Saturday 120714

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Warm-up for the Bike workout begins at 9am with the actual workout starting as soon as everyone is ready to go. The workout is:

Three rounds for time of:
Bike 5K or Run 1 Mile
15 DB Squat Cleans, 45#/30#
15 Toes 2 Bar
15 Box Jumps, 30"/24" box

Click Here for the Bike Route

There should be extra bikes for those that would like to do this workout.

Two days down, two days to go and KK is still holding strong in 2nd place. We always knew he was good enough and now the world knows it too. He's only going to get better too. A pure athlete. CFO Nation!!!!!!

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7 Responses to "Saturday 120714"

  1. Rooks Says:
  2. Wish i was around for the Bike workout, can't wait to get back to CFO on Monday! Jess and I did 200 meters then 21-15-9 air squat and hand release push ups followed up with another 200m. I have a feeling next week will be rough going...
  3. Steve Says:
  4. How did the bike workout go?
  5. Carrie Adams Says:
  6. Loved this WOD today! Nice work everyone!
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. I got my butt kicked by this one. I honestly contemplated throwing the towel in after my 2nd potty break, but I didn't. So glad I kept moving and fought through it.

    I do think some long WODs such as this should be added into programming every week to every other week. I know I need it!

    Thanks for organizing this Ricky!
  9. paul Says:
  10. oh man, Kyle is such a BAMF!
  11. paul Says:
  12. HELLS YEAH!! Nice finish, Stacie!!
  13. paul Says:
  14. Attaboy, Kyle!!

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