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A reminder to all that are interested in competing. You will be required to to at least complete one day's worth of workouts in order to qualify for the opportunity to compete for our affiliate team post Denver.

This means that if you decide to do the individual competition at regionals and then do not make the cut, you must compete this weekend in at least 3 of the workouts in order to be able to do the gym team tryouts after regionals, should we qualify a team at regionals for the CrossFit Games.

If you are interested in competing for the team that will vie for a games spot at regionals you must complete all 6 workouts and be in the top 3 guys or top 3 gals at the conclusion of the sixth workout. (or if one of the top 3 decides to compete individually then the next place finisher moves up).

If there is any confusion, please email me or post to comments and I will do my best to clear things up.

As of now the competitors are:
Reba Wattier
Crystal Frausto
Danielle Baker
Addi Kahrs
Stacie Tovar
Kat Anderson
Megan Guthmiller
Megan McNamara
Shelley Buchholz
Lindsey Herrera

Steve Filips
Nate Hansen
Neil Wattier
Paul Audi
Jake Hinkle
Nick Patrick
Brian Christiansen
Greg O'Kief
Brandon Berry

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8 Responses to "Team Tryouts"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. Ricky,

    I should still be on the list for this weekend to compete.

  3. Greg MO Says:
  4. I am out of town until Sunday night with my daughter in KC...So since i will miss both days of competition completely does this mean i'm ineligible for the team? Or can I make up the workouts later?
  5. Gdawg Says:
  6. This comment has been removed by the author.
  7. Ricky Frausto Says:
  8. Megan and those that this concerns,

    Greg, Crystal, Brian, Jess, and myself are getting out there on thursday evening and Crystal and I are coming back on Monday.

    I have been looking at hotels and trying to find what will work best for us as well as waiting for Skip to put up his recommended accommodations on the regional website.

    Once I find this out, I'll get the info out to everyone.

    BTW, we are going to just rent a car when we get out there.

  9. Ricky Frausto Says:
  10. There will always be some people that we can't make happy. It's just the nature of the situation. With the way I have it set up, it shows a true desire to have a team representing CFO. It's only fair.

    There will be some that say that I have other obligations and that is perfectly fine. We are not out to point you out. We are just doing what's best in the name of fairness and I believe that to be requiring at least 50% of this competition's workouts to be attempted by those that at least want to compete individually and still have a shot to make the team should they not make it.

    There are some that are hoping that we get a team to Aromas and then trying out then in order to save money. Unfortunately, if we don't get a team to Aromas, we are all out of luck.

    There was going to be only one exception and that was Zach Ries because of the fact he had surgery months ago. When he returns to the gym this will also be a requirement for him. He too will be required to complete at least half of the workouts to qualify for the second round of team tryouts.

    Since there are some that would like to do the team but can't be here this weekend, you will have until Tuesday to get half the workouts done in the same fashion. This means that if it takes the group Saturday 4 hours to complete half the workouts, you will have a four hour window to get those workouts in on Monday or Tuesday (within normal business hours).

    These are the final exceptions. Again, if you compete this weekend but are going to either compete individually in Denver or wait until the second round of team tryouts, you will have to complete at least half of the workouts.

    If you can't be here this weekend but would like the opportunity to compete for a spot on the team, you will have to complete half the workouts in the same form or fashion as the weekend group but on Monday or Tuesday.

    Hope this clears things up. Joe and I just want the best team comprised of people that want to represent this team, both individually and team.

    In the end, we may not even qualify a team and all of this is a moot point.

    Thank you for your understanding concerning this matter.

  11. Addi Says:
  12. My only concern is that there are going to be 2 blocks of approximately 4-5 hours this weekend during which I will most likely be unable to eat a sizable amount of protein. This frightens me beyond reason.

    I may lose sleep tonight.
  13. VanBeek Says:
  14. Good luck to everyone trying out for the Affiliate Cup team this weekend... You will all rip it up I'm sure!

    Lift + 1 Today
    Squat Clean Thrusters (Unload C/J Week so I figured I try these instead)
    3X5 1-154, 2-175, 3-200 (Not bad)
    ROW 250M (Has to be sub-45)- 44.5
    Elevated Clean Pulls (Standing on Yellows) - Trying to work on my deadlift rate of force development
    265, 275, 285, 296 (Doubles)
    ROW 250M - 44.3
    Heavy GM X10 (135, 155, 180)
    Rockstars (G, Y, Red X 5EA)
    Band Resisted Push Ups Plus X12
    ROW 250M - 44.1

    REST 90 MINS

    WOD 1
    Sprint 250M (Bare Feet)
    4 Muscle Ups
    ** 8 RDS ** - 13:18
    - Running Barefoot feels so much easier and fast than with shoes...
  15. Gdawg Says:
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