Tuesday 111115

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Five rounds (30 minutes) of:
Ninety seconds of work on:

Ninety seconds of work on:
Strict Toes 2 Bar (no kipping)

Ninety seconds of work on:
Handstand Walks

Ninety seconds of work on:

For L-sits, place a red bumper underneath each hand and a red bumper underneath the heels of a straight leg. If this is not possible, scale by removing the bumper from underneath the heels. Scale the toes to bar with a kip if you have to but work on a slower negative. If you do not have muscle-ups, work on ring dips if you have them or ring push ups if you do not.

Groups of people will start at different stations to begin the workout and rotate every 90 seconds.

Post your experience to comments.

Running at 9am.

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13 Responses to "Tuesday 111115"

  1. bluejayRN Says:
  2. The. Best. Class. EVER!

    Thanks for adding the 9am!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Fun morning, but TOUGH! My shoulders are still burning.
  5. svioli Says:
  6. It's always a good day when there are handstand walks!
  7. Natalie Says:
  8. Nice to work on intimidating moves in a non-threatening way. It was also nice to get the opportunity to be paired with some people I never get the chance to work out with.
  9. Crystal Says:
  10. fun times this morning. i love days of being able to work on weaknesses. i'm so close to a muscle up it should be a muscle up!! damn transition!
  11. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  12. No false grip muscle up transition work... 12-15 total..
    Rack Thruster .. 3x3 (Best I have is 211#)
    204, 214 (PR), 220x2... Almost
    Bleachers were out so did Helen variation I've done before...
    3 stair sprints (2 flights each)
    21 DB Swings (55#)
    12 Pull Ups
    * Last Time.. 7:15... This time... 6:47... Tough, but good to pr on a metcon...
  13. Jen Says:
  14. Good day. Maybe next time we could have a bit more time at the stations (2:30) and one less round? Love a good skills day. Damn muscle up, DAMN YOU!
  15. BigD Says:
  16. Loved this one as I need work in each area. Got my goal of one muscle-up per round. 2-in-a-row was almost there a couple of times.
  17. Tricky Ricky Says:
  18. I would give more time but unfortunately, crossfitters have a bit of ADD and would lose sight of direction. It was a good average between those that need more time and those that are new and don't really know what they should be doing within the 90 seconds.

    Plus, we might need more time for muscle-ups but anymore than 90 would be too long for L-sits and probably strict toes 2 bar.

    Duly noted though Jen and very appreciate of the feedback. I wish more people would give it. Which reminds me, thanks Corey Sherven for starting up the convo concerning getting out of 6am on time. I have asked Amanda to place some focus on this as well playing around with different ways of setting up the programming.

    I hope it's coming under control a bit more?
  19. Eric C Says:
  20. Nice gymnastics day. Tried to get a good T2B workout in... and I did. Can barely laugh w/o feeling it. L sits were TOUGH too. Had to bend knees a little. Got a few strict MU's, but then had to work on efficient kipping. Handstand walks are a strength, so I tried to balance on one arm as long as possible.

    Fun stuff today!
  21. Steve Says:
  22. Fun day, but Paul was right, my shoulders are killing me. Gonna be heavy doses of fish oil and motrin tonight.

    Teamed up with Shane. Most things went well, although L sits started out around 10 sec on first round and were down to 2 sec at the end. Liked the strict T2B. Worked a little bit on handstand walks, but gave them up on round 4 to save the shoulders and concentrate on muscle ups.
  23. Jen Says:
  24. Alright Ricky good points on the time deal. I guess you can continue programming. :) So far the new programming is great. I like the 2 part class. Perfect for our ADD.
  25. hannah eileen Says:
  26. Jen Shannon should not be able to comment on gymnastics days. Of course she wants more time to show off her excellence. I, on the other hand, hated today. I can't get 1 of the movements strict and was angry. However, after a talk with JonDay, I feel much better about my place at CFO. :)

    It was great working with you at 5:30, Karen! Awesome effort last night.

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