Tuesday 100302

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Rest Day

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Megan, Cody, Adam, Ellie, and Mike at yesterday's 4:30 class.

I need at least 4 ladies. Ladies to join some guys on a St. Patty's Day WOD team. Will you step up? I have some guys that would like to join in on the fun but don't have any gals interested. I know you are out there.

I have some ladies doing the WOD who don't drink beer so I know there are more of you out there. You don't have to finish the workout. Take your time and let the 45 minute cut-off, cut you off. We could use the canned goods. Do it for the cause.

Let me know asap if you are interested. My goal is to have twenty teams registered and at the moment we are sitting at 15. You have until this Friday to get that team signed up. Shirts are awesome and will be ordered immediately. Money can be paid anytime up until the day of the event.

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11 Responses to "Tuesday 100302"

  1. paul Says:
  2. I did Sunday's. OHS: 154x9 (this was probably less than 85% of 1RM, but I was very happy with it--especially considering that OHS are my nemesis). Then 11:23 (?) on the broad jump/kb swing/pushup metcon.

    Great job, 6am!
  3. Greg MO Says:
  4. Nicole M., Christina R., and myself need 1 more male for our St. Patty's WOD team!

    Anybody interested???

    Please let me or 1 of the girls know before this Friday!!!
  5. BChrist Says:
  6. I didn't see the CFO Facebook/Twitter warning about tomorrow's wod until AFTER I went in this morning. Luckily I kept things pretty simple and just did some basic barbell stuff - back squat 5x3 w/ 220#, shoulder press 5x3 w/ 88#, and strict pullups 5x3. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings - more sectional wod insanity perhaps?
  7. Fish Says:
  8. Did Sundays WOD 174# 1rm, same as past. jumped to 196# and missed barely. Ran out of time to try again. 140#X9. Metcon was 10:29 rxd except for braod jump
  9. Rita Says:
  10. Love the photo collage. Everyone looks so cool doing this movement. Way to go with the bar, Cody. It must have been the eggs from the other morning....

    Did part of Sunday's wod. kept it light today because of the tweet encouraging the rest for tomorrow.

    63# on OHS. Metcon 10:53 or 11:53?

    The overhead stuff still scares the crap out of me, I'm so frustrated with that. Also, don't have it again today. But, this time I know I made a poor choice for working out. Went to bed at 10 instead of 8. Had a glass of wine and a little Bailey's in my espresso with dinner. But, it was great hanging out with Brad and that's pretty important. He's incredibly supportive and I know when it's time to give a little and not have that constant internal monitor keeping tabs on my food and bev choices. Also,left shoulder was bothering me - so no multiple reps. Scaled pood to trainer because of shoulder. Pushups and jumps felt great though and got some bugs out from last night. I'm getting back on track today so far.

    Great job, 5 am! Joe had a great angry face for the OH. Marcus rocked it out. Nice work Fish! It was a noisy bunch today. Love it.
  11. Laura Says:
  12. I will step up and do the St. Patty's day WOD if you still need girls! Just let me know!
  13. linds Says:
  14. I made up Sunday's WOD.
    OHS 121#, only did 4 @ 99#
    WOD 13:22 Rx'd

    Great job boys!!
  15. Paula Says:
  16. Made up OHS- 1RM #104 - 2 lb PR....better than nothing I guess. Then did 5 reps with #87.

    Didn't have enough time to do the full WOD...Amanda cut down the reps a little for Chris, Christy, and I, so we could finish in time...6 jumps, 10KB, 15 pushups. Short and sweet. Great job, girls!!!

    Awesome work to the rest of you 5am'ers. Yes, Rita you too! At least you showed up...bum shoulder and feeling like crap! Good job, Girl!
  17. Gdawg Says:
  18. i really enjoyed 6:30 class tonight! Great idea coach jon! I feel like going over the lifts helps build confidence and being able to have the opportunity to watch others and give them feedback is very helpful, and I appreciate getting feedback as well! I was really impressed with Leann and Howards progress. Leann is looking more aggressive and confident with her lifts and howard's range of motion is getting better! it was fun being coached by everyone and getting to coach others!

  19. Crystal Says:
  20. well said megan. thanks jon for going over the snatch. i struggle over the olympic lifts but this one has been the toughest for me. sometimes feedback and explinations click better when you hear them from different people. i liked being able to watch and be watched.
  21. Danielle Baker Says:
  22. I made up yesterday's and got 50# TGU's and 9 rope climbs. I also went to the 6:30 to learn new stuff about Snatch. Thanks Jon!

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