Saturday 111203

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In teams of 2, complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Burpees
10 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges, 33#/22#
15 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood

Only one person can be working out at a time and you have to do the work in order listed but you can break it up however you want. For example, if you are on rep 10 of swings and want your partner to take over, you're allowed.

Post team and total rounds completed to comments.

A pic I took from the blog back on February of 2008. Great stuff.

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11 Responses to "Saturday 111203"

  1. Kylie Says:
  2. I have this same picture from forever ago! Miss you guys like crazy!
  3. Steve Says:
  4. Funny enough, Josh and I are standing outside of the Sapp fieldhouse (where this pic was taken) right now waiting for a race to start.
  5. JimmyG Says:
  6. Even funnier steve, is that after all these years, you're still running races!

    Just giving you crap, man!

    Those are a bunch of Original Gangstas!

    I miss CFO so badly!!
  7. paul Says:
  8. We miss you too, Jimbo!

    This IS an awesome pic. We had some fun in those days. Of course, we have some fun now, too!

    Teamed up with Megan McNamara can i put this delicately...we owned this biatch.

    592 reps rx'ed.

    Of course, chances are the Tovars and Yogi clocked an even 800.
  9. ZachR Says:
  10. Matt M. and I attacked this WOD by alternating every exercise. Most rest was when the other person was doing the KB swings. We almost completed 18.5 rounds for a total of 553 reps.
  11. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  12. What's Up Everyone??

    Lift Then A Quick Heavy Metcon...
    Hang Pwr Snatch, Pwr Sn, Full Snatch
    * Hit 180# On The Complex
    Trap Bar DL (Went off my crappy max... ha)
    6X1 328-344 (No Belt)
    Hanging Pull Up Bar Muscle Ups...
    3X5 Reps (No Easy Went The Bar Swings Too)

    40 Foot 185# Overhead BB Carry
    20 DU's
    10 Sledgehammer Strikes
    * 5 Min AMRAP - 5 RDs + 1 Carry *

    Snow, Snow, Go Away...
  13. Melissa B Says:
  14. Aw the memories...despite the fact that I had to leave years ago, CFO is still my homepage and I love watching all your amazingness!
  15. Dave Paladino Says:
  16. Great to see so many of us still there. Man we all have changed a lot. I did the workout at home with the kids Ila and I did with 240. We had to scale because a 7 year old girl has to scale 1.5 pods. The boys did 360
  17. Addi Says:
  18. I noticed that, too, Dave - apparently the only way to quit us is to move too far away to commute. Miss you, Mel, Kylie, Jimbo, Alison, and Nick!
  19. paul Says:
  20. Nice to hear from all the OG crossfitters who've moved away!
  21. Nick Says:
  22. Ahh yes, those were the good ol' days in the Sapp Fieldhouse! Made some great new friends outside of my med school bubble, miss you guys, hope all is well.

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