Sunday 100418

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Rest Day

Old school. Literally. A little tire flipping, a lot of effort. It's good to have you back in the gym Blas.

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  1. VanBeek Says:
  2. Lift + 2 (Well hopefully 2)

    Might not have time to get a second metcon in due to a paper I put off til last min so figured I'd post this up now...

    3RM Clean (Any Catch) in 12 mins
    - Warm Ups are included in the 12 mins
    154, 198, 220, 230, 242... Got this with about 90 secs left so stopped there...
    Heavy Clean Pulls 2X3,2x2, 2X1
    198, 264, 284, 304, 324, 334

    Gymnastics Metcon... Surprisingly harder than I expected

    CTB Pull Ups
    GH Sit Ups
    Ring Dips
    10 - 1 @ EA
    11:55 - Missed probably 4-6 CTB Pull Ups, but I bet 10-12 Dips...

    Going to try to hit some "sprint repeats" tonight if I can... Might be in the form of a short metcon with short rest between each RD or actual row or run sprint repeats...
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. 152# on 1RM clean and jerk (old jerk was 137#)
    failed to clean 162# and time ran out (12 minutes to find 1 RM clean and jerk)

    2nd WOD:
    run 800 then divided time between working on HSPU's and muscle ups.

    Great job everyone!
  5. Allison C Says:
  6. hey all ya'lls!

    how is paleo going for everyone doing the challenge? I am thinking about a little paleo til the wedding challenge for myself and just wondering how it's going for everybody!

    can't wait to start back again soon! i miss crossfit like craaazy!
  7. Addi Says:
  8. 168# C&J - 14# pr for jerk

    metcon - DNF, had 4 HSPUs left

    Which means, I did TEN muscleups, plus the 3 in the warmup. 11 of them with turnout at the bottom, and then shimmying back into "cheater" arms before kipping up. Finally figured out how to keep my kip consistent. At least for today.

    HSPU were not great, but I am 100% okay with that, because I FINALLY got bodyweight (minus 2 pounds or so) overhead AND I did THIRTEEN muscleups. It was a pretty damn good day.
  9. paul Says:
  10. damn, addi--that's amazing.

    Blas, you are a beast! Ah, the glory days of CFO at UNO!
  11. Crystal Says:
  12. Great job today guys. It's been fun to watch and work out with y'all going to Denver. I can't wait to see everyone tear it up.

    119# C&J. 15# PR on jerk for me. That made my day! Ran out of time to try 124#. Then ran the 800 of the Metcon and worked on HSPU's and muscle ups. I think I'm finally getting the Kip down for muscle ups, now to just get up there!

    Yes Paul, the glory days! It was a blast.

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