Friday 100219

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As many rounds in 15 minutes of:
Guys - 5 Consecutive Weighted Strict Pull-ups (15 pounds)
Gals - 3 Consecutive Strict Pull-ups (no additional weight)

1 minute rest b/w

As many rounds in 15 minutes of:
Guys - 15 Consecutive Push ups
Gals - 8 Consecutive Push ups

The goal of these two workouts is to see how well you manage your limits. Will you rest too short and not be able to finish a few rounds or will you wait too long and not maximize the amount of rounds you are capable of? You are in charge of your rest.

A round only counts if you do a set of unbroken pull-ups or push-ups. If the number of people in a class is large, we'll have half the group do pull-ups while the other half does push-ups and then switch at the conclusion of the 1-minute rest period.

If you must scale the pull-ups, the gals may use a kip but the reps increase to 6. If the guys scale the pull-ups, they may go without weight and keep the reps at 5 but if a kip is used, the reps increase to 10.

If the push-ups need to be scaled, the reps will still remain at 15 and 8, respectively.

Post rounds completed for both workouts to comments.

Allison Cannella did a fantastic job this weekend. I know that it may have seemed overwhelming to her the first time she stepped foot in the workout area but once the workouts started, she attacked them like another day at the office.

An inspiration you are Allison.

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17 Responses to "Friday 100219"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 10 rounds each Rx'd; did pullups first; missed one set of pullups midway through as I could only get 2; took a bit longer rest after that so as not to miss any rounds. Used underhand grip which worked best for me.

    Pushups were tough after pullups but didn't miss any rounds. Should have managed rest a bit better as I should have done another round.

    Great job 6 a.m.!! Felt good to be back to normal routine. See you all tonight!
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. Well, I guess every once in a while we all need some humiliation to remind us where we stand and reinforce the work ethic.

    5 pushups and 1 pullup round with a purple band. Went to tan band then a blue band trying to get another round dice.

    Had a couple rounds of Push-ups fall 1-3 reps short. Ugghh!

    It was fun, on the other hand, to see a full compliment of 6amers....way to go guys!

    See you tonight!

  5. Mel C Says:
  6. YAY Allison!

    I can't make it in today, I will do this at home, substituting hspu for pull ups. I really need to work on them!
  7. GregP Says:
  8. Great Job 6am. Glad to see some of the sectional athletes returning.

    6 rds pullups @ BW, 6 rds pushups. Failed on 2 sets of pullups and last set of pushups.
  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. 看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................
  11. Gina Says:
  12. Great job everyone this morning.

    I did 15 rounds of push ups and 12 rounds of pull ups (using a green and purple band). Every time the first and second were good and the third not so much.
  13. Teresa Says:
  14. I'm coming to the social tonight, just wanted to rsvp for it and congratulate you all! Teresa
  15. paul Says:
  16. In the hotel gym, I did 4 sets of 5 strict pullups w/15# (untimed), as well as some strict presses and power cleans, and the infamous running squats workout (4 rds of 400m run and 50 squats). 13:50 on that, which is at least 2 min. away from a PR.
  17. Addi Says:
  18. I was looking forward to this one (who would have thought I'd ever say that about a pushup workout), but I have an interview (!) and can't make it to noon. I'm sure you'll struggle through without me. See you at Stokes!
  19. Laura Says:
  20. strict pullups: 13 rounds (blue and purple band)

    pushups: 5 rounds Rx'd

    Here is a link to a race that takes place in Omaha on June 5th. I've heard it's pretty fun! Thought some of you might be interested. :)
  21. Eric C Says:
  22. Great to be back with the 6 am'ers after a 10 day sabbatical.

    Pullups- 7 rds Rx'd.
    Pushups- 7 rds Rx'd.

    Big thank you to Brian Hilg for letting me borrow his shoes for the sectionals. It was a TREMENDOUS help. Brian, I owe you a beer (or two) tonight.
  23. linds Says:
  24. Pullups = 15 rounds Rx'd
    Pushups = 14 rounds Rx'd

    Great job nooners!
  25. Paula Says:
  26. Pullups with blue band- 8 rds
    Pushups - Rx'd- 11 rds

    Great Job 5am'ers!!

    Jess you rock! You were amazing on the strict pullups!

    See ya all tonite!
  27. Eric C Says:
  28. Paul,
    Send me your phone number (so I can txt u). Or an email address. I want to send you a preview of some of the stuff you are going to miss tonight.
  29. Jess Says:
  30. Awww shucks, Paula.
    You sure know how to work those pushups! Great job 5amers. It was nice to get a chance to work out with all of you!

  31. Allison C Says:
  32. thanks ricky! it was definately something different than i have ever done before. i am happy i got the opprotunity to be part of sectionals. thanks cfo coaches for your support and guidance!
  33. Danielle Baker Says:
  34. Pull ups 9 rounds Rx'd. Push-up 12

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