Saturday 120707

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Open Gym (all classes)

We'll have a workout written up for all classes but you are not required to do it. Please come in. The weather is supposed to be better today and we miss you.

If anyone is available to stay after, we would love the help setting up for Sunday's fund raising team competition. We also love it if you could spare a few hours and help us judge, cheer, run for ice for the ice baths, help set up between events, etc. on Sunday, anywhere from 10 to 3pm. Thank you in advance.

Accelerating and decelerating your handstand walks.

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  1. paul Says:
  2. I REALLY hope I'm there for Shelley's first muscle-up. It's not far away.

    Going to have to miss tomorrow--family in town. Have fun, everyone!

    Had some fun metcon!

    3x5 back squat at 279.

    3x 1 muscle-up and 8 ring dips.

    10 power snatches at 132.

    Nothing too taxing (other than the squats), just maintenance.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Worked on muscleups; at least I have video now of what I look like (thanks Blair) and yes, it's going to happen; I just don't know when. I thought I'd have it by now.

    I then worked on OHS to get some confidence back on these since I struggled with these last week. I did 15 reps unbroken at 99# (not sure why I didn't keep going since I wasn't really struggling), but in any case, it helped me mentally. I also moved my hands in a bit per Ricky's advice to help with fatigue in my shoulders. It requires me to have a better squat though so I focused on that.

    I then did all of the shoulder mobility/thoracic exercises that Eric showed me. I learned some new ones to add to what I've been doing. I made Tara stick around and do them too; thanks Tara!
  5. Jake Says:
  6. I'll come down from Lincoln and help judge. I judged Regionals and I'm judging the Games next week ;)

    Looking forward to supporting my community :D

    -Jake Fisher

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