Thursday 110811

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Rest Day

Team CFO gets ready for some rope climbs.

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  1. Mark Says:
  2. Been trying to do more strength work so I have been squatting and benching at least twice a week at home. I skipped doing it at home last night to do those lifts this morning. I really like lifting with other people but I think that I might be a slight bit weaker in the morning. I think I may still try to make every Thursday a strength day at the gym and try to hit at least two other strngth days at home.

    On a side note, Jillian and I have decided to run in the Corporate Cup next month. Is anyone else running the 10k? Anyone want to get together to train together a couple times between now and then?
  3. JonD Says:
  4. I have gotten the itch to do the Thursday Throwdown!! Once Rick put up the comment about competing more, I am going to take every opportunity to do so. So watch out people I may call you out to compete in some workouts. Pat M you may be first.

    Well lets do it now:

    Pat M & Jake (if you want) I have no idea what tomorrows workout is but I bet you 30 Burpee Pull ups! Meaning whoever is slowest has to do 30 Burpee pull ups after the workout! Do you both accept?

    Let the fun begin!
  5. BigD Says:
  6. I like Jon's idea. I'll take that offer for 5AM. Anyone else in?
  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Jon D!

    Although we are friends, unfortunatley I am going to have to beat you down so you will be doing 80 burpees tomorrow! (30 pull up version, and the 50 regular you still owe from Tuesday)

    Followed by the gallon challenge! HA!

    Its on! CANT WAIT!
  9. paul Says:
  10. 30 burpee pullups...that's pretty steep. I could join the bet just to take that burden upon myself. But I'm not that generous.

    Maybe next time there's something involving heavy DL...
  11. Ricky Frausto Says:
  12. Paul,

    Really? That a way to encourage our newer members. One of our longest reigning members only wants to bet when he has a chance. Doesn't sound like the Paul i know.

    Why not get a turnaround bet from the other people to bet the next time a strength of yours comes up if you'll do this one?

    Always take a throwdown challenge. Competition is what drives growth. How many of you (even if you don't answer on this forum) are scared to compete because you are scared of losing or don't want to be last?

    John Snodgrass asked me a great question last night, in one week, who will remember who finished 36th? 15th? Maybe even 1st? The only person that finished in those places. No one is worrying where you are or what you look like. They are too worried thinking the same thing you are.

    Look at Dave LeClaire.... stepped right up and jumped in the challenge.

    C'mon Paul. What do you say?
  13. jakeH Says:
  14. I accept. Whatever may come up, I'm in. I know Pat is hoping for DUs (because he LOVES DUs). I really don't care what it is. The end result will be the same either way, me on the floor. Sounds fun.

    Another thought would be to make the persons with the slower time do something they really don't like. Examples being burpees or pistols for me, runs for jon, and maybe moderately heavy squat cleans for Pat (not sure if he doesn't like these because he likes everything).

    Did some back squats today. 132x10, 176x10, 220x10, 264x5, and 284x5. Then 30 reps @ bodyweight unbroken. Hopefully tomorrow isn't back squat.
  15. paul Says:
  16. I stand corrected. I'm in.
  17. Joe W Says:
  18. Dave your in, love it this is exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone else? Paul you are already in, cuz I know you will want to tomorrow when it comes up!
  19. Joe W Says:
  20. that one was from jond not joew
  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. Jake, you are absolutely correct!


    Haha, I said that in my voice!

    For example, I do like squat cleans, but I am not that great at them, so I'd be happy to work on em. I'm in on whatever the consequences are because first place won't have to do em!

    My Thursday throwdown is the gallon challenge Jon! MAN UP!
  23. Addi Says:
  24. Press 3x3 @ 88#

    1 pood KB Snatch each arm
    Toes to bar

    Figured out a more efficient kip on the T2B, but it almost made me pee, so I may have to refine it. Haha. KB snatch technique could definitely be better. This was a forearm burner for sure, but fun.
  25. Danny Says:
  26. Jon D., Jake, Pat, I'll throw my hat in the mix tomorrow at noon. Nothing like a little extra motivation!
  27. Joe W Says:
  28. Awesome I hope everyone will get involved in this one way or another. Fun time people! If your doing it scaled then throw your hat in the ring too. Properly scaled means everyone should finish close!

    Look forward to it and see everyone tomorrow!
  29. Joe W Says:
  30. Again that was from me JonD
  31. Shelley Says:
  32. Good thing you didn't do any DU's Addi!!!

    I better bring my big girl pants for tomorrow's WOD!!
  33. ZachR Says:
  34. Got 2 workouts in today...

    At noon I did Crossfit Disco from last week. I used 132# for the power cleans.


    Came back in at 5:30 to do something with my beautiful wife:

    4 rounds, not for time, of:
    400 meter run
    10 12ft wall balls
    10 OH lunges with 20# wall ball
  35. JennG Says:
  36. Worked on some strick pull-ups with negatives.

    Did "Annie" with Katie. I've been doing this on all my rest days to work double unders. I really didn't feel like they were going well today, but my time was 14:11. Last time was 15:52, so I guess they're better. I just time for benchmarking purposes and am glad I do because otherwise wouldn't have seen that change.

    Then worked some handstands and handstand push-ups/negatives.

    Just a good day to work on some weaknesses.

    Not gonna lie, "Yellow Submarine" over the speakers gave me the needed motivation to get through the workout. HA!

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