Friday 111028

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With a continuously running clock, perform one kettlebell swing (1.5/1 pood) and one hand-release push up the first minute, two kettlebell swings and two hand-release push ups the second minute, three kettlebell swings and three hand-release push ups the third minute... continuing on as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post number of minutes completed to comments/Logwod.

A great pic of Erica Carlsson post burpees during this past weekend's med ball get together. Erica is the sister of Kelli Carlsson and is studying medicine at Creighton U. She's engaged to be married real soon and has been a part of CrossFit for quite some time now. Can I get a hey if you know Erica? Great person.

Here is a link to a post I wrote on the upcoming changes for the rest of this year. It's on Facebook so you'll need an account and, of course, to be following us in order to see it. I'll probably post it here sometime soon but for now, you'll have to read it there.

I am constantly trying to interact with our members and other crossfitters around the world through our social media accounts. It's a great way to socialize when we can't do it in person. I, of course, would rather do it in person but not all of you come as much as you should or can and this way we can keep influencing each other for the greater good.

Like I said, the news will probably get posted here eventually, but through social media, those that follow us get first dibs. Following our Twitter account,, or our Facebook fan page,, you'll learn about many other things pertaining to the gym as well as so much more. The Facebook page also allows you a point of advertising to your connections. Showing them what we do and what we are about. Thanks for always helping us bring new people to our community. Until next time...

Better in 2012

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24 Responses to "Friday 111028"

  1. JennG Says:
  2. I noticed that the registration for Trek up the Tower opens on November 1st. Do we have a team that does this??
  3. Shane Says:
  4. Hey for Erica!
  5. paul Says:
  6. bad-ass pic, Erica!

    11 rds + 10 PU rx'ed. I knew pushups would get to me, but I'm pretty happy with this. Until the last few, the pushups felt strong. No elbow pain.
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. 12 rounds Rx'd. I knew 13 would be tough to get because I only had 2 seconds left after round 12. I started breaking up pushups in round 8. Round 12 was 3 sets of 4, but in round 13 I only managed to get 6 pushups with most of them being singles. I'd reached my limit on pushups. Swings felt good throughout this WOD.

    Great job 6 a.m.!!
  9. Erica Says:
  10. This shows how much I love burpees...especially after running around on a field and losing a point, haha :)

    11 rounds today, went Rx'd until the 9th round and then had to switch to pushing up on my knees since my arms hit a wall. Fun workout with lots of people at 6am who did an awesome job!!!
  11. BC Says:
  12. 11 rounds. Did the 750m row in 2:47.
  13. Jess Says:
  14. 11 rounds, scaled the workout by using a trainer and pushups where on my knees with 2 reds stacked on each side.

    The 750m row was nice and slow but not sure what the time was.

    Great job 6am!
  15. Sherv Says:
  16. 13 rounds Rx'd. Really enjoyed this workout and also the time afterwards to work on mobility. Great job this morning 6am!

  17. Hilg Says:
  18. 12 rounds +10 PUs Rx'd. Pissed I couldn't hit the last 3.....paid for it as that last 250 yards sucked...beating myself up for missing the whole time. Mental game, isn't it.

    Another nice big 6am class. Be out hunting deer for my Paleo friends this weekend and Monday.

  19. Steve Says:
  20. Nice pic Erica.

    Hilg- good luck this weekend.

    JennG- I did the Trek up the Tower a couple of years ago. It was a well-organized and fun event. But it took me around 8 minutes, and at $45 for the event, that was almost $6 per minute. Absolutely fun to do ONCE and I would recommend it. Like many other races around here, it does fill up really fast. All runners are in a single file line and they release you one at a time with a 30 sec interval. If you do try it, my only recommendations would be to 1)not hit the stairs going all out... pick a steady pace and go with it. If you've still got energy, pick up the pace the higher you go. And 2) see if you can get seeded to start earlier. If you start late in the morning, you get stuck in traffic jams in the stairwell.
  21. BigD Says:
  22. 13 rounds, 10 of the pushups from round 14 before I collapsed. Did the 500m row in 1:49, I think... Had visions of getting in the 20's. Would love to get another crack at this down the road...
  23. GregP Says:
  24. 11rds, bench pressing and planks yesterday fatigued me too soon today.

    Big Class at 6am. Great Job everyone.
  25. Jeremy Says:
  26. 13rds with 9 pushups.
  27. Greg MO Says:
  28. What up CFO peeps!!

    If any of you guys like Drywall Crossfit (& I know you do) you guys will love this:
  29. jakeH Says:
  30. What up Greg Mo. That link is hilarious.

    Got to 15 rounds Rx'd and then rowed a 500 in 1:31. WOD wasn't so bad till double digit rounds, then real tough.

    Awesome noon class.
  31. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  32. Worked Kelly's Newest Mobility WOD & Wow Stretching & Proper Positioning Does Work... DA!

    Med Ball Throws (20# Ball)
    Granny Tosses, Slams, Push Ball Throws, etc... 10 Mins
    Press (Worked Shoulder Set Up Before Unracking) 10X2 - PR is only 161 From a while back.. 171#, Then 181X1

    Main Site Variation
    * 2 Min Clock.. New RD Starts Every Beep
    7 Squat Cleans (155#)
    14 DB Swings (55#)
    21 Jumping Pull Ups
    5 RDS
    1:12, 1:16, 1:25, 1:32, 1:40
    (Broke Up SC Last Two RDs - 4,3)
  33. Paula Says:
  34. 12 rds+ 6 PU's- Rx'd. Pushups felt pretty good until about the 10th rd. I was tempted to go to my knees the last 2 rds to get to 13, but refused. Just had to row another 250m which didn't kill me. So, rowed 750m and forgot to look at time....oops!

    Damn, it's good to be back to CFO!!! So, good to see everyone! Missed you all!

    Awesome job 5am'ers!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Steve Says:
  36. 13 KB swings and couldn't complete the push-ups... maybe 3 or 4?
  37. Kelli Says:
  38. um...I was not good at this one. Only made 7 rounds (8th only got through 4 pushups). I started having a pain in my shoulder when I was doing the pushups...argh. Anyways, I actually did enjoy the 1000 meter row, which was a surprise!
  39. Kelli Says:
  40. oh and awesome pic Erica...:-)
  41. Addi Says:
  42. 1 pushup shy of 11 rounds. Apparently I made a noise trying like hell for that 11th pushup, and apparently that amused Ricky, because it sounded a lot like he was laughing at me. Turd.

    I really really wanted to beat Shelley on this, just because I know she's stronger than me at pushups and that would be a big coup for me, but no dice today. Still pretty damn happy with 10+. My fellow CFOGs will remember my history with pushups - any pushup day that doesn't include tears is a win.
  43. Shelley Says:
  44. Addi,

    Even the blind squirrel gets a nut every now and again....
  45. Addi Says:
  46. I don't know which of us is supposed to be the squirrel, but I really want some almond butter right now. Or some acorn squash. I'm very confused.
  47. Negi Says:
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