Saturday 120303

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CrossFit Games 12.2

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Snatch (75#/45#)
30 Snatch (135#/75#)
30 Snatch (165#/100#)
Max Rep Snatch (210#/120#)

Post total reps completed to comments/Logwod.

This CrossFit stuff looks like fun. Count me in for the Open in 2030.

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5 Responses to "Saturday 120303"

  1. paul Says:
  2. These Saturdays are fun! Great work, everyone! It is really motivating to watch people pushing their limits.

    60 reps. Got 3 failed attempts at 165. I tried to squat snatch the first one, and I was sooooo close. a little frustrating. but basically, i didn't have the technique for the full snatch, and i didn't have the strength for the power snatch.

    Had a blast, though! Thanks for all the cheering, people--I really wanted to get that rep for y'all.
  3. Addi Says:
  4. Paul, I really thought you had that 165 - so close! Great work!

    Inspiring performances all around. This one was brutal. I love these Saturdays - the energy just makes it easy to give it everything.

    88 for me. Not what I was hoping for, but I'll take it! Couldn't have gotten any more. Thanks for counting, Shelley! And thanks to BC for keeping my technique in check! You both helped a ton.

    Fingers crossed for more than one movement next week!
  5. paul Says:
  6. Thanks, Addi!
  7. Joe W Says:
  8. Sounds like some great effort today at CFO. Been keeping posted from Ohio, great job peeps. Joe W
  9. bluejayRN Says:
  10. I had a blast just watching everyone on Saturday! Lots of hard work and amazing athletes!

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