Monday 100301

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Turkish Get ups

Find the heaviest load you can successfully TGU with each arm. Whatever you can lift with your strongest side might be cool but it will only count if you can do it with your weak side as well. The reps will only count if you can also bring it back down to the starting position. You have 15 minutes to play.

You can use kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, or people.

followed by,

As many rope climbs as possible in 5 minutes

The standard is from butt to ceiling with no legs for guys and from a standing position, legs allowed, for gals. You are allowed to jump down, as the ascent is what counts but be careful doing so.

If this is your first time or you will not get more than a few climbs in the 5 minutes, a couple of ropes will be set aside for you to practice for next time. I suggest long socks and pants.

Post TGU load and max rope climbs to comments.

Please welcome Mark Carlson. He has only been with us for a short time but is already having the time of his life.

Last reminder: If you have not paid for your apparel, we need you to take care of it today. The order is going out today and we need to have the bill paid as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

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24 Responses to "Monday 100301"

  1. Gdawg Says:
  2. sweet pic by the way too! and welcome mark!
  3. Gdawg Says:
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  5. Rita Says:
  6. Welcome, Mark! That is a great photo - love that effort! Can't wait to meet you!

    TGU-I'm excited. I'm really thrilled that we have a choice of dumbbells, kettlebells or people. Hopefully, Jerry (actually, Jeremy) and Joe are in class today. I will take turns lifting them. That way I'll find out my weak side and work on that.
  7. Paula Says:
  8. TGU's- #45 DB
    Rope climb- 2 trips- with Rita holding the rope which really helped, so I don't know if you can really count it.

    Awesome job, Jeremy...with the barbell! That looked tough!!!

    Great work 5am'ers!!!!! Good to have you back, Christy!

    Welcome to CFO, Mark!!
  9. Rita Says:
  10. Well, an interesting day at the office. Ha Ha. Some MORE weaknesses discovered (or at least resurrected) - ones that were under the radar. As if HSPU, muscle ups and ring dips, box jumps, overhead squats, snatches, cleans aren't enough... Rest days are becoming packed and less "restful!!!!" sigh....

    TGU-Joe didn't come to class today, so I just lifted up Jerry. It went really well until he decided to use a bar for his get ups while I lifted him. We got the balance down pat and then it got dicey when he added 22 lb. (or more- he didn't tell me) plates on each side of his bar. WEEBLE WOBBLE-especially on the right side - my weak one. wow.

    Jerry, way to kick a$$ on those TGU's with the bar and what, 44lb worth of plates?

    BJ- way to go lifting the bar! That's awesome!

    There was some serious effort from everyone going on at 5 am. Pretty cool.

    No. Seriously. I did not "have it" today and could only lift a trainer pood (about 27 lbs.). Meanwhile, my friend Paula is lifting a 45 lb. dumbbell. What the hell, girl? I was so proud of you. Your face was redder than a beet, but you stood up strong. (As I'm weeble wobbling next to you with that damn pood).

    The last time I did TGU was last summer in August. A Crossfitter for less than 2 months, I think. I could BARELY get a 15 lb. dumbbell up - hell, I could barely remember all the steps involved in doing it correctly. Very intimidating. So, for me today, on a Monday after a 13 hour day of work yesterday, my TGU was an improvement. Next time, I'm sure Ricky will program it on a Tuesday when I've had lots of rest and a day off. That's my explanation, reason, excuse, etc. HA HAA HAAAA!

    Rope climbs. What a ball!!!! Got 2with someone holding the rope. I'm terrified of being high, expecially suspended like that - at least, I used to be. Not anymore! The last time I did rope climbs was last August, too. Hotter than hell. About 6-8 weeks into CF. I went to a noon class. (If I knew then about those beasts what I knew now, I would have told myself I no business being there, sitting on the floor trying to lift myself up while they're all shimmying up like lithe little spider monkeys.) But, my pride, the sweetness of Reba encouraging and coaching me and while holding the rope, and Ricky demanding no one may walk away without trying a minimum of 3 no matter what forced me to climb halfway up 3 times, scared s%%%less the entire time-tears in my eyes because I was scared and ashamed that I was scared, escaping to the bathroom to splash water on my face between every climb. My hands burned like hell. (I'm not making this up). I'll never forget that day. It sucked. This morning? I was shimmying up (maybe at the speed of a baby baboon rather than a spider monkey - but that's fast for me), understanding how to wrap my foot and use it to push up. Paula held the rope. Went all the way to the ceiling and loved coming down. Understanding the technique and losing all fear of it is more important to me today than being able to do a ton of them. The number of reps will come quickly. I'm so glad I didn't back off that day in August and pushed through the shame and that fear. I'm on cloud nine right now. I wish I had a hay mow in my garage. I would just go up all day and land in the hay like a farm girl. Crossfit's amazing because you might not do a specific movement for a long time, but you make such huge improvements because of all the movements, weight, speed, power you exert in the meanwhile.

    Then, I tried to climb without someone holding the rope. Hmmmm.... THAT'S another story/movement. To make it short: that's hard. I got a 1/3 of the way up. Next time? I'll get it. Maybe only once. But that's progress and THAT's an interesting day at the office.
  11. paul Says:
  12. Mark--that's a lot of weight for a snatch balance!

    Rita--nice work on the climbs (and everyone else, too)!

    I got the 2pd in each arm for TGUs, and 5 rope climbs with no legs. Almost got a 6th, but I couldn't quite get to the ceiling.
  13. GregP Says:
  14. Great post Rita. You have captured how we all have felt at one time or another. I hope the new people read this to see that they are not alone.

    #60 barbell plus small plates. 2 Rx'd rope climbes, I got to the rafters one tme and could not reach over and touch ceiling and on #4 only made it half-way up.

    Great Job 6AM !
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. ....I'm in that "at one time or another mode"! :-(

    I've been taking Ricky's Nutrisimple posts to heart and believe my recent performance is tied to nutrition and sleep habits. I made progress with each over the weekend and am doing some proactive planning for each.

    54lb Turkish get ups....failed at 77 with the bar and 2 pood. Nice job with both, Paul and great working with you!

    Was able to muster 1 trip up the rope but only by using my legs. Again, good nutrition will replace some dead weight fat with strength....1 day at a time.

  17. BChrist Says:
  18. TGU - 1.5 pood each arm.
    2 rope climbs. No legs makes a huge difference.

    Nice job 6am.

    Is anyone interested in an impromptu bowling outing on Saturday night? If so let me know, we'll try to arrange something - maybe at Mockingbird Lanes just around the corner from the gym.
  19. Eric C Says:
  20. This was a good 'Welcome back to Crossfit' after 5 days of golf and debauchery in San Diego. I would have never made it through a metcon.

    77# TGU
    3 Rope climbs but had to stop at 3 minutes left after losing most of the skin off of the tip of my middle finger. Weird. I'll have to put my hand modeling on hold now.

    Seriously fun today trying different things. One of the reasons I love Crossfit is the variety.
  21. Shelley Says:
  22. Loved reading your post Rita! That's frickin AWESOME that you got rope climbs. It's interesting reading your thoughts from when you first started Crossfit. I remember, as I'm sure most do, that it is a bit intimidating when you first start Crossfit regardless of a person's background coming in. I'm glad to have logged each of the WOD's to see how much progress has been made, and it's easier to pinpoint where weaknesses still lie or where improvements seem to be slow in coming.

    Existing members always made me not feel quite so weak/incompetent, and it was great to build up comraderie with everyone else.

    I've rambled on a bit......

    Today's WOD:
    50#DB on TGU's; didn't really notice one side being weaker than the other like I thought I would.
    ZERO on rope climbs. I got to the beam once, but I didn't get the last 2 feet and then never got close again after that. I don't have the technique down. I lose the rope from around my legs and have trouble standing completely upright before using my arms. I can add this to my list of "can't do yet".

    Great job 6 a.m.! Amazed at those using barbells on TGU's!!
  23. Jake Says:
  24. Mark - great picture!

    Rita - that was a great post. I know that I'm fairly new to CFO, but I still have my days that I get nervous and feel weak, but the team is always supportive. Your post really makes me feel better about those days knowing I'm not alone and the shape you are in is a testimate to CFO.

    55# Barbell Turkish Getups

    3 rope climbs, no legs

    I'm with Brian on Ricky's Nutrition Log, it has been very helpful and helps hold us accoutable.
  25. Stacie Says:
  26. Proud of you Rita! Keep up the great work!

    Kat -

    I accidently lied to you yesterday. Not sure if I can make it in to the gym today...


    depending on when I complete this project at work (due end of day Wednesday), determines what class I go to tomorrow and Wednesday. So running together is still a 'go' but is on hold just a day or two :)

    Thanks girl!
  27. VanBeek Says:
  28. Great Idea!!

    Used a 45# bar but only had time to get to 76# on each arm before I did this.....

    Workout 1 -
    5 Pwr Clean and OH (155#)
    10 CTB Pull Ups
    ** Max RDS in 10 mins **
    - 8 RDS - Missed my chest on a few so there is more there
  29. B3nj4m1n Says:
  30. Had fun at noon today. 88# both arms, 98 right only did not have time to try the left. Completed 4.8 rope climbs. Ended up in a bad position on the last one and could not get around the beam. Great job nooners.
  31. Addi Says:
  32. TGU (FAVORITE!) - 64# I think I could have had 74, but ran out of time. Probably best, as I had just had Jess fix my shoulder, and it was starting to protest a little.

    Rope climbs - 9. Again, could have had a couple more, but I was trying the new foot thing, and I kept losing the rope. But at least I don't have rope burn.

    All in all, a nice little afternoon.
  33. linds Says:
  34. TGU - 50# DB
    Rope climbs - 10 Rx'd

    Great job nooners!
  35. Nichole Says:
  36. Didn't get a chance to log into mind body soon enough. I'll be at 5:30 tonight!
  37. VanBeek Says:
  38. 2nd WOD- Didnt go all out just some weakness work

    4 Muscle Ups
    8 GH Raises (Hamstring Strength Sucks)
    12 30" Box Jumps (Whole foot had to be on top the box for the rep to count)
    * 7RDS in 17 mins - only missed 1 Muscle up
  39. Mike W (Drifter) Says:
  40. Today I officially have 1 month under my belt here @ CFO. Thanks everyone for the great atmosphere.I want to especially thank all the coaches. I don't know if I will ever be able to go back to a regular gym.

    TGU 1.5 pood, then tried barbell and got both arms. Put tens on and got right arm but not left.
    3 1/2 R/C with a legs and a burnt right shin...thanks Megan for the encouragement! 4:30ers

    Thanks again everyone! I drift from class time to class time with my crazy schedule. Someone mentioned that I was kind of like a "drifter" .
  41. MeganMcNamara Says:
  42. Happy March 1st!! Hopefully warm weather is around the corner :)
    TGU - 1.5 pood - Jen S. you are sooo much fun to work with!
    4 rope climbs---holy rope burns!
    Today was my first time to do rope climbs in a wod and I had trouble at first but with the fab coaches and help from everyone I was able to get 4 under my belt...
    oh and I got 3 strict pull ups today!! woo hoo! (not all in a row of course...but I'm hopefully getting there). I love CFO!!
  43. Nate Says:
  44. Fantastic WOD today. The rope climbs made it feel like i was back in elementary school, though i had alot less to pull up that rope. did 65# with the barbel, then 4 rxd rope climbs and 1 leg rope climb.
  45. reba Says:
  46. Awesome RITA!!!! That makes me so happy :) Whootwhoot!!!

    I had faith all along even if you didn't -)
  47. Kat Says:
  48. I got in 6 robe climbs, I wanted to do more but all the ropes were tied up....hehe

    I got 50# on the TGU, I tried the barbell but it was a lil too wabbley for my liking. Great job everyone!

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