Friday 100319

Ricky Frausto Filed Under:
"Double Down" (SoCal Sect. #2)

Part 1
4 Rounds for time of:
9 Squat Cleans (135/95lbs)
6 Handstand Push-ups

Part 2
For time:
30 Below the Knee Hang Squat Snatches (74/43lbs)
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
750m Row

This WOD actually consists of two short workouts. You will start the second workout exactly 20 minutes after you start the first one, so your rest is determined by the time it takes you to finish the first workout. Your score for this event is the combined times of both workouts.

Post score to comments.

Gina Petersen hitting full range on her push ups. Going all the way to the floor (mid-line intact) is the only real push up.

Reminder that there will be no Saturday classes this weekend due to the CFO regional team tryouts. The good thing is that if you decide to come watch and cheer on your brethren, you can partake in the first workout right along with those competing and/or take a whack at the third workout at the end of Saturday's competition.

No one will find out what the workouts are until right before they are to be completed. Hint, hint: Saturday will begin with a bonus round where, as you guessed, bonus points can be won.

More info on schedule of events as well as workout hints will be given tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

List of competitors at the moment are:
Jen Thomas
Kat Anderson
Megan Guthmiller
Danielle Baker
Crystal Frausto
Megan McNamara
Shelley Buchholz
Addi Kahrs
Reba Wattier

Nick Patrick
Jake Hinkle
Brandon Berry
Greg O'Kief
Neil Wattier
Brian Christiansen

If there is anyone I missed, please post to comments so that I can add you to the list.

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12 Responses to "Friday 100319"

  1. Steve Says:
  2. Ricky-
    Add me to the list.

  3. Rita Says:
  4. 19:57

    scaled 77# on cleans
    6 second handstands with 25# dumbbells. regret not having done more weight on the cleans.

    our class didn't get to the second wod.
  5. BChrist Says:
  6. Oof. I was 2 for 2 on DNF's today.

    Part 1: 2 full rounds plus 7 cleans, 135# cleans, HSPU's scaled to negatives. We did this same workout last Friday and I actually made it farther today, cleans felt much better.

    Part deux: 30 snatches plus 26 CTB pullups, rx'd. I was really struggling with the snatches in the beginning until I implemented our strategy from Sectionals - snatch it up and then squat down, keeping feet in place - once I started doing that it went much smoother and faster. It still took way too long so it was a race to try and crank out the pullups, thought I might still get all 30 but didn't quite make it.
  7. Eric C Says:
  8. I wish I could do the team tryouts. Unfortunately I will be sitting at a chiropractic conference in Lincoln all weekend. Bummer...

    And top it off, I GET to sit by Jess Foster at the conference and help her plan her wedding. ( BC, you owe me man... you owe me...) :)
  9. BChrist Says:
  10. E, if you accomplish anything today, it MUST be convincing Jess that a Jersey Shore-themed bachelor/bachelorette party is not only appropriate but is also the right thing to do, for everyone.
  11. Nate Says:
  12. I do not know if i have been at the gym long enough, but i would like to be put on the list to compete as well. Thank you

  13. BigD Says:
  14. Got two full round of part one in with HSPU scaled to negatives, but hey, I was actually able to do the negatives! Big improvement for me. Got the cleans done for round three when time was called.
    On part two, got through snatches and pullups before time was called. Had to scale pullups to chin-to-bar. Only got like 5 chest-to-bar.
    Killer stuff today!
  15. Gdawg Says:
  16. BC, if Eric can't convince her of that, i'll do my best to! GTL FO LIFE!

  17. Gdawg Says:
  18. and AWESOME pic gina!! great form! I got into a heated debate with one of my 14 year olds at work today about the right way to do pushups...I WON!! :-)

  19. Donohoe Says:
  20. I did the 430 class, and everyone in there was a warrior. I finished the first wod in 11 minutes roughly at rx and the second one I didnt pay attention to the time. The snatches weren't bad but the pullups sucked. I did like finishing with the row. I really like this work out I thought it was a great challenge to end the week with.
    Donhoe is out,
    PS Jersey Shore is always an exceptable theme for any occasion..
  21. Paula Says:
  22. DNF- Had one 10sec handstand hold and set of db presses left. The 2 and 3rd round had issues staying up on the handstands. VERY Frustrating! Used 77# on Cleans...felt pretty good at first, but got heavy fast! We all did 6- 10sec holds than 25# db presses.

    Did not have time to do 2nd WOD!!! Great work 5am'ers!!!!

    Hope to make it in this weekend for tryouts to cheer ya all on!!!!
  23. Pastor Justin Says:
  24. 7:43 and then 11:59 as RX'd

    Im already sore as crap but this was a fun wod!!

    Great job 4:30 class!

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