Monday 100322

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For time:
300 Double Unders

Substitute 300 no push up burpees or 2400 single unders. There is a 10 minute cut-off.

followed by,

For time:
1.3 Mile Run carrying DB (30#/20#)

There is a 20 minute cut-off for this run.

Post time for both workouts to comments.

(photo courtesy of Ken Pishna and MMA Weekly)

CrossFit Omaha would like to send out a big congratulations to our very own Jason Brilz who won his fight (unanimous) in last night's UFC card against Eric Schafer. Jason is now 3 - 1 in the big show and primed for bigger and better things with the promotion. Great job Jason, we are all very proud of you.

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12 Responses to "Monday 100322"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. Congrats, Brilz!
  3. Paula Says:
  4. Only did 77 DU's- its definitely a work in progress.
    Ankle still a little tender, so did a 3k row instead of run. Finished in 14:35. There was only me and the Fisher's at 5am then Greg Mo and Eric who killing sat. team affiliate tryouts! Good luck guys!!

    Randy and Chris- Great job on the run!!!
  5. Greg MO Says:
  6. Dr. Clements and I came in at 5 am this morn and knocked out Saturday's extra credit & WODs...

    3xHSPUs + 4 muscle ups= 3.5 xtra credit pts
    300 DUs= 8:22
    Press=154# + DL=484#(PR) = 638 total
    couplet= 9:22

    We'll b in again at 5am 2moro & give the Sunday WODs a try...
  7. Greg MO Says:
  8. Ur a beast Brilzy!!!
  9. Gdawg Says:
  10. CONGRATS JASON! SWEEEET PIC! GOOOD LUCK ERIC & GREG with tomorrows workouts!!!!

  11. Steve Says:
  12. Congrats, Brilz.

    And big thanks to all those that worked this weekend, volunteered to count or just came out for support.
  13. Eric C Says:
  14. Sweet picture! I don't know Jason Brilz, if I meet him, I'm definitely going to try to make friends!

    Saturday's team WOD.
    DU's = 6:12
    DL = 320.5 *PR Pushpress = 132 total = 452.5
    Couplet = 12:09

    That was fun! But I'm REALLY worried about tomorrow's.....

    Nice job on the deadlift PR Greg MO! Good working with you today.
  15. Becky Says:
  16. Congrats Jason!
    Did the DU's in 9:07 and the run with 20# in 14:54. Taking 2 weeks off, definitely didn't help the lungs tonight. But great job 4:30!
  17. Shelley Says:
  18. Congrats Jason!
  19. VanBeek Says:
  20. Lift + 1 Today

    Snatch (87-93%) MAX - 225
    194 (Made), 204 (Missed then Made), 209 (Missed then Made)
    Snatch Pulls - 100-110% 4X1
    223, 228, 233, 238
    Back Squat (Still Terrible)
    225X3, 255X3, 286XMAX (5 Reps)
    Pull Ups - 5 Rep Max (No Pauses between reps) - 22,33,44,
    SS w/
    GH Sit Ups 3X15


    300m Row
    20 Swings (55#)
    5 HSPUs
    ** Rounds in 15 mins **
    - Felt slow on the row/swings and weak on the HSPUs
    5 1/3 RDS + 5 Swings
  21. paul Says:
  22. Awesome DL, Greg Mo!
  23. Mark Says:
  24. 300 DUs in 7:21
    1.3 mile run in 13:44

    The run was terrible but I made it through so I am happy.

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