Thursday 100218

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Rest Day

Paul "The Professor" Audi getting ready to show us all how it's done.

If any of you have pictures and/or video from this past weekend's sectional competition, we want it. If you so kindly put what you have on CD and bring it by the gym, it would be greatly appreciated. We would like to put them on CFO pictures on the blog for everyone to see.

It also allows me to put up pics of everyone on the blog which I believe is a really cool thing. Everyone deserves their time in the limelight.

We possible have a cool thing in the works for our Friday get together so you probably don't want to miss out plus we have a bit of news to pass along (not the whole story but a teaser).

It's going to be one heck of a night so BE THERE! Ha-ha.

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12 Responses to "Thursday 100218"

  1. Nick Says:
  2. Ahhh, rest day. I need one of those. I might go run a couple miles at a slow pace. My biceps actually hurt from doing du's...what's that about? Anyway, Paul gets a nickname...that's awesome. If Paul was a fighter in the UFC, that would be his name. Everybody needs a name. Eric's could be Eric "The spine twister" Clements. We need more
  3. Ryan Says:
  4. This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Ryan Says:
  6. Made up Monday's. DNF. Had 35 sit ups of the final set left. I enjoyed this one except for the 400 single unders. Got to work on the DUs.

    Nice work 5a.
  7. Kylie Says:
  8. Feel free to steal any of my pictures on facebook- i think i may have already seen one up.
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. Brian "Squared" went after yesterday's WOD.

    156 Reps RX'd

    Thanks for pushing us Greg....those box jumps were the "easy reps". It's all realtive!

    No "rest" for the 6amers!

  11. Rita Says:
  12. Made up yesterday's "doozy" final wod from sectionals.

    158 reps rx'd except for the HSPU's. I attempted 7 handstands plus 1 trying to do the pushup so Amanda counted them as 1. Wow. Why does a cm feel like a mile?

    I used the last minute from rowing to rest before the box jumps because those have been a weakness and I wanted some freshness for them: fear of the box surface, landing like an elephant and unable to jump continuously. I can now jump continuously for about 10 and then remain consistent,landed pretty softly without being afraid of the surface. So, now more speed and endurance is next.

    Snatches: rx'd with a male bar. Did the movement as two: overhead then squatted. Next, faster (1 mov't) and not being psyched out by plates on the side when I use a female bar.

    This was fun doing next to Paula.

    Welcome, Teresa! I'm proud of you doing those burpees!

    Great job, 5 am!
  13. BChrist Says:
  14. Women's final wod video on the main site, good shots of Danielle, Reba and Kat-Woman (in super slo-mo...nice!)
  15. Allison C Says:
  16. SUSPENSEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. paul Says:
  18. I look a lot less tired in this picture than I felt.

    I REALLY wish I were going to be in town for the party, and to hear whatever top secret news is going to be announced!
  19. Fish Says:
  20. Ricky, Chris and I will be there tomorrow night and even tomorrow morning.
  21. Mel C Says:
  22. Rita your posts make me laugh. You are getting so good at Crossfit, don't sell yourself short!
  23. Paula Says:
  24. Made up the "54321" WOD-only 156 reps
    53- Row
    64- box jumps - which ended up with stepups- definitely a weakness I need to work on
    18- snatches- these felt good!
    21 - Wall Balls
    1 - a couple attempted HSPU

    Rita, it is always fun working out with you....never a dull moment! Awesome job to you and the rest of you early birds!

    Welcome to CFO, Teresa!! Great job the morning!

    Looking forward to Fridays bash!

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