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St. Patty's Day WOD (night group will entail beer drinking)
In teams of 4, complete:
200 Air Squats
400 Burpees
200 Air Squats

Only one person can be working at one time and will go in the following fashion: The first person does 50 Air Squats, the second person does 50 air squats, the third person does his/her 50 air squats, the fourth person does 50 air squats, then it comes back to the first person where they would do 25 burpees and so on until all 400 burpees are done. You would then repeat the 50 air squats for everyone to finish the workout.

If you only have 3 people on a team, the reps drop to 150 air squats, 300 burpees, and 150 air squats. If it's only 2 people on a team, it drops to 100, 200, and 100 and so on.

Post time to comments.

The shirts are in. Please remember to bring your team's entry fee along with your canned goods and try and be at the gym as early as 6:30PM.

Thanks for your cooperation.

For those interested, we will be starting a Spring LEANing Challenge. This will be a nutrition challenge to improve performance, feel better, and look better in the mirror. If you would like to know more, take a look at the nutrition blog (NutriSimple) for all the details.

We will discuss the actual challenge this Saturday at the Nutrition Sit down, which starts at 12:30PM. The $10 per person cost covers both the sit down and the challenge.

If you are not interested in doing the challenge, you are still encouraged to come in and learn a little about how to make the 60% part of the fitness puzzle work for you. The training part accounts for only 40% of the puzzle. If you really want to see changes in performance, health, and looks, you need to get your nutritional intake on track. It's so important.

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7 Responses to "Friday 100312"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Awesome day for me. NASTY GIRLS! that hurt.

    3 rds:
    50 air squats
    7 muscle ups
    10 hang power cleans (132)


    My goal was under 15, so I am happy. (My other goal was for my arms not to fall off--so far so good, but it's still early in the day...)
  3. MeganMcNamara Says:
  4. Paul you are a BEAST!! It was awesome watching you do nasty girls hahaha
    I was crazy today and went in at 5 am for some reason and Amanda made up a wod for two other gals and I and it was freakin hard but I loved it!
    200 DU's
    750m row
    Run the length of the gym 10x
    until 400 sit ups are completed by teammates...weird but good!
    Then I stayed for 6 am and worked on handstand push ups, (and I got 1 from the floor but a major kip :) so I still have a long way to go) and pull ups..shelley you are soooooo close to HSPU's it makes me sick you are going to get them in like a day. Keep workin on them girl. Had fun this morning!
  5. Gdawg Says:
  6. 1.) can't wait for tonight!!
    2.) i hope no one pukes
    3.) i'm looking to buy my CO tickets today, what is everyone doing for travel once they get out there?? people renting cars on their own and what's up for hotel? are we on our own for figuring out accommodations?!
  7. VanBeek Says:
  8. Have fun tonight everyone... Toning down my workouts cause I am kinda getting burned out...

    Just one today...
    Tabata - 6RDS at each with 40 secs between exercises

    1. Row (Calories) - Goal of 10 EA
    10,10,10,9?,9?,9? - The display on the rower actually went BACKWARD a few times so I think I managed 10 for each round but I'm not sure
    40 SECS REST
    2. DB Swings (55#) - Goal of 10
    40 SECS REST
    3. SDHP (75#) - Goal of 10
    40 SECS REST
    4. Box Jumps (20") Goal of 15
    12 (Got Messed Up), 15,15,15,15,15
  9. BChrist Says:
  10. Jon Day and Joe cooked up a nasty little number for the 4 of us nooners today: 4 rounds of 9 squat cleans @ 132#, 6 HSPU. Went rx'd on the cleans and was surprised at how taxing they became - also noticed it was a little difficult initially to adjust to a full squat clean after all the power cleans we've been doing lately. For the HSPU I used 2 abmats, except for the final round where I went to negatives with no abmat. At the 10min cutoff I was 5 cleans into the 3rd round, but eventually finished after a few minutes rest.

    Have fun tonight everyone and be safe. BC out!
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Two words... Puke & Rally!

    Tonight was awesome! Great job CFO! Everyone did AMAZING! Josh, Addi and Tony, you guys were awesome teammates!
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Rally indeed, Ellie. :)
    We may not have finished, but we had the classiest beverages in the room...

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