Wednesday 100303

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For time, broken up any way you want:
10 Cleans, 176#/121#
Farmer's Carry, 200 meters (1.5/1 pood each hand)
50 Dead-lifts, 264#/175#
and 2000 meters running

Here's the lowdown, you can start with any exercise, end with any exercise, break up the reps of any exercise, to your liking. You just have to finish the work.

You only get one bar along with 4 yellow bumpers and 2 blue bumpers if you are a guy and and 2 blue bumpers and two green bumpers if you are a gal. Of course, this is if you are going prescribed. (Other combination's are allowed if we run out of certain colors.)

With the farmer's carry, you may not run, only walk, to the line that crosses the flag pole. For the run, you may utilize 200's, 400's, 600's, 800's, 1600, the whole 2000 meters at once, or any combination of these. Cleans can be power, squat, split, or you can even pick it up and curl it if you want although I wouldn't recommend it. You must keep the arms fully extended for every rep of the dead-lift but you may drop it from the standing position as needed.

There is a 30 minute cut-off for this workout. 5AM and 6AM classes, only, are allowed to row instead of run if it is too cold out.

Post time to comments. Please wait until after the 6:30PM class to post how you broke up the workout.

Jess Jenkins leaps tall buildings with a single bound. Bad-ass girl.

We have 17 teams signed up with hopefully three more before Friday for the St. Patty's Day WOD. I have one lady, Laura, volunteer to be on a team. I need more. Your team members don't have to from the gym. They can be outside people.

If you are afraid of the beer, there is a 45 minute cut-off in place. This was put in place so that if you are on beer 2 and time runs out, your saved. Take your time and have fun with it. It doesn't have to be about the drinking. Each team member controls their own destiny as they can't move on without finishing the next beer.

You are required to bring at least 4 canned goods per team. This is the minimum though. You are encouraged to bring more if you have the means. Thanks guys. This event is going to be so much fun. Even if you decide not to join in on the fun, you are encouraged to come and watch as well as bring anyone from outside to watch as well. The more the merrier.

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38 Responses to "Wednesday 100303"

  1. paul Says:
  2. This is f'ing awesome.
  3. Leann Says:
  4. Fuck?
  5. MeganMcNamara Says:
  6. This wod looks awesome! I'm in on St. Patty's WOD too...Put me wherever someone needs another gal. Since I'm a regular floater I'll be in at 6 least I'll get it over with hah
  7. Gdawg Says:
  9. Rita Says:
  10. Jess - killer jumps. Kick ass photo. You work really hard. Your perfect strict pullups aren't anything to mess with either.
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Amanda Vidlak (better known as VD) is interested in joining up with a team, as well.

    Also, it's a good thing all this sunshine is putting me in a good mood, or I'd be very cranky about this running nonsense. Looking forward to dragging ass.
  13. Ryan Says:
  14. Nice work 5a. Finished in 21 something - scaled on the cleans and deadlift. I really enjoyed this one even though the running was cold. Randy - way to kill it this morning. Amanda - thanks for the lights.
  15. GregP Says:
  16. AWESOME WOD, that's the correct word right. 22:45 I think, scaled to 176 DL / 132 clean. I have to admit I was looking forward to running since it has been so long. I did better than I thought. Great to be outside again.

    Thanks for pushing me on the clean weight Ricky.

    Awesome job 6am!!
  17. Hilg Says:
  18. Awesome. Saw this last night and decided to sleep in and plan my strategy for the Noon class!
  19. Crystal Says:
  20. Looking forward to this one! It will be nice to run outside. Now for a strategy......

    So far looks like everyone has done awesome.
  21. Paula Says:
  22. Well I'm finally Hawaii bound!!! So excited for some 80 degree weather. I get back next thursday. My first workout back will be the St. Patty's day WOD! What a way to come back! Ha!

    Have a great week and I will check in on you all every day! I will miss you, CFO!!!
  23. Eric C Says:
  24. There were some STUDS doing this Rx'd this morning.... I had to scale. Even scaled, I still had doubts about completing all 50 DL reps at 225#.


    This long grinder was a nice change of pace. Oh, I loved the running too. Great to be outside.
  25. Shelley Says:
  26. I will be in at the 4:30 class and have my strategy in mind...looks like this will be a good one.
  27. Gina Says:
  28. This workout reminded me quickly of how much I hate running. Had a strategy, it didn't last long, had to make changes... Finished in 25:(??)something like 42 or 34.
    I went rx'ed, the weight part was the easier part for me.

    Nice job 6am. Jess- great job on the heavy cleans!
  29. Jess Says:
  30. I loved this WOD (of course anything with running in it makes me very happy)!!! I DNF BUT and I say BUT, I went heavier than I ever had before. I had 14 DL left when time ran out. My cleans weren't the prettiest and I had to the DL one rep at a time. Gotta get stronger so that is the only way.

    Great job 6am peeps. Thanks y'all for cheering me on at the end. ;u)
  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. If anyone needs another member on their team for St. Patty's holler at me!
  33. Allison C Says:
  34. This comment has been removed by the author.
  35. Allison C Says:
  36. sweet shot Jess J! Shall I say.... "THAT IS SOOOO JESS!" how many inches was that jump woman? daaaaang!
  37. Allison C Says:
  38. oops, sorry just deleted my strategy i did... will post later :)
  39. Hilg Says:
  40. Well that one goes in the category of "that sucked....can't wait til tomorrow!" I love this place.

    23:29 Rx'd and was very pleased to go Rx'd. I think my strategy was right...don't think I'd do anything differently. Missed you 6amers but these nooners tear it up too!

  41. Addi Says:
  42. 20:09 rx'd. It wasn't as hard to get back into the running as I thought it might be. That being said, I wish I had worn my five fingers instead of the running shoes; my knees are pissed at my crappy running form. The sun felt great, and K St. traffic was patient.

    Great job, nooners. It's always more fun with a big class.
  43. Donohoe Says:
  44. Nooners we all crushed it today, everyone worked so hard it was inspiring. I finished in 23 something rx’d and honestly I let this workout get into my head. The running was better than I thought it would be. The dead lifts sucked but not as bad as I though. I need to develop more confidence in my own abilities and the only way to do that I have decided is by pushing harder. That lack of confidence makes me CRAZY, so I am asking all cross fitters if you see me slacking or resting don’t be afraid to yell at me to help push me past this wall
    Donohoe out…..
  45. Mel C Says:
  46. Not letting me sign up for classes! I will be in tomorrow at 4:30 pm! I've been super busy this week with my new job transition! Have fun Paula!
  47. Allison C Says:
  48. okay NOW I can post this .... designed my strategy last night and felt is worked well for me today :) scaled down weight due to sinus cold crap and on claritan-d making me feel weak weak weak today! but when i'm sick, (working out wise) doing something is better than nothing.

    77#/132#/1 pood each hand
    10 cleans
    25 deadlifts
    2000 m run
    25 deadlifts
    200 m kb farmers walk
    20:34 :) am happy with this for being a snot production machine

    great workin out nooners! was fun to get outside in the sunshine! makes me happy :)
  49. Becky Says:
  50. This was a fun workout. Did 10 cleans, farmers walk, 10 dl and 400m run for five sets. Good stuff. I just need to get better at running. 4:30 did an awesome job.

    Great picture Jess!
  51. Shelley Says:
  52. I liked this WOD. Did 10 cleans, farmer's walk, and 5 rounds of 400 meter run and 10 DL's.

    17:18 Rx'd. Did I mention that I LOVE DL's!!!

    This was the right strategy for me I think. I didn't have to rest/take a break at any point.

    Great job 4:30!! I saw a lot of people I don't normally get to see so that was good too.

    Back to 6 a.m. tomorrow.
  53. BigD Says:
  54. Awesome WOD today.
    Broke up DLs and run to five sets of 10 DLs and 400m run. Knocked out Farmers walk after that. Should have done cleans first as I couldn't hold the as RX'd weight so had to scale down. I really wanted this whole thing as RX'd. Oh well, lesson learned. 27:40
    Great job 6AM. As usual Grep Mo left us all in his dust. I'll catch you one day man!
    And to complete my day got the good news that I will be in Omaha for at least another 4 years after my current assignment. This is great news for my family and my working out.
  55. Steve Says:
  56. DNF! 264 was just too heavy for 50 reps. 174 cleans felt fine at first, but after 30 DLs, I was wiped.
  57. paul Says:
  58. I did the same thing as Shelley (smart lady):

    10 cleans
    farmer's walk
    then 5rds of a 400m run and 10 DL.

    I loved this!
  59. Rita Says:
  60. Great WOD! How terrific to go outdoors and just run - even if it's not one's strength - the fresh air was invigorating.

    Jenn - thanks for letting me share your bar for cleans!

    19:48. Scaled 154#/99#. I liked my strategy.
    400 m run
    10 cleans
    400 m run
    Farmer walk
    400 m run
    25 deadlifts
    400m run
    12 deadlifts
    200m run
    13 deadlifts
    200 m run

    My 1RM for cleans is 104#. So I asked Jon's opinion which direction I should go to scale and we decided on the 99#.

    A couple things I observed about this wod: my time was pretty fast for me; all of the movements except for the cleans are strengths. Of course it feels great to finish in good time, but in hindsight I probably should have gone heavier to gain the strength I want for the cleans. bad habits for the cleans crept back because both Ricky and Jon were all over me for them. At the same time!!!!! wow..... must have been gnarly. I wonder, though, if the habits would have corrected themselves had I gone heavier. I had pretty good luck with them when I went heavier last week in a wod. My time might have been slower tonight but I had it to spare. Isn't it great? Hindsight is 20/20! time. It was fun. Then energy of the huge 4:30 class was cool. Being able to use the outside was perfect. I believe I'll just revel in today's time with the understanding the need to go heavy on the next wod with a clean to progress in form and weight.

    I wasn't planning to break up the last set of deadlifts and run but Ricky was reminding me to set my back and have a big chest, so I realized my form needed work. But, I was concentrating so hard on fixing those things that I forgot to lift the damn bar off the ground! So, it seemed more efficient to get some running out of the way while I visualized my big chest and set back. Came back and got the job done.

    The conversation BC, Shelley, Rob and I were talking about after class: the struggle with great times vs. the big fat DNF. Especially when you're new and you're trying to find your way in Crossfit. What matters? You only get stronger with heavier weight, so big fat DNF's are admirable because you are changing yourself and going through the process of getting stronger. Post them with pride. I know that any time there's something overhead, I'll be slower than molasses in January and posting DNF's for a good long while until I get the cob out my a$$ regarding those movements. But, they'll slowly get faster. And heavier. Crossfit better be around when I'm 90 and finally snatching.
  61. Courtney Says:
  62. 25:26 with 131/77 and 2500 row. I did the cleans, farmers walk, and then 5 sets of 10 DL w/ 500m row in between.
  63. Crystal Says:
  64. i loved this WOD. it was so nice to run outside even if i had to worry about slipping and falling on my ass because of the sand! so, my strategy changed a little once i got here.

    24:22 109/164. initially i was going to go 99/154 because i was worried about the cleans but decided to go 109# planning on having to drop down. to my surprise i didn't. i wasn't too worried the DL's. actually farmers carry seemed the toughest to me. i thought my arms were gonna fall off!

    Strategy used:

    10 Cleans,
    400m/10 DL's x 5 rnds,
    Farmers Carry

    i am beginning to work with more weight than i have been able to before. it feels awesome. although i wish i could have gone rx'd it shows me i just need to keep working and i will get there.

    great post Rita and you are right. i always get so mad at myself for getting a DNF. you gotta look at the bright side of it too.

    great job 6:30 and to all the other classes. looks like everyone did well and enjoyed being outside.
  65. Gdawg Says:
  66. This comment has been removed by the author.
  67. BChrist Says:
  68. 29:18 rx'd. I maybe could've gotten a slightly better time if I had stuck with my original strategy instead of using the dumb-a$$ strategy I came up with right before 3-2-1 go. Sometimes I get caught up in the moment and all common sense goes right out the window. Oh well, live and learn. I am happy for having gone rx'd and finishing in the 30 min, even if it was just barely.
  69. VanBeek Says:
  70. Awww that looks brutal... Good thing I'm doing it tomorrow night :(

    Afternoon Lift:
    Clean and Jerk - Finished 235X2 and 243 for 2X1
    Bk Squat - 3X5 1-195, 2-225, 3-255XAMAP (9)

    Night WOD- Variation of the Alaska Sectional WOD
    6 CTB Pull Ups
    6 Ring Dips
    500m Row
    6 135# Thrusters
    4RDS - Turned it into more of a sprint repeat.. Four min clock for each round.. Race through one RD as fast as possible and rest the remainder of the clock...
    RD 1 - 2:34
    RD 2 - Same
    RD 3 - 2:37
    RD 4 - Hit the wall - 2:48
  71. Kat Says:
  72. I LOVED this wod! I love that it it FINALLY nice enough to be outside!
    I finished the WOD at 22:10 Rx'd Thanks for always pushing me so hard Shelley and Jen! You gals are always such an inspiration and great motivators!

    My sequence of exercises were:
    10 cleans
    200 meter farmers carry
    10 DL
    400 m run
    30 DL
    800 m run
    10 DL
    800 m run

    I was going to do the 5 rnds of 10 DL and 400 run but after my 1st round I wanted to knock out most of the DL bc they were feeling good and I didn't want to run again so soon.
    The only thing I would change is doing a 400m run first and ending with a 400m run...those last 2 runs were tougher than I thought they'd be!

    I would love to do another wod like this! I like that we had to figure out our own strengths and weaknesses and put our problem solving skills to the test! Thanks Ricky and Jon for being such great trainers!
    Today was totally awesome!
  73. Bert Says:
  74. I would say it was a fun wod, my back says something different. Had 1 DL left when time was called, I still did that one DL.

    My Strategy (needs some work):

    10 Cleans 132#'s
    200m Farmer's Walk 1.5 pood
    2000m row (18 degrees outside @5am)
    50 DL 264#'s
  75. Danielle Baker Says:
  76. I think my time was 22:04 with 109/167. I had a plan and then I lost it :) Started with all my cleans, which were ugly towards the end. Ran 400 (hands were getting cold so) came in and did 10 deadlifts, ran a 600, then did walks, ran a 200, did 10 dl ran 200, 10dl ran 400 did 20dl and ran a 200 and called it a day. Or something like that. It was crazy.

    I liked running just wish it was still a little warmer!!

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