Wednesday 110629

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Hang Squat Snatch / Press - 20 Minutes

This is a 2 person team strength workout where both athletes are of similar capabilities. Once paired, one of you will choose the hang squat snatch and the other, the press. Once the workout begins, you may not change exercises.

Each team receives only one bar (if it's guy/gal, you get a ladies' bar) and will try to lift the same amount of weight with their respective movement. The heaviest weight they can both move is their score. For example, if one can press 154 but the partner can only hang squat snatch 147, the score is 147.

You get approximately 20 minutes to find your score, including warm-up sets.

Post team members and score to comments/Logwod.

CF San Francisco Plays w/ Overhead Strength - [wmv][mov]

Post thoughts to comments.

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8 Responses to "Wednesday 110629"

  1. Mark Says:
  2. Teamed up with Eagan today and we got up to 164#. He did the press and I did the snatch. We both had a solid lift at 164# but then we got stuck at 174#.

    Good match today! Fun workout too!
  3. Egan Says:
  4. Thanks again Mark, it was a good team, great lifts, next time we will power through 174#
  5. paul Says:
  6. 152# with Jake. I couldn't press as much as he could hang snatch. Got very close to a 162# press, which would be a PR. Next time.
  7. Allison H :) Says:
  8. Teamed up with Sahar at noon today. Got 53# as our score. Sahar did press and I did snatch.

    You did great girl! Got way more than you thought you could! Next time will be even better! Nice workin with you!!
  9. JonD Says:
  10. Good to work up on both these lifts. Did this solo.

    Fun nooner again!
  11. Jess Says:
  12. Teamed up with Ellen at 6:30pm. She pressed 63# and I snatched 68#. I think this is a PR for me.

    Thanks for all the help Jimbo and Jon Day.

    Great job 6:30pm!

  13. Jess Says:
  14. Just looked it up. The heaviest I have ever snatched was 68#. So since I did the same weight from the hang, I think this is a PR. Right???

  15. JimmyG Says:
  16. Teamed up with AdamB at 5:30. I Snatched #184, Adam Pressed #164. Snatches felt light today...I wish they did everyday.

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