Thursday 111201

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Rest Day

Do you walk like a duck? If you do, you probably run like one too. Check yourself throughout the day. How do you walk? Toes out? That's not the way you were set up to walk. Point those toes forward and your knee pain goes away. Maybe it's ankle pain or low back pain? Same thing for running. Fix it!!!!!!

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5 Responses to "Thursday 111201"

  1. Jen Says:
  2. I feel like a truck ran over me this week. Today I worked on muscle ups and then for fun did 3 rnds of 10 turkish get ups (1 pd)and 10 ball slams (16lbs)
  3. Nick Says:
  4. I've been "pose walking" for about 3 weeks now, and my knee actually feels better.
  5. Paula Says:
  6. Made up tues wod! That was rough. I new it was going to be going into it from looking at comments and logwod. Not many finished. I was really dreading it at 5am. I did 4rds...42 DU's, 15 Knee to elbows (if you can call them that, I broke up by 3's then 2's) and 12 Shoulder to overhead using 77# and broke them up 6/6.

    On a lighter note....I got 15 DU's in a row!!! Which is a huge PR for me. The most I ever got was like 7-8! I like Sue, was going to write it as a goal to do 10 in a row on the PR board! I pretty pumped!

    Thanks for doing this WOD with me Joe H.!!!
  7. BigD Says:
  8. Paula, that's awesome!
    Missed seeing you guys this week, but didn't want to spread this flu bug.
    See you all either Saturday or Monday!
  9. Paula Says:
  10. Thanks Dave! We missed you as well, but I'm glad you didn't come...I don't want "the bug"!
    Get well soon! Have a good weekend!

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