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Hang Clean (squat or power) - 3x3

After a thorough warm-up, complete 3 sets of 3 reps on a 2 minute clock. Increase weight each set.


AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
12 Double Unders
8 Pistols, alternating
3 Hang Cleans, 203#/143#

Rest 1 minute. Repeat cycle 5 times.

The hang cleans can be squat or power but all three reps must be done consecutive or they do not count. If you cannot use the rx'd weights, the scaled weights are: 176#/121#, 154#/99#, 132#/77#

Post total rounds completed to comments/Logwod.

Terra Moyers enjoys 400 meters of walking lunges. Did you? How long until you were right again?

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15 Responses to "Monday 120430"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. Hang Power cleans sets:

    131, 148, 153

    11 rounds plus 48 DU's and 24 pistols Rx'd

    Cycles as follows:
    3 rounds even (4 seconds left after last set of cleans)
    2 rounds plus 5 pistols
    2 rounds plus 7 pistols
    2 rounds plus 7 pistols
    2 rounds plus 5 pistols

    Good work 6 a.m.!
  3. paul Says:
  4. This one turned out to be tougher than I expected!

    Hang squat cleans: 198-208-218

    Metcon: 10 rds + 12 DU, scaled to 176 hang squat cleans and pistol rolls coming up on 2 feet.

    Nice working with you as always, Corey!
  5. Lauren F. Says:
  6. Hang power cleans: 77, 87, 87

    For the metcon, scaled to 77# for cleans and one-legged squats to 3 red plates. 10 rds plus 60 DU's and 11 pistols. Despite the scaling, I was pretty happy to keep a somewhat consistent pace for all 5 rounds. Now to work on those pistols! :-P Great job 9am!'

    2 rds + 12DU's
    2 rds + 4 pistols
    2 rds + 1 pistol
    2 rds + 3 pistols
    2 rss + 3 pistols
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. Btw, my upper thighs look like someone beat the crap out of me.......
  9. Addi Says:
  10. Holy crap. Mine, too, Shelley. Between the bruises from sloppy contact points and the muscle soreness from the pistols, I'm a bit of a wreck today. :) Not to mention the streak of exposed shin bone from partner DLs this morning.

    Fun workout, though!

    Hang squat clean - 143, 153, 158

    Conditioning - 15 rds + 41 DU + 7 pistol

    My goal going in was to get at least 3 rds each cycle and to miss no pistols. Done and done. Barely. :) The very last set of hang power cleans, I had just 10 seconds and it was getting ugly. Got the 3rd right on the buzzer. The contact point kept moving further and further down my leg. My scrapes/bruises are like a timeline of my declining technique. :)
  11. Gdawg Says:
  12. worked up to 124# fully squat clean, would've like to have gone heavier but decided to get back to the basics on hips, knees and elbow position for a good front squat

    10rds + 60dus + 19 pistols

    Great job 9am! afterwards I met up with Jenn Grass because we're workin on a lil' som som for you guys! She gave me some good tips from Carl P seminar about pistols...kinda been playing w/em at home today...good stuff! definitely gonna do the November cert with Kelly!

    also, heard from Addi that the team felt really good with the 1st reg. WOD this morning...CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM AT REGIONALS! Can't wait to see what world records will be by then end of it all...
  13. Pingel Says:
  14. Fun video done by Westside High School Television on my experience with Crossfit!
  15. bluejayRN Says:
  16. This was a great workout!

    Hang power clean: 121/126/131

    13 rounds + 24 Double unders + 16 pistols + 4 hang cleans @ 99#
    I was hoping for 3 rounds each cycle, but fell short by one hang clean twice.

    Felt good all around.

    Anyone know the cost and date of the KStar seminar?
  17. Jen Says:
  18. I had to do this one at the home gym today.

    Hang Power Clean- 125/135/145

    Metcon- 14 rnds went for 3 rnds each cycle. I only got 2 on the 3rd cycle because my jump rope broke. I only used #115. Anyone else with a home gym feel like the weight is always heavier?? Weird!
  19. Hilg Says:
  20. I did my make-up 400 m lunges last Thursday. Drove to Cedar Rapids and back today and my hammies are still killing me!
  21. Paula Says:
  22. Hang (power) Cleans- 99,109,114

    Metcon...frustrating. I have a new rope and I my DU's got worse. I don't know if it is too fast for me and I can't keep up with it or what?!? I just need to either practice with this new one or go back to old rope for a while. Did 99# cleans and pistols with help of a pole. Need to keep knee forward. So, between the sucky DUs and slow pistols I only got a total 1 round plus pistols on all rounds with an 5 full rounds +.

    Welcome Emilie!! You survived your first class! had nothing to worry about. You did awesome!

    Deuz you did great as well! So proud of you.

    And Congrats to Jessica Rooks who finished her first class today as well!

  23. Addi Says:
  24. Same when I lift at work. It's always heavier when I'm by myself.
  25. Addi Says:
  26. The faster ropes just take some getting used to - hard to learn to make your wrists do less! Just a timing thing - they'll be back better than ever in no time. :)
  27. Paula Says:
  28. Thanks Addi! Crystal said it takes getting used to as well. It is just sooo frustrating!
  29. Stacie Says:
  30. 144, 154, 164 - all unbroken. Felt good, should have gone heavier, had more, but just wanted to set a baseline.

    Had to do a variety of things for Regional training. My first round was as CFO Rxd: 4 rds + DU's and pistols, all unbroken.

    Great big class at 5:30 - I love it!

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