of thrusters for the 10 rnds.
  7. Addi Says:
  8. Gymnastics skill work @ noon. Fun times!

    Started with HSPU - got through 10 strict, then had to start kipping. I was a little disappointed I had to kip, but I'm not sure why - I should just be damn happy that I have them finally.

    Dips started out slowly and painfully, but got easier by about #10. Several sets of 3, but mostly 1s.

    Pullups went pretty well - 2s and 3s, not a terrible amount of rest.

    Wasn't dressed for rope climbs, so I used no feet for 3 of them. (only went to the rafters for those - don't trust myself to go around with out feet) Used feet on one, and went to the ceiling.

    Welcome, Lynn and Mike! (hope I got the names right... I don't remember anything until I read it.)
  9. Mike Says:
  10. 5x6 BB lunges- 155, 185, 195, 205, 205. weight was challenging but didnt seem too heavy but my knees were shifting awkwardly at 205 so didnt want to push it heavier

    ring dips did first 2 sets with 20# and last set with 35#. should have tried for all sets with 30#

    there was a client getting personal training where i set up to do my sprints so ended up doing thrusters every minute on the minute @ 155#. started off trying to get 5 per round which was ambitious after the lunges and dips. ended up doing 2 rounds of 5 reps and the rest at 3 reps. thrusters were challenging.
  11. Gdawg Says:
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