Thursday 120823

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Rebuilding the Feet, part 2

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  1. Tovar Says:
  2. Didnt get a chance to post on Wednesdays blog b4 todays was already up so here I go. Ended up with 275 x 5 on high bar back squat and 290 x 1 on front squat. Tried 295 after class and couldnt get up out of the bottom of the squat. Definitely a PR for me regardless. Thanks for challenging me to go big today Mr. Dan Fletcher and nice work yourself! Glad I didnt let you talk me into jumping up to 308 like you were trying to.... I would have crumbled! Ha!
  3. Stephen Says:
  4. Did Cindy today for the first time...I'd say 90% of my time was spent on pushups. I really need to put in some work on upper body strength. I told Amanda that I thought I spent about 75% of my time on those pushups, but, no, it was more. Got through 8 rounds and 3 pushups. Hey, PR though!
  5. Gdawg Says:
  6. first of all I checked out the board of Front Squat/Back Squat weights from yesterday and HOLY SHIT...front squat weights were incredible! Congrats to everyone yesterday, sounds like ppl pushed each other hard and went for it! Bad asses!

    congrats to Lauren and Shelley this morning. Shelley was absolutely adorable after her 185# split jerk PR, the workout was high energy and positive from there on out! Lauren kicked ass on the 3 rep clean with 141#, ten pounds heavier than what she did at kyle-stacie-phil event! Awesome start to the day ladies, thanks for push!

    I pr'd on split jerk at 175#. Failed at 156# decided to still go heavier then failed at 165#, attempted it again and got it, then got 175# right after that! It was all a mental game and I got through it.

    for my heavistx3 touch n go cleans I was 10 pounds under what I did at the kyle-stacie-phil event. Was a little disappointed & started to make excuses at first, then remembered to shutup & look forward. it wasn't there for me today, I know I can do the weight and I will get it.

    Thanks Greg P for getting the PR bell hung, we had fun with it today! Have a great workout/rest days guys!

  7. Addi Says:
  8. That PR bell definitely got a workout this morning. High energy might be an understatement. :) You girls made it easy to keep pushing. Big weights being moved!!

    Extra big thanks to Megan Mc for making me push my weights up. It was hard as hell, but it was worth it - good way to start back after a week off heavy training. And thanks to Katelyn for being so bad-ass that the mere mention of her name reminds us all that we have WORK to do if we're going to even pretend to stay ahead of her much longer. :)
  9. Eric C Says:
  10. ::Ding Ding::

    First official ring of the PR bell today. 242# Front squat. I'm still amazed that I can get PR's doing weights considering how long I have been doing this and how old I'm getting.

    Maybe a PR on high hang power cleans at 230# but I don't really care about that. Front squats are WAAAAAY sexier!!!
  11. Shelley Says:
  12. Love PR's!!!

    I was excited to hit 185# on split jerk. It was fun to see Megan G and Lauren hit PR's as well.

    Matched my 3 RM touch 'n go cleans at 165# and thought I could do 175#. I cleaned 175# once and think I rushed the next rep and failed.

    I definitely felt an adrenaline rush after split jerk; not even sure that this is a true 1 RM as we were doing 10x1, and that was my last set. It didn't feel as heavy as I think a 1 RM should feel....or maybe that's just how I want to remember it for next time!

    Loved the energy this morning!
  13. paul Says:
  14. nice PRs, everyone!!

    Eric, you so-and-so--you'll be PR-ing for a long time to come, I bet.

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