Thursday 120705

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Team "Tumilson"
Eight rounds each, for time of:
Run 200 meters
11 DB Burpee Dead-lifts, 50#/40#

In teams of 2, finish 8 rounds, each, of the above couplet. One person is running while the other person is completing the burpee dead-lifts. You can not begin the next run or the next set of burpee dead-lifts until your partner has moved on. There is a 20 minute cap to this workout.

WOD Demo with Jonathan Glancy - video [wmv][mov]

Post time to comments/Logwod.

U.S. Navy Special Warfare Operator Petty Officer 1st Class (SEAL/Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist) Jon "JT" Thomas Tumilson, 35, of Rockford, Iowa, assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, died on August 6, 2011, in Wardak province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when his helicopter crashed. He is survived by his parents George and Kathy Tumilson, Joy and Scott McMeekan, sisters Kristie and Joy, and his dog Hawkeye.

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8 Responses to "Thursday 120705"

  1. Jennifer Formo Says:
  2. My partner and I had a difference of opinion about how many rounds we did, but it was a good workout. Difficult with the heat...glad we did it at 6:00 AM. I feel for you afternoon people today!!
  3. Sherv Says:
  4. Partnered up with Jeff and finished in 19:30. This one really made me want to quit. Don't know if it was the heat or the food/drink from yesterday, but it sure was tough to keep moving this morning. Great job everybody at 6am!
  5. Jecca Says:
  6. Jen, I think you were right about the 6 rounds. I don't think I ran fast enough to have done 7! I agree about the heat, good luck afternooners!

  7. paul Says:
  8. i did a variation of this at home

    8 rds
    11 burpees
    11 DL (135)

    then run 1 mile

    20:00 flat. that mile was brutal! i have to admit that i'm kind of pleased with myself for putting myself through this. i'm often a slacker when i work out alone.
  9. Eric C Says:
  10. Wow! The heat sucked the life out of us nooners. Bob and I got it done in 19:03. I did one round w 70#db's and Bob did 4 rounds with then. Otherwise we used to 50's. The last 2 rounds really sucked.

    Good luck afternooners
  11. Shannon Nordquist Says:
  12. Jen and Jess, I think you did more than 6 rounds because we did 6.5 rounds and I'm pretty sure you guys were ahead of us. Great job 6AM!

    - Shannon
  13. Paula Says:
  14. Teamed up with JennG. Jenn came running through the door on the 6rd when time was up. We both completed 6 full rounds RX'D. Worst part was running up that "hill" facing the sun. Nice job Jenn!!! It was not a fun one.

    MeganG and I dunked our feet/legs in the tank after our cool down 400m walk. Felt sooo good! Highly recommended.

    NICE WORK to all that showed up today and did this WOD in this heat!!
  15. Lauren F. Says:
  16. Teamed up with Megan Fletcher and we finished just under 6.5 rounds rx'd. Glad we went with the rx'd weight for this one...pretty sure it would've hurt just as much with lighter weights anyway :-P. Great job 5:30!! Way to work through the heat!

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