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10 rounds for time of:
3 Overhead Squats, body-weight (no rack)
5 Ring Dips (guys, no kipping)
7 Knees to Elbow

If you aren't able to go with body-weight, your scaling system is as follows, with no in between weights:
A. 90% of bw
B. 80% of bw
C. 70% of bw
D. 60% of bw

For dips, ladies may kip but the guys must go strict with both groups having their arms touch the rings at the bottom and full lock-out with the rings turned slightly out at the top (palms forward). If you can not do ring dips, you will substitute push ups with the feet elevated by two red bumpers. Scale from there.

For knees to elbows, the only options available to you on the bar, other than actually touching your knees to your elbows, are knees to armpit or higher. If this is out of your capabilities, you will practice a seated knees to chest where your legs or shoulders never touch the ground at extension.

You may kip the KTEs but a rep will only count if your hips rise noticeably. The crease of your hip should point behind you and not towards the ceiling when the knees touch your elbows.

Post time to comments.

Touching some ceiling.

We are sitting at 18 teams for the St. Patty's Day WOD. This means that I need at least two more teams to make my goal of 20 teams. I have two ladies that have come forth to be on a team, Hira and Jill, and now I need two guys to step forward and show these ladies a good time. I may also have another group of gals from outside of the gym that are interested in doing the workout. If you are male and interested, step forward.

If you haven't listed your shirt size, I need that asap. There is a list of teams posted on the cork-board by the doors that go into the office. Check to see if your shirt size has been recorded. Thanks.

BJ Riley and Marcus Leseberg, I found the other half of your team. I also found the second half for Pete Isham and Bob Sydzik. Check the list the next time you're in the gym.

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26 Responses to "Thursday 100304"

  1. Rita Says:
  2. -DNF.
    -8 rounds.
    -Severely scaled every single movement.
    -OH: 59#. Trainer plates plus the wooden 3# plates.
    -Pushups with feet elevated on red plates for the ring dips.
    -Knee to elbow on the floor for KTE on the bar.
    -You can skip the rest of this rhetoric, if you want. The factual info is above. The next is a description of the ever-changing emotions and mental-ness Crossfit elicits in me, and possibly in the newer people who feel displaced yet.

    Fired up the computer at 4 am. Released an audible sigh of despair. I was bummed to see that every single movement exposed incredibly un-enjoyable weaknesses, especially after my little high from yesterday's strengths. How could I get out of this? Not an option.
    Broke it down to goals that would work for today. I knew I would DNF, not do a single ring dip rx'd, and have my knees raised somewhere in space - at least higher than any other woman in Omaha not doing this.

    For me, the most important thing was OH squats - chipping away at the mental fear, working on form, gaining comfort with the circumference of plates so I can have black colored ones on, finding that correct position where everything is perfectly locked, overcoming the fear of something overhead.

    I was completely blind-sided by how I felt during warm ups. Even though I experience things acutely and can be deemed emotional, I don't cry easily. Usually when I'm really, really angry. And I've learned how to get those feelings fairly controlled fairly quickly. But honestly, I almost walked out today. That burst of almost tears from my gut to my throat came up and that sucked. I've been really angry during workouts, but never wanted to walk out. Today was different and really blind-siding. I was pissed that my OH stuff felt the exact same as the past 7 months. I was pissed that scaling ring dips meant not having anything to do with the rings. Same with the KTE. This was a wall like no other. Thank goodness for the nutrition blog from yesterday. But the regret of walking out and not knowing what could have been was more scary, so that didn't happen, at least.

    Amanda was a gem. Just as cool as a cucumber. She said to stay positive and explained the reason behind the scaling.

    My right wrist hurt during the OH squat - never had that. My arms were out so wide they practically touched the plates. Amanda said to move them in closer. I ended up having my pinkies on that ring in the bar. All of a sudden, the OH squats just came! There was a firmness and control in the air that felt fabulous. Hands may have to be moved wider over time? But it was so great to get something accomplished this morning. Goal for next time is to have black bumpers on the bar. That is terrifying. The color, the width in my peripheral, ugh...but this will become one of my favorites. along with snatch and cleans.

    Glad I came. Glad I stayed. We have the best coaches here. Every one of them. They can handle the most docile personalities and the most spit-fire pistols with ease, and demand results.

    If you are in your first few months of Crossfit and practice today's workout with horrific feelings and supposed ugly results because of weaknesses, I beg you, keep coming back. No matter what. Everyone feels this way at times. Whether they admit it, allow themselves to actually feel it, or maybe they don't feel this way. (good for you, you robot.) Pushing through and feeling the other side of it is the best accomplishment and morphs over into every activity of your day. (All of a sudden, the inconsistencies of what your prick boss tells you doesn't matter....Ha!)

    5 amer's: you are all inspiring as you kicked ass on all these movements.

    Megan G: I'm glad the deadlifts weren't that bad for you yesterday!
  3. GregP Says:
  4. Great Job 6am! very difficult WOD. I only got 5 rds at 60% bw, ring dips were fairly good as were KTE, especially w/kipping allowed. Spent all my time on the o/h squats though.

    Great comments Rita.

    Amanda was as wonderful as ever with her coaching. Thanks for the encouragement.
  5. MeganMcNamara Says:
  6. Rita!! I LOVE reading what you post everyday. Way to stick with it girl!! You are a BADASS!!!!!!! You truly are an inspiration :) keep it up and things will fall into place.
  7. Ricky Frausto Says:
  8. Hey 5AM and the rest of you that come in the rest of today, there is a reason I program the way I program. Some of you are in-able to perform a ring dip sans band or can't raise your knees higher than the crease of your hip. These are realities that can and must be overcome. This is life, the truth of where your capabilities lie.

    I want those people to be upset. I want them to get mad. CrossFit, and most notably, the way I program, is an asshole barrier, as they call it. I want you to overcome trials and tribulations. I want you to be pushed to the limits of your mental and physical capacities. There will be those that aren't strong enough spiritually, emotionally, and mentally that will just cave in and either start choosing to come in only to the workouts that cater to their strengths (easy ones) or decide not to come at all. There are a few that pose. They don't like to work hard but wanna say they workout at the toughest gym in the area. There are a few that will not progress because they are afraid of truly learning the technique. Learning technique is not just for safety, it's for giving us the opportunity to move heavier and heavier weights. The opportunity to get stronger.

    If you are one of those people that got mad or get mad because you weren't given the opportunity to use rings today or seem to get the shaft when it comes to the use of equipment if you have to scale weights or don't feel that enough attention is paid to you because you aren't as strong or as good as some people, you can do one of two things:
    A. You can fold up and push your feelings on others that its just not fair or,
    B. You can step up to the plate and get better. Because deep down inside you know that if you give yourself to this fully, it will translate to other areas of your life. You won't have excuses not be a better person all-around.

    YOU WON'T BE AN ASSHOLE (loosely used, of course. Rhetoric for those that get their feelings hurt by the slightest thing)

    You want to use the rings but you can't even do a single ring dip. What are the use of bands in a workout doing for you? They're lying to you. They are saying, "Hey, you can do a ring dip too just like the others," but in reality you can't.

    What will you do to change this??????????????????????????????

    I hope that no one takes any of this the wrong way. I'm not going to apologize to anyone who does as this is who I am. I am not here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I am here to make you a stronger, more useful, harder to kill human being. One that doesn't or won't ever have to rely on anyone but themselves no matter how old you are blessed to live.

    I am here to help those that wanna help themselves first......

    Luv you guys,

    Ricky Frausto
  9. BChrist Says:
  10. What has 2 thumbs and sucked a$$ today? This guy! My left shoulder is currently fubar, and I was pretty wrecked from yesterday's wod. I'm learning that I need more minimum recovery time than most and apparently 12 hours isn't quite enough. All this adds up to me starting this wod with front squats in place of OH squats, and ultimately I did my best impression of a Frenchman and surrendered...after only 2 rounds. Sucks, but I just didn't have it today. Tomorrow's a new day. Nice job 6am.
  11. Greg MO Says:
  12. GET EM RICK!!!

    This takes mental toughness...plain and simple...

    Granted I have been crossfitting for a while now but there was a time when i was not able to OHS the bar or complete even half of the crossfit movements...Rick, Joe, & Amanda can attest to this.

    Only 1 way to get there...less talk, more hard work...
  13. Tony Says:
  14. I haven't been in yet today, but just reading the comments so far, I have to say...

    I love this gym.
  15. Ryan Says:
  16. DNF today. Scaled. 88# for OHS - which is 50% of my body weight. Got to work on those more. Two reds for push ups in place of ring dips. Did the KTE. I actually kind of like those. I was in round seven when time was called. Nice work 5a. Got stuck on OHS in round six. Those took me several attempts.

    Do I get frustrated that I need to scale or that I cannot do something like ring dips? Absolutely. I get it and I get why something is sub'd in for it. I just want to improve. I feel like I am getting closer to some real break throughs this spring. Working on improving my diet also.

    Rita - love seeing you at 5a.
  17. Shelley Says:
  18. "you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have"....crossfit!! (or for those that remember, it's "the facts of life") I happened to love that show when I was a kid.

    Seriously though, I love what Rita and Ricky had to say. Perfect example of "the good and the bad" would be yesterday's WOD vs. today's WOD. I use the terms "good" and "bad" loosely, but the point is, there are always going to be WOD's that will be tough and some that will be easier based on your own strengths and weaknesses. I LOVED yesterday's WOD and HATED today's WOD. The reasons are easy: yesterday's WOD was strengths of mine whereas today's WOD were weaknesses. Human nature is to like what we're good at. With that being said, I'm not going to get better by avoiding what I don't like. I know that, and everyone else knows that too.

    I know that my weaknesses will get better; I don't know if they will ever be considered strengths, but I'm never going to give up on improving myself.

    I didn't join Crossfit for easy workouts, and I don't know why anyone would or if they did, I assume they quickly left. Crossfit has made me mentally tougher and physically stronger. I have less self-doubt in myself in all areas of my life, and I expect a lot of myself and in turn, I expect more from others too.

    I've made good friendships here, and I love that none of the coaches will blow smoke up your a** just to make you feel good. You get honest feedback, and you get results if you put in the work. We're never told what the problem is without being told/shown the solution. What we do with that is up to us. I'm proud to be associated with CFO and the people that are part of it.

    BTW, I DNF'd today.

    Did 70% bodyweight at 104# for OHS (wt 151# today so slightly under 70%)
    Did ring dips Rx'd and KTE's Rx'd.
    I only completed 5 full rounds. The OHS were tough and ring dips are 2-2-1 at a time for me. The KTE's were the only things I could do unbroken all rounds. I had to reclean twice on the OHS just to get 3 done. Frustrating day yes, but I can't wait to come back tomorrow.
  19. Allison C Says:
  20. at work and sick... would much rather sleep, get up for noon class, and go back to sleep! great work today guys!
  21. reba Says:
  22. Lots of info up on the Front Range site - click on the Regionals link. Looks like there are 48 slots for affiliate teams to compete and they take 8 teams.....

    Neil and I already booked our tickets for coming in Friday - so that sucks that we cannot change them, so don't make the same mistake we did.
  23. reba Says:
  24. Oh yes the mistake I made was that it looks like the affiliate team and the Masters is on Friday...
  25. Gdawg Says:
  26. THANKS RITA!! I enjoy your posts, keep up all your hard work, maybe someday I'll get motivated enough to come join you at 5am!!

    well said both Rita and Ricky! awesome posts today that highlight things to definitely keep in mind and put to use! looking forward to seeing 6:30 class tonight!

  27. Nate Says:
  28. This comment has been removed by the author.
  29. BigD Says:
  30. Big ol' DNF today. Had the thought of 80% bodyweight for OHS. Reality set in during warmups and went 70%. Started with ring dips, but by set three, I checked my ego and went raised pushups as my triceps just didn't have it in them. Funny enough, the one move I thought I would have trouble with, KTEs, I did RX'd. Something must be working as I couldn't do those a month or so ago. Rough, rough, rough, but I LOVEd this WOD for making me feel like puking after the first set. That's why I come to CrossFit. To be pushed to the limit (even if mine isn't all that much). Wow, can't believe anyone would have an issue for how the coaches coach us. Ricky, Joe, Jon, Kylie, and Amanda are awesome!
    Also, thanks Linds and (other girl whose name I can't remember) for doing some sled sprints with me. Those rock. Would love to see them in a WOD down the road...
  31. Addi Says:
  32. Started the day on a high with my first band-less HSPUs (with a monster kip).

    And I think you can guess where it went from there. OHS were a lot harder than I thought they would be. For some reason, I was SURE that I'd be able to do 80% (140#). HA. Couldn't get 132 in the warmup. Started with 70%ish (125#), but dropped to 60%ish (110#) after the first round. Shoulders were not having it today. Dips felt okay - lots of rest, but not as much as expected. KTE were unbroken, not too much kipping.

    DNF with 6 rounds even. I was expecting better, but I'm happy with today overall- dips and HSPUs are coming along slowly but surely.
  33. Nate Says:
  34. 6:46 at 70%. Sorry for posting 80% on the bored, I realized this as I was driving back to work and it was immidiatly followed by prolonged profranity. I apologize again for the false post on the wall. I definatly feel my weakness in weights and wieghted movements. There is nothing worse then the feeling of being distraught and not being able to do a specific movement or weight. That feeling should be the reason to strive to do better. Thats what is so facinating about the human mind, we know where we fail, we take this failure and seek out answers to better ourselves. As the old saying goes, if you fall of the horse get back in the saddle. Thank you Ricky, Jon, Hoe, Amanda, and Kyliefor helping me fix alot of my techniques and i look forward to continuing to perfect my movements.
  35. Crystal Says:
  36. Rita, great post. i always wondered if there was anyone out there who was emotional too. a great example for me was that rest day when you, paula, megan m, and i did the jumping pullups and cleans WOD (i believe it was about a week ago or so). i got mad and tried to hold back the tears but i had to walk away. i cried and sucked it up and came back to finish (even though it took me 30min total and i had to drop the weight i finished). i thought WTF, i did the cleans wod at sectionals at 105#, so why am i having so much trouble.

    i have been crossfitting for over 2years and i can say it gets very frustrating when i seen new people come in and a couple of months later they are passing me. then i think WTF? i hear it from Ricky all the time and what he said is true. there have been many workouts when i have just wanted to quit or walk out because i felt that because i couldn't go rx'd, or do the movement then what's the point.

    i think competing in sectionals really brought me down to reality. i have to get better at so many things. i set my expectations high going into a WOD. expectations are ok if they are reasonable. for me, i set my expectations on how long i've been crossfitting instead of basing them off my abilities and where i know i am.

    shelly, your points are awesome. everday is different based on the WOD and your abilities. that is definatly why crossfit is crossfit. it challenges you mentally and physically.

    Jon, Amanda, Kylie, Joe and Ricky are great. it's their personalities and teaching styles that make the gym what it is.
  37. paul Says:
  38. Well said, Crystal! It is really hard to know what expectations to set, and to figure out what you could've done if you'd pushed harder vs. what you just aren't able to do at your current level of fitness.

    I am really excited to try this one on Saturday!
  39. Tony Says:
  40. I haven't been that frustrated with a workout for a while now. OH squats is a big weakness of mine, and it showed harshly today.

    6 rounds doing double red push ups, knees above armpit, and 40% body weight.
  41. Rita Says:
  42. Good night, CFO. Terrific blogs - you know their substance has got to be helpful to the newer members!
  43. VanBeek Says:
  44. 3 Workout Day
    5 HSPUs (Unbroken)
    10 Butterfly Pull Ups
    20 Sledgehammer Swings
    * 8 mins * - 6 RDS
    2nd - 3 X 100 Consecutive DU's
    - 3 Tries No Misses
    3rd - Ah, My favorite - Running
    20 mins
    3 min warm up (6-9 mph)
    - Sprinted 1.5 miles in 9:13
    (9-12 mph)
    - 1 min at 5-6 mph
    - 400 m Sprint - 12-13 mph
    - 1 min at 6-7 mph
    - 400 m Sprint again
  45. Gdawg Says:
  46. This comment has been removed by the author.
  47. Stacie Says:
  48. DNF

    3 rds were rxd @ 142. When I felt my wrists were going to break and my shoulder flinch a time or two I thought I better take off the 5s and go w/ 132.

    Still heavy as shit but I did 5 more rds gringing each time I stepped up to face the bar set at 92.5% BW.

    8 rds total.

    Good times . . .
  49. Crystal Says:
  50. DNF. finished 3 rnds + 3 OHS & 2 ring dips. used approx 70% bw @ 77#& ring dips, KTE's rx'd.

    i was diappointed in the amount of rounds but going in knowing OHS are a huge weakness for me i was ok with it. i have never used 77# for OHS in a WOD before. it was tough. i am slowly beginning to move up.

    great job 6:30. it was a small group and everyone pushed hard.
  51. Danielle Baker Says:
  52. I got 6 full rounds not Rx'd. I used 77 (64% bw) for OHS and everything else was Rx'd. OHS felt great when I moved my feet in closer and focused on knees out, you know the way they should be done.

    I have gotten very upset during WOD's to the point of wanting to cry and run out the door. Looking back on things I finding it very humbling. I think its our bodies way of telling us, for reasons unknown to us, today is not the day for this, but come back another time :) I have gotten to the point where I just laugh at the bar like it is doing to me :)

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