Friday 100423

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"The Lab Test"
With a partner, complete the following couplet for max reps, rotating every 30 seconds for 10 rounds of:

Sumo Dead-lift High Pull

Rx'd = 115#/77#
Scale A = 98#/63#
Scale B = 74#/53#

Person A does thrusters for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of thrusters by partner B. Partner A then does sdlhps for 30 seconds, again, followed by partner B doing sdlhps. Repeat this sequence for a total of 10 rounds.

Although this workout is completed in a team format, it is very much so an individual workout. Do what YOU can to achieve the most amount of reps possible within your current abilities.

Post team's total reps and each individual's reps to comments.

This workout comes to us courtesy of Katie Morgan's home gym in Seattle, CrossFit Eastlake. Thanks for the workout guys.

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14 Responses to "Friday 100423"

  1. Jess Says:
  2. I tried to focus more on my technique today. It was actually starting to feel better towards the later rounds.

    SDLHP: 107
    Total: 154 using #53

    Great job 6am crew!
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. 7:10 WOD:

    3 RM Dead-lift: 306#
    Did this with no time to spare (had 8 minutes to find 3 RM). 1 RM is 329#

    AMRAP in 12 minutes of
    5 thrusters at 93#
    10 burpees over DB's

    Completed 7 full rounds plus all 5 thrusters of round 8. This was tough. Looked at the clock after rounds 1, 2 and 3 and they were :56, 2:27, and 4:11. Originally I was thinking I could get 10 rounds in.

    Great job everyone!!
  5. Mike Says:
  6. traveling today- wont get a WOD in.

    knowing i wouldnt get to workout today, yesterday i made up a 12 min AMRAP with box jumps, OHS and 200m sprints. this was just me focusing weaknesses as i seem to have a mental block with both box jumps and OHS when running is involved- good leg burner

    see you guys tomorrow!
  7. Mike Says:
  8. This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. Gdawg Says:
  10. This comment has been removed by the author.
  11. Gina Says:
  12. I partnered with Courtney this morning:

    Total score: 104- rx'ed
    51 thrusters, 53 SDHP

    I really liked this WOD.
  13. Kat Says:
  14. Wish I could have been there this morning! I had everything packed and ready but my stupid phone alarm said it was on high volume but it is stuck on silent! I'm soo going to Verizon today to bitch my way into a new free phone! I'm going to gold's gym after work for a workout. I have a trainer there so hopefully I can do something to make me feel like you guys did today!
    No dead lifts allowed at golds so I'll work on thrusters!...maybe
  15. BigD Says:
  16. Partnered up with Brian H this morning. Around round 4 I had a brain fart and did back-to-back rounds of thrusters, forgetting about the SDHPs. My bad. Just did SDHP for the next two go-arounds and evened stuff up. Thanks for pushing me Brian.
    As RX'd
    Thrusters - 46
    SDHPs - 111
    Total 157
    Good times.
    Nice job 6AM
  17. Danielle Baker Says:
  18. No deadlifts at a gym?!?! Thats like going to a Steak House and them telling you they only serve chicken...what's up with that?
  19. Kat Says:
  20. Too many meatheads breaking bars I guess....I know my deadlifts up there ;) but I doubt I'd be breakin any bars!

    Oh and I have a request:

    Anyone who is planning on coming over to my place on sunday, could they RSVP so I know how many to expect...plates, silverwear, cups, ice ect....or if anyone wants to bring any of the above mentioned, that would be a huge help!
    Thanks so much!
  21. Addi Says:
  22. 191 reps rx'd

    My brain shut down after round 5 and I insisted that we were done. Took the full 30 seconds for Ricky to convince me that we still had half the workout left, so I missed a round of thrusters. Suck. At least I wasn't the only one - thanks for joining me in my brain-death, Zack.

    Kat - Josh and I will be there. We have some paper cups we can bring.
  23. Rita Says:
  24. 194 reps at 63#.

    77 thrusters and 117 sdhp.

    wow. we were all heaps and piles of wildly pounding heartbeats, huffin' and puffin' in huge pools of sweat. Except for Jen Shannon who goes outdoors to lift her shirt and cool off li'l Earl in her tummy...great wod.

    Great job, 4:30!!!!
  25. Danielle Baker Says:
  26. 181 with 63#. this was harder than I thought, nice having Jen S as my bartner :)
  27. Kat Says:
  28. DL 3rep max: 286# in 8 min

    Metcon: 7 full rounds of the thrusters/burpees in 12 min

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