Thursday 100401

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As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
10 Burpees

If you can't hit the 10 foot line consistently, your wall ball reps increase to 12.

Post rounds and parts of rounds completed to comments.

Nothing like wall balls to start out your day.

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18 Responses to "Thursday 100401"

  1. BChrist Says:
  2. 9 full rounds rx'd. Not very often that wall balls are the easy part of a wod. It was fun trying to stay ahead of Kahrs, too bad we both got smoked by Slim Shady. Nice job 6am.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Did games WOD at 7:00

    114# bench press 3x5

    on the minute 2 power snatch/2 ring dips for 15 rounds

    I subbed ring dips for HSPU's

    Started snatch at 77# for first 3 rounds then did 87# for rest of rounds. I missed 3 ring dips total. One each in rounds 12, 13, and 15. This was tough though snatch felt better in WOD than warmup.

    Great job everyone! Now I've got to make sure my hands are smooth for tonight's WOD:)
  5. Eric C Says:
  6. I had 27 missed calls on my phone this am (after I hit the 6 am class)and they were all strange numbers. When I checked the 17 messages, they all wanted to know about the Tahoe (my truck) that was listed on Craigslist this morning. I freaked out and checked the listing and sure enough, pictures of my 2004 Tahoe were on there... with MY CELL NUMBER! (and for only $2500)Then I remembered it was April 1st.... and someone was going to get beat down. (Meanwhile my phone is ringing every 30-45 seconds) It took me a few minutes, but I figured it out. For all of you that come in to my office as patients, you may see some new faces at the front desk. : )

    WB +Burpee WOD = 11 +7 WBs.
  7. Jake Says:
  8. 7 rounds + 9 burpees

    Looks like my day is going better than Eric!

  9. Kat Says:
  10. Games WOD at 7am

    Benchpress 3rnds for 5 reps at 114#

    on the minute 2 power snatch/2 ring dips for 15 rounds:

    I did 77# for snatch but I probably should have done 87# bc I consistantly had about 28 seconds to rest each round. I did 2 ring dips instead of handstand pushups. I did the dips without breaks each round.

    I definately feel stronger after starting paleo. My ring dips have never felt so good! I was happy with todays wod!
    .....scared for tonights though!
  11. Kat Says:
  12. Oh i forgot to say that for the 1st 2 rounds I did 4 dips instead of 2 because I was looking at the guy's side of the workout. But I didn't break any of those dips up either! YAY paleo!
  13. Crystal Says:
  14. Eric, that was so funny! I had to share it with my co-workers. we were all laughing so hard. thanks for the good laugh. what a crappy April Fools joke, but very clever!!
  15. paul Says:
  16. i'm sorry Eric, but that is hilarious!

    in my hotel's crappy gym I did:

    5 rds
    10 DB cleans (25# DBs)
    5 strict DB presses


    my shoulders are fried.
  17. Greg MO Says:
  18. I would be whoopin some bootay Dr. E!!!..... But thats a hell of a prank none the less..
  19. ZachR Says:
  20. I used a 14# ball and after each one I would let the ball hit the ground in order to protect my shoulder

    8 rounds + 3 burpees

    Holy crap I am going to be sore tomorrow. Its great to be back though.
  21. Mike Says:
  22. 3x5 bench @ 225 - a bit too light

    snatch/HSPU wod done @ 135- HSPUs were kipping

    rested 10 mins then did the 800m/pullup wod in 18:56

    struggling to make it to the gym at two different times due to group workout times at my gym. trying to figure it out so i dont have to do the WODs back to back- because it sucks. a lot.
  23. Danielle Baker Says:
  24. did 8 rounds and 2 wall balls with 14#
  25. BigD Says:
  26. 7 rounds, 10 walls and 2 burpees when time was called. BC's right. Wall balls were the easier part today. Nice job 6AM!
    Eric, that is by far the BEST April Fools Day prank I've heard today. I may have to use it next year...
  27. Shelley Says:
  28. Did the 7:10 team wod w/ mixed version of A and B

    3 Rounds of 800 meter run and 35 pullups: DNF. I completed 14 pullups in 3rd round when time was called (20 min); did 1st round of pullups w/ hands taped; took tape off after first round and it got better; hands didn't rip though so the tape worked, but I just don't get as good a grip or rhythym with tape on my hands.

    Great job everyone! Thanks Damian for cheering us on during the run!
  29. Gdawg Says:
  30. This comment has been removed by the author.
  31. linds Says:
  32. completed 9 rounds, 10 wall balls, and 1 burpee
  33. Nate Says:
  34. 10rds rxd
  35. Kat Says:
  36. I did the WOD with everyone at 7:35PM..mixed up the A and B.

    I did the 800m run and 35 pullups instead of the 50. I DNF, I completed the 9th pullup of the last round when time was called (26 away!) It's the worst when you just need like 2 more minutes to finish the workout! (I seem to be doing that lately :( ....)
    I used tape the first round of pullups then took it off before I started the 2nd round. It was coming off and It was hard to stay on the bar as long as I wanted to.
    My skin didn't end up tearing but I am suffering from some nasty blisters that I wish would pop!

    Thanks Damian for all the encouragement during the runs! You're too cute!!!

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