Friday 120525

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Turkish Get ups

Take 10 minutes to work the skill of get ups. Use dumbbells, kettlebells, maybe even barbells. Stay relatively light and focus on imprinting the correct technique in your mind.


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
Turkish Get ups, alternating arms
Kettlebell  Swings

For the weights, use 1.5/1 pood. If you need to scale, guys can only drop to either a 45# or 40# dumbbell whereas the ladies may only drop to a trainer kb or 20# dumbbell. You must alternate arms. Use the same weight/piece of equipment for the swings.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

Please welcome Natalie Targy to the community. I haven't really had a chance to get to know Natalie real well yet but from what I've seen so far, she moves well and works hard. Sounds like CFO material to me. Welcome!

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3 Responses to "Friday 120525"

  1. paul Says:
  2. This was perfect--not sure what else I could've done this morning.

    2/4 TGUs rx'ed. I think that makes 47 TGUs and 45 swings in 20 min.

    Nice work as always, 6am!
  3. The Real Nick Patrick Says:
  4. If anybody wants to swing by Loose Moose tonight, I will be there celebrating my 30th birthday. 8pm.

  5. Jen Says:
  6. 16:45 RX'd

    I like this movement. We haven't done these for a bit.

    Have a great weekend all!

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