Tuesday 120821

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As many rounds/reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Kettlebell Swings, 2/1.5 pood
10 Cartwheels, alternating sides
15 Box Jumps, 20 inch box

You must alternate sides you start the cartwheel with (round offs are fine). The focus should be on passing through a perfect handstand (hips fully extended).

Post rounds/reps completed to comments/Logwod.

A great action shot of Paula. Taken in early 2010. Look how bare the gym looks. How things have changed.

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14 Responses to "Tuesday 120821"

  1. TaraBear Says:
  2. And who is that totally awesome person in the background?
  3. JennG Says:
  4. Looks like Joe. :D
  5. Addi Says:
  6. Nice, Jenn. :)
    That is all.
  7. paul Says:
  8. 9 rds. Cartwheels are getting better, but still need work.

    Nice work, 6am!
  9. Stephen Says:
  10. 7 rnds + 2 kb Rx

    The cartwheels definitely threw me off. Let's see, probably about 25 years since I did one of those. Nice work 5 am
  11. Mark Says:
  12. 12 rounds plus 7 cartwheels RX'd. The cartwheels forced me to take my time a bit which allowed for much less rest than I usually take. Although I felt like I was drowning a few times when all my sweat would drain up my face when I was upside down. Guess that's just a hazard of sweating a lot and cartwheelin' around!

    Good work 6AM! Cartwheels are not easy unless you are under the age of 10.
  13. Gdawg Says:
  14. work prevented me from coming this moring...BOOOOOOOO! I hate when that happens...BUT the good news is that I'll be reuinited with the evening classes for a fun workout! Pretty excited about cartwheels...threw them into the workout with my kids today and practiced walking on my 5 steps in the grass...for some reason that's not as scary as the gym floor.
  15. Paula Says:
  16. I was planning on coming in today, but forgot about a conference I have to go to after work since I'm the "super user". I'll make it up on thursday! I actually enjoy doing cartwheels...I make myself laugh!

    Dangit Megan, I won't be there tonight! Have fun!

    There are some more new faces coming into classes.
    Amy Mattea-Missner had her first class yesterday at
    4:30 and Andrea McDaniel has also started.

    Eric Holtmeyer and Jeremy Richardson finished
    their last session last night! Eric plans on coming
    at 6am and Jeremy at 4:30! Nice meeting you guys
    last night! Can't wait to see you in classes!

    Sage Schiller will be joining the noon class soon!

    Let's give them a big CFO welcome!
  17. Marie Says:
  18. Paula I can't go today either, but I would do this with you on Thursday!

    Amy, Andrea, Eric, Jeremy & Sage - welcome to the best gym (with the best trainers) in Omaha!!

    Speaking of trainers, it's so great to have Addi. She did an awesome job last night, which was a bit crazy, with Faces of Fitness and all the different WODs going on at the same time.
  19. Rooks Says:
  20. 9 rounds plus got the kb swings on set 10. I did RX for the first 5 rounds then dropped to 1.5KB for the rest. Cartwheels were terrible, but I got through them. Good Job 9am!
  21. Eric C Says:
  22. Welcome Newbies!

    Wow that got my erector spinae, quadratus lumborum (aka-lower back) fired up today. 2 pood kb swings are HEAVY!

    12 rounds + 2 swings.
  23. Andrea McDaniel Says:
  24. Thanks for the warm welcome! Loved the workout today. I've been doing cartwheels since I was 6 yo, so those were a nice little recovery before the box jumps! Good stuff. Thanks again!
  25. Tovar Says:
  26. 13rds + 2 kb swings

    For whatever reason I thought it was 20 box jumps and didn't realize it was only 15 until round 9. I decided to just keep doing 20 for the remainder of the rounds since I was already so far into the workout. OOPS!!! My calves and achilles are going to hate me tomorrow.
  27. Gdawg Says:
  28. can't wait to get back to lifting heavy shit jumps killed me...yikes.

    great work 630 class...few new faces to sweat with, I enjoyed it!

    fantastic pre wod speech by Ricky as well...I wish I had a recorder for it. Found it very therapeutic, transferring into life skill and not just fitness skills. I will definitely be using it in teaching opportunities with my delinquents errrr...I mean teenagers I work with! Thanks Ricky!

    LESSON OF THE DAY: you won't see changes unless you make yourself uncomfortable. What will you make this next workout do for you?

    10 rnds + 4 swings

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