Tuesday 100330

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Using a rack, you have 15 minutes to find your 1RM Thruster. Take as little or as long as rest as you need between sets but you only get 15 minutes. Once you lock it out overhead, you may then proceed to drop it the floor.

Once the 15 minutes is up and after three minutes of rest, drop your weight down to 60% of your last successful lift (new 1RM), and attempt to complete 15 reps unbroken.

Post your 1RM for the day and whether you completed 15 unbroken reps or not.

Field Thrusters

Our 2010 regional competitors are now in heavy training mode for the next three weeks leading up to a taper off week before making the trip out to Castle Rock, CO for competition. Their workouts will be posted to my training blog if you wish to take a look.

We are taking a total of 5 gals and 5 guys individually, a team of 3 guys and 3 gals, and 4 master's entrants. A solid representation of our gym and the intensity we work out with.

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21 Responses to "Tuesday 100330"

  1. Rita Says:
  2. 1 RM 121#.

    68# x 15.
  3. paul Says:
  4. Fun day, and great working out with Greg Mo!

    Thruster 1RM: 208 (PR)
    15 @ 132#.
  5. Paula Says:
  6. 1 RM - 121# -(PR)
    15@ 68#

    I really enjoyed this one! Great job 5am!!
  7. Eric C Says:
  8. Thruster 1RM = 198# (tied PR) (stopwatches were running fast today, so didn't get a chance to try for more weight.)
    15 @ 120#

    Nice job BC on your new PR
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. 1 RM 184#

    110# X 15

    Thanks for all the support Dave!
  11. Paula Says:
  12. Can someone tell me who decided to compete as individuals and team? Just curious who we will be cheering on! Thanks!
  13. Gina Says:
  14. 1RM 121# that didn't seem too hard, could probably have done at least 5 more lbs, but time ran out.

    77# x 15
  15. Addi Says:
  16. CFFB

    DL - 12x1 @ 180# (a little more than 55%) with bands

    metcon - DNF; was just starting my 6 pullups when time ran out. ("Won't take that long" my ass, Ricky.) I liked the towel pullups - fun to do something different.
  17. BChrist Says:
  18. 164# 1rm (10# pr), 15@ 98# unbroken. Failed once @ 174, maaayyybe could've gotten it on another attempt but time ran out. Still, a pr is a pr.

    My first day back in a little over a week after a work-induced break. The whole time I was away all I kept thinking was "I can't wait to get back. I need to get back." But in hindsight I think it was definitely beneficial. It not only gave me the chance to let all those little nagging injuries heal (sore shoulder, tight back, etc) but also gave me a chance to adjust to my refined diet. I felt really, really good today. And it was definitely nice to get back.
  19. Jake Says:
  20. 174# 1rm, 15@ 108# unbroken. Thanks for the push Josh and Joe.
  21. Gdawg Says:
  22. This comment has been removed by the author.
  23. Shelley Says:
  24. CFFB

    DL: 12x1 at 180# done with bands (right at 55% of 1 RM)

    ball slams/pullups WOD: DNF. I had 2 pullups left in the 7's round. I did strict pullups for all rounds. I "played" with the towel pullups a couple times, but I wasn't getting high enough.

    Pullups were slow, ball slams weren't that bad, and the combination won't be in my favorites log.
  25. Kat Says:
  26. CFFB

    DL: 12x1 at 180# done with bands.

    ball slams/pullups: DNF. I finished the 1st pullup of the 7 pullup round. I used the towels for the 1st 10 and 9 rounds of pullups. When the 8th round came the towels were a tearin and i was sick of going so slow so i went to strict(if i can say that bc i bicycled myself up for quite a few) pullups. Wish I could've gotten further on this wod! I loved the towel pullups. I definately feel stronger. I think it was about a month or so ago I could barely do 2 strict pullups and today I just needed a little break between each one! Great job today everyone!
  27. Mike Says:
  28. CCFB deadlift with bands @ 230 (somewhere around 50-55%)

    only one WOD for me today- did the front squat WOD with L-sits. Stopped my watch by accident at 2ish mins- though I am not sure if a fast time or a slow time is good on this one, fast = bad L-sits, slow = good L-sits? I just kept the pace up and got right on the next exercise- decent workout!
  29. VanBeek Says:
  30. Just Metcon today... CHIPPER!! :)
    - This was fun since I finally got to get outside

    UNO Stadium Stair Sprint X1
    10 Front Squats (155#/110#)
    UNO Stadium Stair Sprint X1
    21 Burpees
    UNO Stadium Stair Sprint X1
    10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
    UNO Stadium Stair Sprint X1
    21 Stadium Stair Jumps (20-24"?)
    UNO Stadium Stair Sprint X1
    10 Ground to OH (155#/110#)
    300m Sprint to Pull Up Bar
    21 Pull Ups
    300m Sprint Back to Barbell to finish- Touch Bar at Finish

    Justin - 10:29 - Running Feels better but need to push harder
    Angie - 13:52
  31. Gdawg Says:
  32. This comment has been removed by the author.
  33. BigD Says:
  34. 174# on thrusters. Failed on 184 twice.
    108# unbroken for all 15. Thanks for keeping me going Brian!
  35. Shelley Says:
  36. Main site Wod at 7:35

    12:42 Rx'd on front squats; did L holds from pullup bar in increments of 3 10 second intervals to start and then switched to 2 15 second intervals in last 4 rounds.

    Good job crew! Ready for rest day tomorrow!!
  37. Mark Says:
  38. 198# for my 1 rep max thruster. Then did 120# 15 times unbroken.
  39. Kat Says:
  40. Main site WOD

    I completed the wod 16:17 rx'd. I wanted to try to power clean right into a squat but I just ended up catching it high and doing the 3 front squats. I did L holds on the bar 3x10sec. my knees were above my waist but my feet kept getting lower and abs are feeling it bad!

    I finished the WOD with a 1.3 mile run...I'm LOVING this weather!
    Shelly and Stacie are beasts! Great job everyone!
  41. Danielle Baker Says:
  42. Thrusters 109, then did 15 @ 77# I dont know if this is a PR for thrusters, lets just say it is.

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