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2-Board Bench Press - Perform 3 reps (soft touch), increasing in weight each time, if able, for 5 sets. Do this on a 3 minute time interval. Go as heavy as you can but be successful at getting all your reps on all your sets.


300 Yard Shuttles (3 rounds) - Set up two markers 25 yards apart. Sprint there, touch the line, sprint back, touch the line, a total of 6 consecutive trips. Depending on the size of the class, you will be separated into anywhere between 4 and 6 groups so that there isn't less than a 3 to 1 or more than a 5 to 1, rest to work ratio (but still have competition).

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

You guys know Regina right? Stud. I don't think she realizes it yet but she is. Break down those walls Regina. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. But most importantly, don't ever stop having fun. That goes for the rest of ya too.

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18 Responses to "Friday 111118"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 157# on Bench; Did sets of 115, 125,137,147, 157.

    1:07, 1:07, 1:09 on shuttle sprints. I tried to keep up with Paul, but I didn't. I could feel the lactic acid in my legs on these. These were tough, but they weren't as bad as I remembered from the last time we did these.

    Great work 6 a.m.!! I missed you guys/gals lately so it was good to be back at my "normal" time.
  3. Jen Allison Says:
  4. This looks awesome! The best part of the video is the Viking from the Capital One commercials.

    I'm bummed I can't make it in today, but I'm going to try to do this in the garage this evening.
  5. BigD Says:
  6. Man, it has been a while since I benched, and it showed! Last successful set was my third, where I hit 230. Only got two on the last two sets with 235. Good motivation for me though to get this lift better.

    1:14, 1:20, and 1:20 for the shuttle runs. Tried to keep up with Danny, but he killed me on this. Nice job dude.
    Man, my legs are hurting from yesterday!
    Good work out there 5AM!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Fun stuff. I was so grateful to see something I could still do after that 18-min AMRAP.

    got up to 218 on the bench. shuttles were: 1:04, 1:05, 1:05. Pretty happy with the consistency, though I probably could've gone faster on the first one.
  9. Jen Says:
  10. 150 for bench. Could have gone heavier. Damn shuttle runs!1:12, 1:14 and 1:17.
  11. Kayla Says:
  12. Awesomely huge 9 am class today! I loved it. 93# on bench (I'm not superbly happy about that but it could have been worse). 1:00 1:16, 1:24(not satisfied at all) my hammys were hurting for sure! Great job every body!
  13. Paula Says:
  14. Good times at 9am class today....well until the shuttle runs. Ugg! Benched-125#. Fun benching with ya Cam and JenS. Shuttle runs-1:26, 1:35, 1:41. Not good at all.

    Nice work today 9am'ers!!!
  15. Crystal Says:
  16. way to go 9am!

    98 for bench. could have had 104 but missed the 3rd rep. damn!

    1:15, 1:16, 1:17 for shuttle runs. last run was horrible. my legs almost gave out!! could have moved a little faster but happy with the consistancy. had some dry heaves after the last run! yuck!!
  17. Tricky Ricky Says:
  18. Hey guys, we performed 3x300 yard shuttles back on Halloween of 2009. There were only 8 posts but there are more on Logwod, which I've updated.
  19. Jeremy Says:
  20. 289# bench
    1:09 average on shuttles legs were on fire.
  21. Abby Banks Says:
  22. 98# for the bench press. 1:11, 1:16(I think), 1:19 on shuttles. Actually enjoyed these minus the jello legs! Great job everyone at 9 am!
  23. Natalie Says:
  24. Pretty happy with today's results. 98# 2x for bench, failed on 3rd attempt. Shuttle runs felt steady 1:29; 1:39; 1:37.
  25. Danny Says:
  26. 250# for bench press. I think I had at least 10# in me still.

    1:05, 1:06, 1:03 for the shuttles.

    Nice job today Dave, I'm glad I had a day of rest between these and that squat workout!
  27. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  28. Quick Workout...
    Weighted Pull Ups - 1RM + 3X1 @90%
    Hit 100.2#... First Time Over 100#
    Then... 3X1 @91#

    3 Power Snatches (155#)
    21 Box Jumps (24" + Jump Off)
    6 Push Press (155#)
    15 Box Jumps
    9 Power Cleans (155#)
    9 Box Jumps
    * 3 Rounds *
    6:55... Last Round Was Getting Brutal...
  29. Steve Says:
  30. 264 on bench, but only got one rep. 1:08,:11,:20. Last round felt like I was running thru peanut butter.
  31. Shelley Says:
  32. Now I know why they didn't feel as bad as I remember.....I was slower today than 2 yrs ago. :(
  33. Troy Says:
  34. 174 bench
    1:07, 1:11, 1:17, that cost 20 burpees
  35. bluejayRN Says:
  36. 98# bench
    1:14 x3 for shuttles. Speed is a weakness. I can run forever, just not very fast.

    Good work 5 am!

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