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Rest Day

Today is a rest day. I would like everyone that comes in to the gym today to do this mobility wod. I would like you to do the test, followed by the actual mobility work (time it don't guess), and then a retest. This work is aimed at improving the front rack position of the arms, the same position that you front squat and/or catch a clean in.

DO IT and post to comments your thoughts. If I get a large response I'll continue to find one in the growing list of KStar's vids for you to do. Let's get mobile.


Steve Filips and crew have again decided to do the Omaha Corporate Cup 10K run and we want to know if you would like to join our CFO team and participate? I will be taking part this year as well.

The run takes place on Sunday, September 18th (day after FGB6) at 9am. The cost is $15.

If you are interested, please visit and register under team CFO.

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12 Responses to "Thursday 110825"

  1. JimmyG Says:
  2. CFO Friends, Most of you know already that I'm leaving Omaha in September and moving back to NY in order to get some much needed education, and to be closer to my family. I quit my job with the US Air Force recently (maybe you've noticed the sweet beard I've been sporting) and it's time to say goodbye.

    If you have time this coming Sunday, I'd like to invite you all over to my house for a beer and some commiserating. Come by anytime from 12-9 to hang out. I don't have anything special planned, but I'd like to see you all if you're free.

    My last day coaching at the gym will be Wed Aug 31, so if I don't see you this weekend, I'll still have a chance to see you next week.

    If I haven't said it before I'd like you all to know that being part of CFO has been a life changing experience for me, and a real honor. You are some of the greatest friends that a person could have and I can't thank everyone enough for the joy you have brought me. Coaching, Competing, and Sweating with you has taught me so much. Thank you!
  3. BigD Says:
  4. You will be missed Jimbo, both at CFO and in the Air Force. Thanks for being a great coach and workout partner during Barbell 2!

    Man, wish I would have checked the blog BEFORE I went to 5AM, otherwise I would have done this mobility WOD in full. Saw Amanda guiding Pat and John through it, but was too focused on knocking out my 4 500M rows from last week. I will do this one for sure next week and any other mobility ones you post Ricky, as I'm close to the most inflexible guy in the gym.
  5. Mark Says:
  6. We're all going to miss you Jimbo!

    I have recently been getting more and more in to KStar's mobility videos. Jillian and I signed up for the corporate cup 10k a while ago and I started running a little more to train for it. I quickly got natsy interior shin pain (like I have in the past) from only running about 6 miles in 2 two weeks, so it was not an overtraining injury.

    In the past I have done a mobility WOD or two when I felt like it at home so I went on to see if I could find anything about my running problems. After a couple hours of wathing his videos and testing some of the movements I have come to the conclusion that my back in constantly in an over extended position.

    Using the couch stretch I determined the front of my hips are super short/tight and I am unable to get even close to 180 degree hip extension is this position. I also believe that my core strength is not where it should be which allows my pelvis to tilt forward. Short hips, weak core = over extension and me running around with my butt and belly sticking out.

    So these are the two things I am going to work on every night. Goal is past 180 degrees for each leg in couch stretch and 3 straight minutes of fully extended hollow rocks. As KStar says it, pain is what makes you beautiful. I am going to be putting myself through a lot of it.

    So in short, yes Ricky more mobility in classes as I now know I am severely lacking here.
  7. Addi Says:
  8. 1) Quit pretending you're leaving, Jimmy. We're not buying it. But just in case, I'll stop by Sunday.

    2) Loved the MWOD. Saw a big improvement in the retest. Didn't realize I was that bad off. Keep them coming!

    3)I'm having a lot of fun lately revisiting gymnastics/body control stuff I could never do at all before, but hadn't tried in a long time. L-pullups last week. Played with L-rope climbs today - got about 2/3 up a few times, which is better than I expected. Tried out my headstand-leg raise things (I'm sure they have a real name, but I don't know it), and was able to raise and lower my legs much more slowly without losing balance or control. Then, got a few freestanding headstand-HSPUs! Been close on these before, but never had control at the top. Had at least 3 solid reps today (sprinkled amongst a hot mess of not-even-close attempts), and even managed a couple steps on my hands after one. I don't know what I've been doing right, but hopefully I continue to accidentally do it. Or, preferably, figure out what it is and do it even better on purpose. Because learning new things is awesome.
  9. Addi Says:

    Stacie praising the many beaches in Omaha, and a Joe cameo.
  11. Kayla Says:
  12. I like the mWOD's but I guess I didn't see or feel a difference today. Worked on push jerks from the rack after. Got up to 83# for 5 reps. Wrists were definitly feeling weak in the correct position.
  13. paul Says:
  14. Jimbo: you're a CFO all-star and will be sorely missed!

    Addi: I am deeply jealous of your newfound gymnastic prowess.

    Today I did 3 sets of 7 strict pullups, and then 5 rds:

    10 GH situps
    10 24" box jumps
    10 hip extensions
    10 DU

    didn't time it, I'm guessing 5-6 min.
  15. bluejayRN Says:
  16. Jim, I was just starting to get to know you:( I'm sad you are heading out of town. You will be missed! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to your get together on Sunday, it's my little guys 2nd birthday. Have fun and I'll toast to you in spirit!

    Today I worked on some dips, well more like progressions towards dips. Thanks Jon for all your help. I did roughly 5 sets of 5 using a band and the rings, varying the resistance. My first 2 sets were unbroken, but the next 3 sets were sets of 2-3 and finally 1/1. It was tough. I've been using Thursdays to work on Kipping pull-ups as well. They are getting better every day.

    The MWOD was good. I did feel a difference pre-post test. I see the benefit of including them on a regular basis.

    I'm signed up to run the Corp Cup with Children's Hospital, but I'm also scheduled to work that day. Hopefully I can sucker someone into working for me in the morning so I can run.
  17. Addi Says:
  18. Paul, if I knew how I acquired it, I'd share the secret with you. But if you ever want to play gymnastics some time, I'll pretend to know what I'm doing and quote Carl Paoli videos for you.
  19. Addi Says:
  20. Actually, that might be it. I think just the act of watching Carl Paoli videos is probably giving me superpowers.
  21. JennG Says:
  22. Just kinda messed around a little today with some GWod stuff. Was gonna do the whole bridge up workout, but the shoulder just wasn't havin it. Got a couple in, though, then did the MWod...along with some couch stretches, thanks to Joe. Retested with a couple more bridge ups..DEFINITELY easier.
  23. hannah eileen Says:
  24. JIMBO!!! I cannot believe it is true. I thought I told you that you could not leave. I was pretty clear. I'm going to miss your pretty face and shining attitude at the gym.

    I did a version of yesterdays WOD. Did only 8 total pistols/rd and did them alternating instead of 4right and 4 left. finished somewhere around 14:45. I had a few breaks to talk about deadlifts in that time. O, and I scaled to 154# for DL. That sucked. And Joe, I didn't end up doing the MWoD at home. :)

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