Thursday 120719

Ricky Frausto Filed Under:
Rest Day

Emphasis: Kettlebell Snatches

There are about 300 active CFO members and if everyone of us takes a little time to vote, I'm sure we could do some damage in this contest. Don't let a chain win this.

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Thank you!

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4 Responses to "Thursday 120719"

  1. Shane Says:
  2. I voted for CFO in a couple categories. Some categories I had to guess at (dentist??! Who has one of those?).
    I did Tuesday's row/clean/burpee pullup workout this morning and Wednesday's squat/run at noon with Bob. Trying to make sure Team OTC keeps Team CFO nervous (Addi, in particular, has been talking quite a bit of trash, so.....).
  3. Alex Says:
  4. Which category, specifically? Under fitness I'm just filing in CFO for all of the relevant ones... you know like, "Best Place To Hurt", "Best Place to Sweat", "Best Place to Listen to Loud Music", etc...
  5. Addi Says:
  6. That's what Addis do best, Shane.
  7. Paula Says:
  8. Went in tonight and did some 400m runs, DU's, and Pullups. I got two consecutive kipping. Not much but its a start. Then did a few tire flips. Love rest days.

    Congrats to Troy on the a huge consecutive DU PR with the new rope.. He got 89 then a bit later got 95! Watch out Pat M.

    I hope you all got you vote in!

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