Saturday 110604

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Five rounds for the least amount of wall ball reps:
Elbow Bridge Hold
Wall Balls, 20#/14#

40 sec hold = 36 reps
50 sec hold = 30 reps
60 sec hold = 24 reps
70 sec hold = 18 reps
80 sec hold = 12 reps

The hold must be legit. No sagging the hips or pushing them in the air during a hold. A coach reserves the right to end your hold.

Post total reps to comments/Logwod.

Now that is what I call strong. How does one even develop the strength to hold that position? Great pic JenT.

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  1. VanBeek Performance Says:
  2. Anyone interested in doing an official Olympic Lifting meet July 2nd in Onaga, KS? It's a small little meet I've done three times before and its run by one of the coolest old time Olympic lifters you'll ever meet.. Be happy to car pool and help out anyway I can if anyone us game..
  3. BC Says:
  4. Went in during open gym and did 5 rounds of:

    6 tire flips/jumps, 9 toes to bars, 18 sledge hammer swings (9 each arm).

    Didn't time it, treated it more like a strength day. Used the fat tire which made the jumps interesting, a high profile to jump over with a small opening to land in. Fun little Saturday workout, felt good to do some stuff we normally don't do.
  5. Jennifer Says:
  6. Ha. Very funny, Ricky. Sweet pic though. I'm such a badass.
  7. JonD Says:
  8. Back to working out again!

    Yesterday Jen and I threw some rings on a tree branch and did some muscle ups.

    300m run (give or take)
    15 2pd KB Swings
    5 Muscle ups

    PR by 40 Secs.

    Feels good!
  9. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  10. Starting Training For Next Year and For The O-Lifting Meet in July

    Tall Snatch - Heavy Single
    - Took My Time - Got to 139#

    Squat Snatch - 80% of My Current Max
    - 4X1 @ 175# - No Misses Just Working The Technique...

    Need An Idea of My DL Max So Mess With Some Heavy Single... Not Worth Mentioning How "Heavy" I got... Guess I'm using 360 again for 5/3/1

    Leg Curls 3X20
    Underhanded Pull Ups (Strict) 3X10
    Hollow Holds 3X30 secs

    Also doing a 5K in mid-July right after the Olympic Meet so I'll start with a 15 Minute Run for distance tonight and slowly build to a 20 min run then try to get further in the same time frame each week along with 1-2 WODS and interval runs 1-2 times a week...

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