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Rest Day

Mike Wesack has been with us a little over a month and in that time there have been a lot of changes. If you get the chance, ask him. He's changed the way he eats, he CrossFits, and he has lost a good amount of body weight. He's a new person and on his way to being one heck of a crossfitter. It's good to have you on board Mike.

I have placed new order forms for apparel out in the gym if you haven't gotten a chance to get an order in. This new order will be placed on March 22nd.

Be on the lookout for new designs coming your way.

The St Patty's Day WOD will start at exactly 7:10PM with or without you. If you haven't already paid for your team's entry, you can do so the day of the event. I will also need everyone to be there around 6:45PM for rules and organization. Please try and make it in this early. If you have team members from outside the gym, we need them to be here early so that we can get them to fill out waivers.

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11 Responses to "Wednesday 100310"

  1. Ryan Says:
  2. Jesus, I hate wall balls. Should be just great......
  3. Mike W (Drifter) Says:
  4. First I want to thank all the coaches! And to Brian Donohoe for getting me in the door!! Yeah this pic was I believe my first week at 245lbs. I just weighed in now at 227lbs. I can't wait until May 18 our annual Swat physical fitness testing. I've always done fine over the years but come May I'm going to crush the times!!
  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Way to go Mike! Great job!
  7. Eric C Says:
  8. Nice job Mike, keep it up!

    Great 6 am this morning w/ only 6 of us. It's nice getting that personal attention from Joe all morning... standing... looking... asking what the hell I'm doing. haha! J/K Joe! J/K!

    Good working w/ Greg Mo this morning. We did Sundays WOD.
    174# C&J
    218# BS 7 reps
    170 Wall Ball Reps (tough)
  9. Ryan Says:
  10. Made up Sunday's WOD. I think it was 103# on the c&j. 135#? on the low back squats. Only got two of those. I've got to keep my knees pressed out. Big weakness of mine. For the WOD I think it was 120 give or take. Nice work for a small 5a class.
  11. paul Says:
  12. 2 days off from crossfit...the rage is building! i am so f-ing excited to get back in there and lift something heavy.
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Made up Tuesday's: jump-overs, CTB, single-unders

    12 rounds + 5 jump-overs

    CTB pullups felt really good today. Single-unders were hard to get used to... could have done those faster. Also, not surprisingly, I love jumping over things.

    AND I got strict HSPUs with one ab-mat for the first time. In sets of 3. Big day. These are coming fast and furious, finally.
  15. B3nj4m1n Says:
  16. Congrats Mike on the pic and Addi on the HSPUs. It's a great rest day, good sleeping weather.
  17. Jess Says:
  18. Thanks so much for the help today, Jon.
    My snatch has never looked better! ;)

    Man, there aren't too many arenas in life where you can actually say that, eh.
  19. Rita Says:
  20. Great job on your fitness accomplishments, Mike. It's hard work that deserves kudos. CrossFit is the best catalyst for serious lifestyle changes and the coaches here are exceptional for those goals. Can't wait to hear how your Swat physical testing results turn out this year.

    Congrats on the HSPU's, Addie!

    I'm bummed I couldn't make it in today because of work all day and most of the evening, but back at it in a few hours...
  21. Danielle Baker Says:
  22. Worked on some weaknesses today:
    5 Rounds
    6 muscle up work
    6 OHS (empty bar)
    6 trainer KB press sitting down
    5 box jumps
    16 DU's in a row.

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