Friday 100402

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Rest Day

The best fish oil on the market, in my belief.

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  1. Fish Says:
  2. FYI- The orange flavor is really good also!
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Did CFFB wod at 7:10

    5x2 clean and jerk; last set of 2 was 131#; need to work on jerk as I still don't get under the bar like I should and I want to press it (1 RM is 137#)

    5x1 DL; last set 295#; these feel good (approx 90% of 1 RM)

    supine ring rows 3x15; last few of each set are definitely hard to get chest to touch rings

    4 x suicide run 10,20,30,40; last set took me 52 seconds, don't know what the other sets took me; had 1 minute rest in between sets

    Great job everyone! See you all on Monday!

    Happy Easter to everyone!
  5. Mel C Says:
  6. I've been sick the past 3 days and have missed the gym! I am going crazy! I may be in tomorrow depending on how my lungs feel from this horrible case of bronchitis!
  7. Jen Says:
  8. Viatmin has a great deal on this fish oil. Half the price at Whole Foods.
    Check it out!
  9. Kat Says:
  10. CFFB WOD at 7:10am

    C&J 131#. I'm in the same boat as Shelley...I need to drop lower on the cleans and watch my knees because they want to go in and I also feel "more confident" (Ricky's terms) in pressing vs jerking so I usually end up doing a combo of the 2 when the weight is heavy.

    Next was deadlift. I only got to 273# (PR is 319#)...I blame the pullups from last night! My hands have blisters on them that need to pop still! IT BURNS!!
    The supine ring rows were tuffies too! I did 2x15 then did shuttle runs(I have no idea my time...) then went back to the rows for the last set of 15. My plan was to do 3x5 rows at a time but it ended up being about 3 or 4 then resting for a bit then going at it again.

    GREAT JOB EVERYONE! I'm lovin' the early wods! I never thought I would be able to do it!
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Tabata - 290

    My lower back and hamstrings are displeased. :) Sorry about my Angry Addi flare-up today - had a frustrating morning and apparently hadn't let it go yet. I'm making myself take a time-out/nap before work tonight.
  13. Paula Says:
  14. Worked on a few of my many weaknesses this morning: snatches and pullups! Snatches are getting better and better. I never thought I would say this but I'm actually starting to like them.

    I agree with Ricky...this fish oil is awesome!! I love it!
  15. VanBeek Says:
  16. Lift + 1 and then 2 metcons tomorrow

    Clean and Jerk (90-95%)3X1
    240, 247, 252 - No misses but tougher than it should be... Still sore from 80 squats with 185#
    Clean Pulls (Speed Emphasis so not too heavy)
    4X1 - 272, 282, 292, 302
    Ft Squat (Moderate Triple)
    135, 185 205, 215
    Manual Resisted Leg Curls 2X3 EA
    GH Sit Ups 3X12
    Weighted Rope Climbs (20# for 1)

    ** Trying to throw quick metcons at the end of lifting to work on movement speeds
    10 Pull Ups / 10 Box Jumps 20"
    ** Max RDS in 2 mins - Got 5RDS in 2:05

    REST 90 MINS

    Did a play off of North Cals Sectional WOD
    5 Min Clock
    - 400m Sprint
    - MAX Rep OH Squat (115#)
    4 Min Clock
    - 200m Sprint
    - MAX Rep SDHP (95#)
    REST 90 SECS
    3 Min Clock
    - Stair Sprint
    - MAX Rep DU's
    ** Add Reps for Your Score
    OH Squat - 53
    SDHP- 55
    DU's - 143 (Messed up too much)
    TOTAL = 251 Reps
  17. Gdawg Says:
  18. This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. paul Says:
  20. Fun strength day for me:

    weighted pullups: 3 sets of 5 with 35#

    back squat: 3 sets of 5 with 255

    should've gone heavier on the squat
  21. Kat Says:
  22. WOD 2:
    Total reps = 262
    I just took my time but kept moving. It felt good! I was happy with the amounts of reps I pulled out for going about 85%. I stayed consistant, I got the same amount of reps each round for the 4 different movements.

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