Thursday 110623

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Rest Day

Pose running is broken into three phases or concepts: Pose (position), Fall (lean), and Pull (hamstring vs. hip flexor). In the video, Brian discusses the last phase and introduces a drill to help improve an otherwise weak pull. An incomplete pull of the hamstring causes the hip flexor to compensate and finish the work thus bringing the leg out in front and potential heel strikes (halting movement).

P.S. remember, this is not running on your toes....... forefoot makes contact first but heel will kiss the ground thereafter.

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  1. Mark Says:
  2. Did Monday's WOD today and finished in 24:38 Rx'd. I stuck with normal kipping pullups this time to work on building more strength and since I've been told many times that butterfly pullups are not good for your shoulders over time. I think I lost quite a bit of time here because butterflys are so much faster. This also meant more time hanging on to the bar which was harder on my grip which made the swings even tougher. Pretty much what I am saying is I have a bunch of excuses :)

    But seriously, I am glad I did regular kipping and I think I am going to stick with them for most of the time for now on. Maybe on that chance day I want to try and kill a WOD I will go back but not for normal day to day training.
  3. Stacie Says:

    The 11.1 oz coconut h20's are on sale at your local Baker's grocery store. Any and all flavors just $1.00 a piece. 3, 2, 1 GO!

    P.S. Don't go to the one on Saddle Creek, I just emptied the entire shelf. Sorry!!
  5. john Says:
  6. I guess I should not have poked fun at the double unders from yesterday - they found me here at Crossfit Invictus and they brought their buddy 'Man Makers' with them.

    Four sets of:
    Box Step-Ups x 6-8 reps @ 2111
    Rest 45-60 seconds
    Single-Arm Kettlebell Row x Max Unbroken Reps each arm @ 2010
    Rest 45-60 seconds;

    and then,

    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
    20 Double-Unders
    10 Pull-Ups
    5 Man-Makers

    I almost got three rounds completed - the beer from last night was dragging me down.
  7. Nick Says:
  8. Made up Tuesday's "Shoulder to OH" workout. Wow...

    It has been a while since I did that kind of volume with that amount of weight.

    10:07 rx'd.
  9. Shane Says:
  10. I did the O'Kief Special with the crazy Thursday Throwdowners:

    5 rds
    5 DL (275)
    10 Pull ups
    15 box jumps
    20 push ups
    200 m run

    19:34 (push ups scaled to non hand release). Thanks Greg! I think....
  11. JennG Says:
  12. Was still in Kearney so got in another workout at Crossfit308 tonight.

    Did "Nancy"
    5 rounds for time of:
    400 meter run
    Overhead squat 45#, 15 reps


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